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Language Learning Apps that Really Help

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Why you need to learn a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language it is not necessarily something that you could only do in school. The necessity of knowing at least one foreign language is quite big.

These days even if you might not need such skills for your job, as long as you connect with people, you need to know how to communicate with them.

Also when you travel, it will be nice to know what the locals are saying when they are near you. Not knowing that, could become frustrating.

There are countries in this world where people are so nationalists, that they do not even accept the idea that someone who is visiting their country will not know their language.

Another reason why you should be tempted to learn another language than your own is to keep your brain occupied and develop yourself. Any type of knowledge is a way to grow.

With all these things been said, in the following article I will talk about a few language learning apps that will help you learn a foreign language faster than you could imagine.

What about these apps

Studying a foreign language in the classic way, it usually requires time and dedication. By studying a certain language you learn other things about that part of the world where it is used.

Remember that when you did it in school, you learned about a certain country geography, history etc. This could be one of the reasons why people consider this activity a difficult task

These days it is no longer such a burden. The technology developed with the speed of light and comes into our rescue.

I personally heard and seen many language learning apps, but until I tried them I was quite skeptic. This skepticism vanished in time and you will see why if you continue your reading sessions.

How do the apps work?

Each app is offering to their customers more possibilities and they are created to fit your level of knowledge. I have encountered similar features on some of them but also many differences.

It all depends of what you want. You will not be learning a foreign language over night, but it will certainly be much easier.

Comparing these apps with following a school class in order to become fluent in a certain language, a great advantage is that it is less expensive and the period allocated is smaller.

These language learning apps will provide for you the comfort of learning in your own spare time and in your own rhythm. You will not get a diploma but I do not believe that this is your main interest.

Do you learn easier when you hear and see?

A great language learning app that will help you, especially if we are talking about auditory learners is Rosetta Stone app.

You should not imagine that things will be easy from the beginning. The main lessons are mostly auditory and you will also be able to see images that represent the words you are saying.

When you start learning a language of which you know nothing about, things will never be easy. Each lesson takes 30 minutes of your time.

This will not be too much on my opinion. Everyone, who is dedicated to this task, could allocate a half hour in order to study.

Comparing the costs for a classic foreign language class with the costs for Rosetta Stone app, the second one is affordable as well.

Explore more apps

Another great language learning app that will help you learn a language through auditory lessons is Pimsleur. The variety of languages to which you can have access is quite wide.

If I recall properly, there are around 51 languages. The lessons duration is also 30 minutes long.

You can listen these lessons everywhere you might be, even when you are behind your wheel. The monthly subscription will cost you around $15.

Can you do it better through images?

If you prefer an app that will help you learn through images, you should try Drops app. It is a friendly app and quite innovating.

Beside the graphic used, that could capture your attention and will not bore you at all, it has other advantages as well.

The main thing that you learn is the alphabet of the language chosen. This is a great tool if you want to learn Greek.

Each letter has a picture as a correspondent. If you tap a word you will also be able to hear the proper spelling of it.

Usually, you will benefit of a new lesson after 10 hours since you ended the first one. During these hours you can exercise what you previously learned.

If you don’t want to wait that long, you can choose the premium version of the language learning app for which you will have to pay a $10 monthly fee.

Do you prefer both visual and auditory learning?

A quite fun and easy to use language learning app is Mondly. Comparing with the one described right before this one, Mondly offers you an easy access to multiple features for which you will not have to pay extra dollars so you can benefit of a premium version of the app.

As I mentioned in the subtitle, this is an app that will help you learn a foreign language both through images and auditory lessons.

Taping on a verb, as an example, will help you discover various conjugation of it. The way the virtual teacher pronounces each word and phrase will leave no question marks regarding the right way to do it.

An annual subscription will be joined by a great discount. In fact I hardly found something better than that. Imagine that it could drop from a few hundreds to less than $50.

Learning while you are singing

Even if you might believe that this is an odd way to study, I am more than sure that there a people who can do it better this way. My own daughter faced this situation when she couldn’t learn her poetry.

The next thing that came into my mind was to sing them. She learned faster and she had fun in the same time.

To get back on our topic, this is the learning system used by the Lirica app. The main intention is to teach you a foreign language through repetition.

The songs sued in order to do that are popular songs that will be highly appreciated by teenagers and not only by them. Besides learning the way the words should be pronounced, you will also learn grammar.

It is definitely a fun way to do it and it will cost you less than $5 per month.


I mentioned in this article just a few language learning apps, but you can be sure that there are many such apps available. None of them is for free but the costs are lower than if you choose a standard foreign language class.

You will be able to learn faster and in a very pleasant way. Besides that, you will have the comfort of learning when and where you want.

You should not forget that usually the lessons will take around 30 minutes of your time.

With all these things being said, I hope that you will no longer believe that learning a foreign language is something difficult to do. It is not the case anymore.

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Language Learning Apps that Really Help
Learning a foreign language it is not necessarily something that you could only do in school. The necessity of knowing at least one foreign language is quite big.

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