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What We Should Know About Male Menopause

Aura S
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No matter the gender, humans are exposed to hormonal changes. Most people believe that only women can go through such rough periods. This is not like that at all. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read more about what happens with men at certain ages. More exactly, we will discuss about male menopause. Does it really exist? What happens more exactly? How they can recognize it and how can they decrease its effects? It can certainly not be avoided. If you are interested about this specific topic then you should give a few moments of your time and start reading. You will be able to learn a little bit more about this phenomenon and how can you help your man to go through it without any repercussions.

What does man menopause mean?

If women during their menopause period suffer of estrogen loss, men suffer of testosterone loss. Many people say that at their middle age, some men suffer of a crisis. Usually when they start changing their behavior suddenly and when they try to look younger than they really are. In fact this middle age crisis is one of the signs that male menopause is about to emerge. It is not a rule when the testosterone level will start to decrease. Sometimes it can be influenced by certain chronic diseases such as diabetes.

What does men menopause can cause?

Such problem can cause many things. It will not be difficult to notice that something is wrong. In its first stages, things like fatigue or sudden depression will make their appearance. Usually the person who has these symptoms will not be able to recognize them on their own. The most affected people will be the ones who are closed to them. They will be the ones who may become alarmed. One thing that will bother them the most are the sexual dysfunctions that will increase in time day by day. For men this is a real problem and it can increase their depression as well.

The sexual dysfunctions can be quite serious and they include infertility or erectile dysfunctions. Infertility can be caused by many other factors, and it might be one of the reasons why men do not take in consideration menopause from the first moment. The wide consumption of alcohol, the stress that we all live in and also certain medication the person may take can cause this thing.

The erectile dysfunction is also a very disturbing issue that will be easier to observe. This is also very difficult for any men to discuss freely even if they are in front of a doctor. They avoid recognizing this situation and they blame it on many other things such as stress, the presence of a chronic disease or because they are not stimulated enough. Sometimes these reasons can be real but sometimes they may not.

The male menopause can also bring many other unpleasant things beside the sexual issues. The low testosterone level can bring along many complications. The strength of your muscles, the weight gain or the sudden weight loss, your bones’ structure, and even your red cells number can be modified in the wrong direction.

Just as female menopause, the male menopause can be treated. You do not have to think about medication only. Just as women, men must make some changes in their lifestyles related to their physical activities, rest and also nutrition. In fact the nutrition seems to be a very important factor that can influence the testosterone level in your organism and also it can help you keep yourself young and healthy for longer periods of time.

Even if some people may say that you cannot eliminate stress from your life completely, this is not really true. You can do it as long that you really want too. A lighter diet, a better rest and also some physical exercises performed outdoors can be of a real help.

What is worse, male menopause or women menopause?

Even if the word menopause is strongly related to women and it is something normal for any woman to have it, male menopause does exit even if it is called in various ways so it will not be created any confusions. Some doctors prefer the term andropause, but it is exactly the same thing. The changes of mood, the low sexual performances and also all the other things already mentioned above can appear on both genders. If women are able to handle this situation with a lot of normality, men are more sensitive about this topic. They lose as well their self-esteem.

When they should start worrying?

Even if the signs can be confused with other health disorders it will be enough to visit your doctor and take the tests he will recommend and you will find the source of your problems. You must be aware that without finding the real source you cannot treat it properly and enjoy your life as you should. In the following rows, I will mention a few symptoms that should make you think a little bit more and take in consideration that you may have a low testosterone problem. If you experience the lack of sexual desires and also an erectile dysfunction along with fertility problems, menopause can be one of the causes.

When you notice that you have some emotional changes that happen with an increased frequency you should also question yourself if you have a hormonal disorder. If your muscle strength seems to decrease each day and your bone structure is far from being as it use to be a and you cannot control your weight as you did in the past, you should talk about it with a specialist and find the reasons why. Also the inability to rest properly can be a sign that something can be wrong.


I believe that I already mentioned most of the things you can do, to improve your health status. A better life style will not just help you to keep yourself young and in a good shape but will also improve your mood. Medication should be the last thing you should try. There are more natural ways to preserve your youth and your manly features for longer periods of time.

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