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Infant Foods Carries Monsanto Weed Killer: FDA confirms

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Already prepared infant foods that is sold in markets has begun to be helpful for the mothers who don’t have the necessary time to prepare foods for their babies. Nowadays, they are considered a necessity by more and more mothers. Infant foods carries Monsanto weed killer: FDA confirms. Let’s see what’s all about!

It has become a common situation where the baby is fed more often from the food coming from a ‘jar’ sold in markets which contains already prepared foods, than with fresh food, cooked in the house.

Is this the best option for our children? Is this healthy?

The truth about infant foods

The concept of mass food for babies is not natural, even if the manufacturer is promising that as the ingredients are natural.

Infant foods sold on the shelves of any store (even in pharmacies) is highly processed and lacks the freshness of the home-cooked foods.

Although they boast that they are only commercializing ‘natural’ foods, then why the infant foods coming from the ‘jars’ are still good even if kept on a shelve for over an year (stored in the pantry, not in the refrigerator or freezer), while the food prepared at home for the little ones can be only kept fresh for only a few days and that if it is kept in the fridge?

What does it contain?


Baby food commodities often contain additives such as ascorbic acid or citric acid, which are hardly ever found in home-made foods. Flour – especially rice – is a common ingredient in both baby food and baby food.

Although water can be added to foods to change texture and consistency, it should not be the main ingredient, as it happens in many cases.

Sweet and salty.

Desserts, and some breakfast and snack products, are very sweet and should not be eaten by babies and toddlers, even if the label states that ‘natural’ sugar has been used or has not been used at all.

The same precautions should be taken with the salt content, since some foods contain an unacceptably high salt level.


In some cases, the baby food is not safe. Some companies withdraw their whole series, either because of the danger of contamination with toxic products, or because of the danger that the little ones will suffocate with the product.


Although organic ingredients may be better for your baby, organic food is still mass-produced, still processed, and anyway you look at this matter, your baby is eating from an over-processed food jar.

Preparations made in the house for the babies

It is not difficult to do it and definitely is not taking too long, especially if you can prepare the foods in a bigger quantity, and the surplus lasts well in the freezer for up to a week.

In addition, in terms of cost, it is cheaper, and when it comes to health, home-made food for babies is healthier, fresh, and tasty.

In conclusion, just as adults should not eat processed food every day, from a box or a jar, so your baby does not have to be fed with processed foods, coming from a jar.

It’s okay when you’re traveling or not having the chance to cook to serve the little one with a food dish coming from already prepared foods, only that you should not make that a rule and the home-made food remains the basis of your babies’ diet.

 Infant foods carries Monsanto weed killer: FDA confirms

Monsanto is controlling over than 90% of all the genetic modified seeds which are used for producing the plants and vegetables from which a huge part of the baby food that is sold in those little jars in markets is made.

Monsanto is treating its plants with its specific weed killer and pesticides, and that’s why, starting from an error, the toxins from the weed killer used by Monsanto to keep their seeds and plants free of parasites plants and insects passed into the infant food that was produced using those plants and vegetables.

Also, besides the little jars with infant food, the same toxin, Glyphosate, was discovered in the strawberry and banana flavored cereals.

Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup herbicide created and used by Monsanto. All the problems regarding this substance has begun when WHO representatives stated that the residues of Glyphosate may trigger cancer.

After the scandal commenced, the FDA started to seriously debate this topic, and even took samples of infant food in order to test it. The results showed that the infant food, especially oat cereals, are really presenting residues of Glyphosate, which means that those infant foods are a possible factor for cancer occurrence in infants.

Same amounts of Glyphosate residues have been discovered in cinnamon spice, maple brown sugar, and peach cream, all of which are especially fed to young children as sweeteners or as desserts.

Monsanto officials said that the Glyphosate levels are below the dangerous levels, therefore being absolutely safe for infants to consume infant foods infested with the toxin.

US experts are of another opinion and are stating that it cannot be 100% guaranteed that the levels of Glyphosate in infant foods is totally safe for every baby, therefore they are recommending parents to feed their infants and kids with plants, vegetables, and even with meat coming from a safe source.

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Infant Foods Carries Monsanto Weed Killer: FDA confirms
Already prepared infant foods that is sold in markets has begun to be helpful for the mothers who don't have the necessary time to prepare foods for their babies. Nowadays, they are considered a necessity by more and more mothers. Infant foods carries Monsanto weed killer: FDA confirms. Let's see what's all about!
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