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What You Should Know about Hair Supplements

Aura S
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When it comes about our hair, you know that no matter how well you might dress yourself or no matter how beautiful your makeup might be, if your hair is not in its best day everything is in vain. You do not want this and this is the reason I am starting to write this article. Our hair is maybe the best accessory that we own.

If we have a beautiful healthy hair, we might not even need too much styling either and it can save our image in matter of seconds. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to find out a bit more about how you can maintain our hair and not only your hair at a very high health status. This is not just about how you can take good care of it, wash it properly, clean it properly or styling it so it will not become damaged. This is about how you can do it from inside your body.

Beauty comes from inside

As in many situations, no matter how much you will take care of your exterior if you do not do it from inside you practically won’t succeed. Your main goal is to be healthy not just look healthy. This is about your hair as well. A proper hydration and diet can be of a real help but if you are dealing with more serious hair issues then you should try something else as well. I am talking about hair supplements. What they can do, how to take them and where to buy them from will be our next topics of discussion.

Find out what you need and do not believe everything that you hear

You might believe that this is an odd message. Well this is not like that. First of all you should know what the  supplement must contain before buying it. Some of the greatest ingredients are the Omega-3 fatty acids. This ingredient can be of a real help for your body and hair as well. You can include aliments in your daily diet that contains it but you can also consume supplements that contain it as well.

Besides Omega-3, other vitamins can help your hair, skin and nails to look amazing as well. I am talking about vitamin A and E. you can find them in fruits and vegetables but if you know that you have a severe deficiency of these vitamins you should help your organism by taking natural supplements.

Let’s discuss a bit about the idea of not believing everything that you hear. We all know that when a person discovers a certain product that she or he loves, that person will promote it for free no matter with whom she/he will discuss. We are also aware that the temptation to try that product will be huge.

Many of us did it and some of us were quite disappointed of those products. This is nothing to unusual. We are different individuals, with different needs and our organisms behave differently as well. This is the main reason why some supplements might not work on us as they did on others. As I already said, the vitamins mentioned above will not only work for your hair. You will notice that other parts of your body will benefit of them, such as nails and skin.

Do not expect miracles

Humans also have the tendency to want things to happen fast. In fact, we want to go to sleep with a dry and shapeless hair and wake up with long, healthy, shiny and strong hair. Thins do not happen overnight. As your hair was damaged in time, these supplements need the same period, more or less, to show you the benefits. Your hair will get better in time. You might still lose some, due to the fact that it is already dead, and it will not become shiny, as I said, overnight. You will start seeing the difference when the healthy hair will replace the old one. This means that you must give it time to grow.

The next question might be how much you have to wait. Because we are different, the periods of time differ as well. Usually in a few months, you will be able to see the difference.

Too much can be worse

It is a very good idea to ingest supplements based on natural ingredients but it might be a problem when you do not need it. Not everyone have vitamin deficiencies you might be such person. The only way you can establish that is by checking with your current doctor. He will be the one who can tell you, after making proper analyses, if you need to take a supplement or not. Beside the fact that you might not need them, if you make drastic changes in your nutrition and take supplements you might get a vitamin overdose.

Is this dangerous?

Sometimes it can be. Your body might react in various ways. The most common way is to notice digestive disorders that you did not had in the past. Also, the benefits you expect to get from these supplements combined with a vitamin based diet, might never show up. In fact, you might notice some disturbing changes at the skin level or in other parts of your body. You hair can be damaged due to a wide variety of factors.

The sun exposure, the pools water filled with chemicals and salt-water contact, an improper hair dye, the shampoos based on soap or if you do not use frequently a hair conditioner might cause hair problems. It is very important to establish if your hair, skin and nails problems come from your interior or not. Also the stressful lives we seem to live these days might have such effects on our external appearance. Not all these things can be solved with supplements.


Hair supplements can be of a real help if they are taken wisely. You also should check the origins of these supplements. By this, I mean the manufacturer and the provider. If you decide to buy them from a store, you can check there the provenience of these supplements and you can ask for more advises.

Also it will be easier to complain if the results or the effects are not as they promised to be. If you are an online buyer, things can be a little bit more difficult but not impossible. You should read many reviews about the websites that sells these products. You should also check if these online stores have available contact data and if they do, you might be safe.

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What You Should Know about Hair Supplements
When it comes about our hair, you know that no matter how well you might dress yourself or no matter how beautiful your makeup might be, if your hair is not in its best day everything is in vain.
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