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What we should know about pregnancy tests

Aura S
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Most women at different stages of their lives may worry if they are pregnant or not. No matter if you are trying to conceive or you just not want to be pregnant for the moment, there were moments when you wondered if you are pregnant or not. These days you should not worry that you must wait too much to know. You have the possibility of finding out in the privacy of your own bathroom.

This is a good thing for many women but there are some details of which you should be aware of, related to these pregnancy tests. You will be amazed to find out how many women don’t know too many things about them. In the following rows of this article you will be able to learn all these things and next time when you use it you will know how, so you can enjoy their accuracy.

Why a pregnancy test and not a visit to your doctor?

Most women know the answer to this specific question. No matter the reason why you ended in such uncertain situation, you want to know the answer as fast as possible. A visit to your doctor can require a bit more time and you may not even have this time. Some women may not like to go to their gynecologist for nothing, especially when they don’t really like these checkups. Therefore, the easiest way and the least invasive type of consult is the one you can make by yourself. Besides that, it can be a really cheap choice.

This means that the next trip you will make when you have such questions will be at the pharmacy were you have a wide variety of products from which you can choose. In fact, this may be a problem for you. Which one you should choose? The cheapest one or the most expensive one? Basically, they all function the same so if you pay more for one product in reality you pay for the name of the brand and not for something else.

Are they accurate enough?

I have personally seen women who take not just one test. They take three or four or even ten of such tests and they are still not sure if they are for real, especially if the results differ. They can differ? The so-called, false positive result is for real? It is for real or not. It is very important when you take it. Besides that, it is also very important to know if you are under some medication that can influence a pregnancy test result, such as birth control pills. Another reason why a test can give a false positive answer is a bit more complicated. If you have no reason to believe that you are pregnant but the pregnancy test shows you that you are, you may want a gynecological exam because you may have a more serious health problem such as an ovarian or uterine tumor.

When these tests should be performed?

You should not hurry after just a few days since your unprotected sexual intercourse. You will certainly obtain a wrong diagnostic. Usually a woman starts worrying that she might be pregnant when her menstruation is late. You should wait for about a week since that moment so you can get an accurate response. Another advice is to pick the best moment of the day. I know that on many labels of these pregnancy tests is written that you can do it in any moment of the day. Even so, early in the morning, your first urine is the most concentrate type of urine.

Do you want an accurate answer? Then this is the perfect moment to do it. Another thing that you must remember if you care about this test accuracy is to respect the instructions. I know that you may be excited or scared but you must give it the proper time to react so the result will show you the truth.

When you should consider a visit to your physician?

There are three reasons why you should consider visiting your personal doctor. If the test is positive and you have no reason to believe it, is one of the reasons why you should request a blood test. Also, if the test is negative but your period is still late and you followed all the instructions properly, then you should worry again. The last reason will be if the test is positive, you know that this is for real and you want to have a stronger confirmation.

In this situation, the relationship between your doctor and yourself will become much stronger for the next nine months. No matter the reason, a medical opinion is more than required in such situation. He will know what to do and how to help you overcome your anxiety related to this specific topic.

You should know as well that sometimes, funny situations might appear. For example, there are women who for no matter what reason confuse the ovulation predictor kits with the pregnancy tests. This is nothing unusual, considering the fact that they look alike. Still, if you make this confusion you may be put in the situation of getting strange results. All you have to do is to pay a little bit more attention to details and you will solve this problem in an instant.

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