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Japan – Best Time of the Year to Visit

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Visit Japan

One place where you should go at least once in this lifetime is Japan. I could speak hours and hours about this special and unique country.

All its history and culture amazed people since the oldest times, even if some might not agree with it. Not only the Japan’s landscapes could be breathtaking and surprising but also its habitants making you feel in another world.

When to visit Japan?

As in any other situation, you might wonder when you should visit this country. More exactly you might want to know which time of the year will be perfect.

This is dilemma that I will try to solve for you, if you just continue your reading session.

The answer

Even you might not be tempted to read this article’ entire content, I will give you a straight answer to your question. There is not perfect time because Japan is perfect no matter the season.

What I really want to underline here is that you should not miss any occasion that you might have to book a flight for Japan.

However, your preferences might differ according with the type of person you are. Not everyone likes cold weather or hot summer days.

Another disturbing thing for you might be the crowded places. You might not to get there in a season when Japan is filled up with tourists.

How are the seasons in Japan?

As I said, this country could offer special things no matter the season, but most tourists are advised by their agents to travel in the spring or in the autumn.

If you like the cold season and you hate crowded places you should go for January or December.

If you prefer a mild weather and you still don’t want too much crowd, then you can go for late May or early September. However, the weather in September might be quite warm, almost like summer.

If you do not care about crowd or money, you could plan your trip in spring or in fall.

What each season has to offer?

The crowd, the money or the weather should not be your only choosing criteria.

One of your questions might be “why the spring season is so expensive and crowded?”. The main blame is carried by the cherry blossom season.

Nothing could be compared with that. The cherry flowers are a symbol for Japan and the gardens are breathtaking indeed.

A walk through the gardens with cherry trees in bloom could be the most relaxing and romantic walks that you have ever took.

What could you do in summer?

If you are a person who loves action and urban agitation, this is the season when you should visit Japan. This is the time when many traditional festivals take place.

No matter in which corner of the country you might go, you will find festival to delight you. It is also the perfect time of year if you want to climb the Japan’ mountains and admire the sights.

It will give you the impression that you are inside of well took photo. This is how beautiful the landscapes are.

You will live a fairy tale for sure. The sea sight is also amazing.

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Japan - Best Time of the Year to Visit
One place where you should go at least once in this lifetime is Japan. I could speak hours and hours about this special and unique country.
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