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Learn everything about your health

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There is this saying that we all hear ever since we are kids: the only thing that lots of money can’t buy is health. Not even the pills and drugs that we buy from drugs stores, either prescribed by the doctor or for our own choice can’t actually heal us from the diseases that once they’ve hit us, there are fat chances that they ever leave our bodies. So the story is the following: if we don’t take good care of our health from the beginning till the end, sooner or later we get sick and not even the doctors, hospitals and nor the drugs can help us recover and be the same from the beginning.

In life, there are a number of various diseases that wait around the corner to get us and the best life vest we can have against them, for our protection and from preventing them to hit us, is a healthy lifestyle. Sure, health isn’t all about eating the right foods, jogging a lot or practice a workout routine, go to a gym and hire a personal trainer, our health is made of the physical side and the emotional or mental one. Together, they define our lifestyle and ensure that we are good, fine, normal people.

Probably one of the big questions we have in life about our health is how do we keep it safe?

What it is our power to do to prevent from getting sick or damage our overall health? That is a good question, but before rushing and hurrying into delivering the so-called “right answer”, let’s stop for a second and actually think: how much and what do we really know about our health? Before rushing into saying that the best way to keep our health intact is to eat a healthy and balanced diet or to do sports and go to gym, I say that the first step is to know and understand how our health really works. So, yes, basically information is power. I know it, you know it, all the people know it. And this is the first and the right step into protecting our health: document ourselves about what health really means, what it is made of and how can we keep it intact, for as much as possible.

Let’s start with the first aspect: what does health really mean. And I’m not talking about the definition from a DEX or something, or any other medical definition given by the doctors or the biology. I guess that when we say “health”, each person understands a whole different thing, mostly depending on their situation or the circumstances they’re in. So, considering the fact that health means something different for different people in different circumstances, I guess it will be fair enough to establish the types of health that one person has.  First of all, there is the physical health and people often associate health with this side of the matter.

For most of the people, physical health has everything to do with a good body health, all thanks to the regular physical activity and a good nutrition diet and maybe a proper rest. Maybe you’ve noticed that when you ask someone about their health, he or she will tell you something related to the physical health, because it has everything to do with anything concerning our bodies as physical entities. What matters to us is that our body is free o diseases, looking good and function normally. In order to achieve this, we go through a lot of effort and we give our best to do all in our power to stay as clean and safe as possible.

We avoid doing some major extreme sports – like parachute jumping out of a flying plane or climbing high mountains, of course, except for the amateurs of these kinds of activities –in order to keep us safe from danger and possible life threatening events. We try to eat as healthy as possible in order not to develop any diseases. We buy drugs when we feel sick in order to ditch the pain from our body parts and zones. We go to gym in order to lose weight and keep us fit, in shape, or achieve that dream body we’re dreaming of if we are not fully satisfied with how we look. We’re constantly trying to do something, no matter how small it is, to act favorably on our health. And most of the time we succeed, or at least some of us.

Second, and as much as important as the first, is the mental health. Mental health refers to the state of mind that we’re going through in some circumstances and situations, but basically, mental health is present all the time, because how we feel inside can never actually stop. In a short story, mental health refers to people’s emotional and cognitive well being. This means that a person that enjoys a good mental health is safe from developing any mental disorders or diseases that have to do with our psyche. We feel things towards people and happenings and we can’t stop or help us from feeling each and every minute of our lives. At work, we either feel the stress of the deadlines or the happiness of a triumph in a latest project or the joy of achieving some important client for the company we work.

In our personal lives, we feel joy or sorrow, happiness or sadness, love for the sweetheart, family and close friends, hatred for people that did us wrong, insecurities regarding our doubts and dreams, hope for a better future and so on. Each factor that we come across – be it human, non human, object or event – leaves a trace of a feeling in us. And what we feel minute by minute, day by day, becomes our mental health. Of course, the ideal mental health is supposed to be always shiny, happy and constantly positive, but we all know that keeping a smile on our face each moment per day and maintaining our optimism is something that no one can do it regularly and for eternity.

The weight of responsibilities that are on our shoulders and every piece of difficulty we experience in our lives leaves some spiritual marks on us and prevent us from having the ideal positive mental health. This is how life is made after all – good and bad, easiness and difficultness.

Third, and in close relation with the mental health is the social health. Some of the theorists might argue that the social health belongs to the mental sphere, but I prefer to keep things separately for a better understanding of the situations. Social health refers mostly to our presence and well being in the company of other people, in smaller or larger groups, often called society. Our social image is based on criteria that makes us unique and different, but also a good or a bad company for some people. Sometimes we choose the people around which we want to be based on the level of energy that they emanate.

Some people just emanate bad energy and we instantly feel we won’t like them so we will try to stay as far as we can from them and other people just emanate a cool positive vibe and we instantly figure out we are going to like them so much, we will sure as hell want them in our presence and maybe even become good friends with them. It’s all about the feelings that a certain person or group of persons inspire in us. I believe that this is a powerful “tool” with which we select what kind of people we want near us and what kind of people we want to set distance from.

