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Kirsty Mitchell’s Wonderland-an amazing exhibit

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kirsty mitchell wonderland

I do not know if you ever experienced the loss of a dear person in your life. No matter how prepared we might be for this moment to come we are never really ready to let go.

The pain you feel cannot be compared with anything. Some people handle these feelings better and other don’t. When you lose a parent due to cancer the struggle you have inside cannot be compared with anything.

Some people might say that it is good for the departed person because she or he Will no longer struggle to survive and they will no longer endure that torment.

However, even if you know that they are right once it happens you will feel the need to grieve after them.

I personally do not believe it is healthy do retain your feelings. I have heard a similar story not too long ago and I admired the way that person expressed her grief and how she managed to overcome the moment.

That person’ name is Kirsty Mitchell and in the following rows of this article I will give you more details about her new exhibition, namely “Wonderland”.

The idea

The idea was born after she lost her mother after a long fight against cancer. I will have to mention for the people who might not know, Kirsty Mitchell is a British photographer.

She created a name for herself in the fashion world due to her work. The best way to express herself was through her work and she used this advantage to express her pain as well.

She created her own personal project with the lowest budget possible but the final result will amaze anyone who will see it. The people who see it and knows a little about its story said that they could feel everything that the artist felt when she created those images.

The result

She mixed all her memories from when she was just a child and used all the fairy-tale characters with which she grew thanks to her mother. She once said in an interview that the only thing that makes you feel more comfortable about the loss is the fact that you cannot do anything.

These were not exactly her words but this was the idea she wanted to share. She also says that beginning this project made her feel that she can control something.

This way she didn’t felt so powerless in front of her mothers’ imminent death. You may wonder how?

When you want to create a picture, you are the one who choose the scenes, who choose the entire décor, the lights, colors, characters and outfits. These things gave her the power of choice that was missing in her real life.

The images do not show just grief. During the entire process there were a multitude of feelings. There were happy moments and sad moments as well.

The pictures include them all. She described the fight against death and the helplessness felt when you realize that you cannot win the fight. The pictures where you can see this struggle are the ones in which the main character is chained and find itself in a helpless situation.

The happy moments are described through images where the main character is covered with flowers resting in a bed. All the pictures are taken in a forest and I don’t have the smallest idea how she did it, but she captured everything she intended to in these pictures.

It is a very rare situation when I personally do not need too many explanations in order to understand the meaning behind the pictures. You will never believe that all that beauty filled with feelings was created with a very low budget.

Kirsty Mitchell
(Kirsty Mitchell Photographer)

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