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Keep your baby away from a deadly kiss

Aura S
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Our health is something we all should care about. The more important thing beside our health is the health of our new borne. A newborn baby is very fragile and even if he is declared healthy at his birth, sudden changes related to his health status can happen all the time. Sometimes these changes can be fatal.

In the following rows of this article, we will talk about one of the most delicate topics possible. How a baby can get sick from a kiss and how dangerous for them is a cold sore kiss. We should be aware of all the things that surround our baby but not only the things can harm him but also the persons with whom he gets in direct contact. This is a very delicate subject but it is very important to know more about it so we can keep our babies safe.

What is cold sore?

The cold sores are the result of the Herpes Simplex Virus. If your immunity system is weaker and you get in direct contact with body fluids or lesions of a person who is already infected you have all the chances to become infected as well. Even saliva of an ill person can lead to cold sore appearance. In previous years, the persons infected with this virus were quite many. These days, considering that the hygiene measures are better and also the living condition improved, the number of persons who carry this virus decreased considerably but it did not vanished.

At least young people seem to be healthier from this point of view. Because we mentioned the youngsters, you should know that teenagers could get such infections faster when they begin their sexual lives. The worse thing is that you may not even know that you carry this virus. It will make its presence felt once your immunity falls at a lower level due to a viral virus, hormonal changes such as menstruation or if you go through some stressful periods.

What you should know is that these herpetic whitlows should be treated because they can become even more infected and they can lead to worse complications such as encephalitis or even meningitis. Once the infections reached the brain it can become deadly.

What is the deadly kiss?

Considering all the things I have said above and the fact that it is really contagious, the question “what is the deadly kiss?” has a very simple answer. Just a simple kiss given by an infected person to another with a weak immunity system can cause allot of damage. It can even cause death when you talk about a newborn child. Did this thing happen before? Unfortunately, it did and it is not a single case. A newborn immunity system no matter how healthy our baby was declared at his birth is not developed enough to face such problem.

It reaches his brain faster than you can imagine. In matter of days, you can see a perfectly healthy child dying on a hospital bed. It is not a pretty picture and you may find these words a bit difficult to even read but it is the naked truth. You should know how important is to take good care of your baby and to assure yourself that no infected person will come near him.

As I said earlier, it is very difficult to know if a person carry the virus if it did not erupt. The main thing you should do to eliminate this incertitude is not to allow anyone to come too close of your baby. Like that, you will keep him away of any possible problems. You may be considered crazy, but it is better this way.

The cases of Herpes Simplex Virus infections through this way are not too many. There are other ways, through which a baby can become infected, and death is not all the time the end of it. His vision or his hearing can be affected if this infection is taken during the delivery process from an infected mother.

These days, when you become pregnant, your visits to your doctor are regular and quite many, so any worry that you may have will be eliminated before the birth time. If you have the virus, the specialists will know what to do so your baby will not be exposed to it.


When you are dealing with a newborn baby, enough attention might not be enough. A proper hygiene is very important not only for your baby but for all the persons who will get in contact with him. It s very important to apply some specific rules, especially when your kid is just a few days old. Like that, you will be able to preserve his health status at normal levels. This virus is a very deceiving type of virus and it can be very dangerous if it is left untreated.

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