All things considered, we can practically say that our health is in fact a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and it has little to do with some sort of diseases and illness that we go through in our lives. Now that we know how many types of health we really poses, we need to know how exactly how we can keep all three of them not intact, but as safe as possible. So here are some of the best tips you should take into consideration if you’re looking for new and healthy ways to take care of your health!

Tips for taking care of your physical health

Our physical health depends both from what we eat and what we exercise. While eating is the best source of energy that helps us do our regular chores and complete our daily tasks – whether at home or at the office – movement is essential for our body to keep working and functioning properly. Having a healthy heart, lungs, brain – in short words, a healthy body – does not depend solely on what we consume as food, but also it has to do with how much movement we make. Walking in parks is a sort of movement. So is jogging, and you don’t have to be a professional in order to do it. Every amateur and person that has an interest in keeping in shape can jog, and people do it every night in the parks or on the streets.

It’s a sane and safe way of putting your whole body to work, especially the legs and lungs, and the benefits of jogging does not only include the health of the body part, but it is also a good way if you’re interested to lose weight. It’s one of the easiest ways of movement our body can make, besides walking, which is more pleasant and does not involve so much sweat. Of course, if you’re a pro or you’re wishing to be one in the near future, you can always go do gym or/and hire a personal trainer that can help shape your body. As I’ve said, the physical health involves the diet and nutrition part, the exercises or fitness part and it has also a lot to do with losing weight. So let’s see what we can do for each part in order to maintain our health and live a healthy lifestyle!

Diet and nutrition

Yeah, it’s already one of the most familiar scenarios in the entire world, especially for women: you pledge, promise, give your word and swear to God you’re going to do everything in your power to keep a daily diet and make a routine out of it, and also, that you’ll count and calculate each and every calorie that you intake or you should intake on your every meal. And we all now the end: it starts good, with great motivation and enthusiasm, everything looks optimistic and you feel able to do what you just thought about, but on the long run, you’re going to drop it, sooner or later. Maybe because you don’t see any plausible results, thus you don’t see any plausible reasons why to continue it. But honey, you should know that if you don’t see it, your body definitely notices it. And feels it. So stop crying yourself up and choose the best foods in order to take care of your health right now!

I don’t have to keep telling you to eat more fruits and vegetables, to hydrate yourself and get the sleep you deserve and so well need. You’ve heart these lines a thousand of times till now and I know that the more you’re going to hear it, the more you’re going to not do it. So, instead, I’m going to tell you not to skip your breakfast, because yes, it is the most important meal of the day. It fills you with all the energy you need to start your day good and keep it that way. So if you don’t know what you could eat healthy for breakfast, here are some of the best ideas that might work just well for you. But first of all, ditch the eating in the city routine. Once, twice or third time per week, you’ve surely made a habit of eating in the city, at fine restaurants or at some fast food you fancy. Well, this is one of the main problems for your physical health. All you eat in the city is not necessarily healthy and good for your body, especially if we’re talking about the fast food.

Now, here are the breakfast ideas you can start from tomorrow morning!

  • Nutt butter, banana and chia seed toast. Cheap, awesome tasting and extremely delicious. Cut some thin banana slices and put them on toasted bread greased with nut butter, just like you’re making a sandwich, and sprinkle some chia seed on it. It will look awesome and delicious, and it is one of the breakfasts that you’ll definitely want to try again sometime soon.
  • Berry and yogurt smoothie. Blend some frozen fruits with your favorite yogurt and a liquid you enjoy – either milk, juice or coconut water. Keep it in the refrigerator and freeze it overnight and you’ll have a delicious breakfast in the morning.
  • Avocado toast with eggs. This breakfast follows the idea – the simpler the better. Take two whole grain bread slices and grease them with smashed avocado and a sprinkling of salt and pepper. Then put a sunny-side egg on each of the slice, for a extra portion of protein. Enjoy.
  • Chocolate and quinoa for breakfast. A bowl full of quinoa is an excellent choice for a protein-rich base. Then add some banana or berries, add the chocolate pieces and there you have it.
  • Scrambled eggs with veggies is an excellent choice for a healthy and filling breakfast as well.
  • Oatmeal squares are a hearty snack for your breakfast.
  • Muffins based on oat are packed with healthy carrots and zucchini.
  • Ham and cheese quinoa little cups.
  • Frozen banana greased with peanut butter and nuts.

But breakfast is not the only important meal you should have, each meal is meant to constantly keep our body full and filled with energy, so we need to know what are some of the best foods that we should make a habit out of eating them. Here we go!

