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Keep your hair beautiful

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In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read more about the ways you can preserve your hair at a high range of health. Not only women may be interested on this topic. Men seem to be more careful about their hair in the last period of time. Losing it is no longer an option for them, even if their genes can be blamed for this problem. If you continue your reading you have the possibility to find out how to choose your cosmetics so they can maintain your hair beautiful, which natural remedies can be of a real help for your problems and if the secret may lay in your alimentation. If all these things seem interesting for you then you should allocate a few minutes of your time and continue reading this article.

How many types of hair are there?

There were many studies made related to this topic and in time, many things were discovered. It seems that our hair has many things in common with our skin. As you may already know, you can have an oily type of skin or a dry type of skin. It seems that your hair will be just as your skin is.

People with greasy hair must wash it more often and they all try to choose products that will reduce the sebum secretion so they can stay at least two days between head’ washes. The dry hair is another problem. A dry hair is also very fragile. It must be washed less often and when it comes about hairdressings, it can become a problem due to its fragility. Most people recommend avoiding hairstyles when you have such sensitive and fragile type of hair.

Another issue that people must face is the multitude of products from the market that promise the same things. You don’t even know what to choose. Some people even decide to try them all. This is not such a great idea considering that you may end up hurting your hair even more than it already is. Even if it may seem to be a very difficult task, it must be done and it is possible if you make the required research so you can gather the needed information.

Dried hair

There are various reasons why you hair may become dry and fragile. Most people, no matter their genes, can face this problem. In the hot season, this is maybe the most encountered issue. The prolonged exposure at the sun, the continuous contact with salty water and bad habits such as too frequent hair washes, the use of improper cosmetic products are just a few reasons why your hair may become dry and it loses its shine and flexibility.

People with dry hair want to have more active sebaceous glands on their scalp level, so they will not have to suffer of this problem. The sebum is very good for our hair because it hydrates the scalp so our hair can be shiny and flexible. Once these sebaceous glands stops working properly, your hair starts looking worse day-by-day. It is very important to choose a proper shampoo if you want to solve this problem. It must be a hydrating shampoo with less chemicals included in its composition.

The washing process must be less aggressive as well. You should also use hair balms and masks with the same hydrating effect. You should avoid things like hair dryers, hair straighteners, hair dyes, and other things similar with those especially in the hot season.

Greasy hair

When you barley washed your hair and by the end of the day it looks like it was not washed for a week then you have a problem. Your hair is for sure a greasy one. Your sebaceous glands are over active for sure, at least this is what you may think. This is not really true. These glands have the tendency to become more active when the scalp is too dry. In this situation, you have to face the high quantity of sebum that your skin is not able to absorb.

The greasy hair must be washed quite often. You should wash it two times in the same session. If you want to use hair balm, you should use it only on your hair peaks and not on your scalp. The water should be as cold as you can find it comfortable for you. Citric shampoos are quite good for greasy hair. Such hair should be washed more often but you should not exaggerate with this thing either because you may increase the problem. Rinsing it with vinegar can be a great solution as well.

Damaged hair

When it comes about damaged hair, we are perfectly conscious why our hair looks this way. Too many hairstyle products, hair dyes, the use of hair dryers in excess, etc can only destroy your hair. This will be noticeable if you look at your hair peaks. You can see thousands of commercials that promise you a healthier and no damaged hair in matter of seconds. You can be sure that the only answer you will find is in a hair salon where the only method to save you from this issue is to cut your damaged hair peaks.

Natural and handy ways, to save your hair

Because we all know that most all the cosmetic products from the stores’ shelves are filled with toxic substances and chemicals, you should use natural products. In fact, all these natural products are quite handy because you usually have them in your house already. They are also a cheaper alternative than all those cosmetic brands.

Essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, thyme or jojoba are just a few of the hair treatments that can have great effects on your hair such as remove dust and feed your hair and scalp with vitamins and minerals.

The coconut oil can be a real treasure. If you use it simple as a hair mask or you mix it with honey you will be the owner of a shinier, stronger and longer hair quite fast. The olive oil is just as famous as the coconut oil when it comes about your hair health. It can provide for it a great hydration. You will notice the differences after the first use.

As it was mentioned before, the vinegar can be of a real help when you want a clean and healthy hair. You should not avoid using it to rinse your hair after each wash. Your hair will not smell as vinegar but it will be as clean as you always wanted.

Your hair and your nutrition

Not too many people may know that what you eat can have big consequences on your exterior as well. You may want to know which the best aliments are, when you have hair issues. If you want to eat something you should start include in your nutrition things like eggs, nuts, salmon, fruits, low fat dairy products, sweet potatoes, green veggies or sea fruits. The beauty comes from inside and this is not just a saying. This is completely true.

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Keep your hair beautiful
In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read more about the ways you can preserve your hair at a high range of health. Not only women may be interested on this topic. Men seem to be more careful about their hair in the last period of time. Losing it is no longer an option for them, even if their genes can be blamed for this problem.
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