  • Oatmeal. It contains beta-glucan, a fiber that lowers cholesterol if it is eaten on a daily basis.
  • Greek yogurt has lots of calcium and plenty of proteins you should intake – um, let’s see, why not daily? It’s one of the quick and simple meals you can take on a day.
  • Wheat germ has plenty of vitamin E and you could eat it with cereals and milk for breakfast.
  • Grapefruit. Eat half before every meal and you will have a say in the slimming down process that you’re so eagerly trying to achieve.
  • Bananas with cereals and oatmeal is excellent for breakfast and you should eat a banana a day or as regular as you can.
  • Eggs in any form you please and like, because they are an excellent source of protein and it’s the most complete food you could search for.
  • Watermelon for more hydrating in the morning.
  • Blueberries, because they are lower in calories and this is good for you if you’re planning to lose weight fast.
  • Strawberries, raspberries and all of the berries, because they are tasty and yummy.
  • Kiwi, because they have a lot of vitamins.
  • Whole grain cereals.
  • Whole wheat bread, because carbohydrates.

Fitness and exercises

As I’ve said before, eating without practicing any kinds of sports is like a flower without pollen, so if you’ve taken an interest in eating healthy, you should consider that your physical health also needs some good movement. So here are some ideas to put your body to work and give it something to work on.

Jogging. Either it’s in the morning or in the evening, jogging is an excellent way to train your body for speed, resistance and force altogether. Choose places that you like, for a more optimistic time.

Take many walks in the park. Breath the air, enjoy the sunny day or whenever you have the possibility to walk, just do it. Don’t get your ass in the car and drive if you have to go to the supermarket or don’t use the public transportation if you have some place to go or some place to be. Walking does a lot of good for our bodies.

Abs. At home, in a commercial break or during the hours of the day when you’re listening to music, start some routine of making abs. Your belly will thank you later.

Pilates. It might sound hard, but it actually isn’t, especially when you can do it at home, with the help of a tutorial or by following some instructions on online courses of gym. Solutions can be provided if you really want to put your body to work and fast.

Yoga. Aside the physical effort and strength, you’ll also gain some spiritual benefits from yoga, so why stall more time already?

Weight loss advice

For those who are interested in losing weight, there are plenty of programs, diets and routine exercises that you can do in order to achieve your goal. The fact is, you’ll have to find ways of not losing your motivation and interest for this, because once you’ve taken down this road, it’s too bad if you’re quitting before you see a minimum of results.

What can we do in order to protect our mental health

The theory says we have a lot to gain if we remain optimistic and are constantly enjoying good emotions, but mental health requires more than just feeling happy and relaxed all the time. And we know that this is impossible, because life is never that easy on us. So: How to keep ourselves in a good mood?

Always look at the bright side of the matters. If you’re focusing only on the bad stuff, then you’ll see no reason or motivation in doing anything at all, because you know that no matter what you do, you will end up failing. But this is not true. You can maintain your good mood if you actually want it, just by looking at the bright side of the matters and constantly try to find the good in every bad situation. You know you can, you just need a little more practice.

How to avoid negative states of mind?

I’d say by avoiding people and doing things that don’t pleasure us, but we know that when life gets in the way, we end up doing a lot more of the things that we don’t like than the things we do like. So whenever you find yourself in such position, try to remember this simple rule: tell yourself that everything “bad” or unpleasant you’re doing right now, it’s for a greater good. Tell yourself that in the end, everything will work out for the best, and then you’ll see how the bad feelings and the negative states of mind will just go away and leave you be.

How to ditch the stress and be more positive in mind and attitude?

Stress is a pain in the ass and there is not only one human on this planet that hasn’t felt its sharp teeth by now. Stress at work, stress at school, stress in the personal life, people or events that keep us stressed out and so on. So, whenever you feel overwhelmed with stress, try to just to find new ways to eliminate it: listen to music and relax your mind, think of something positive or something that you enjoy, get a few minutes for yourself and lose yourself in reading a new book that got your interest, watch an episode from your favorite serial or a full movie, walk the dog and so on.

Advice for relaxing and resting

If you’re feeling down and you don’t know what to do in order to let go of the many thoughts inside your head, clear your mind and de-stress every cell in your body, try yoga. I mean it, have you read about the spiritual benefits of yoga? For once, it helps you connect your mind and body altogether, and raises your spirit to a deeper knowledge and understanding of your being. The lungs are the central organ of the body and your primary focus is on the breathing process, and on nothing else. You don’t need to worry about flexibility of your body, because you can try some of the easiest poses for starters. By the time has passed, you will become a yoga expert and you will be able to de-tense both your body and mind muscles as well.

What can we do in order to protect our social health?

Well, there’s plenty of actions we can take, since social health means the way we are or feel when we’re in the company of other people or groups. We can choose what kind of people we want in our presence, what kind of people we like or don’t like, from whom we want to stay away from and in what kind of groups do we better, the smaller or the larger ones.

What kind of people we must have in our nearby?

Well, either they’re friends or people you’ve just met, we definitely need and want these type of personalities around us almost each and every day:

The friend with the great sense of humor. Whenever he or she opens his/her mouth, there’s the joke. And hey, it actually kind of funny! This man or woman sure knows how to make you forget about the crazy stuff in your life and he or she can definitely put a big smile on your face, either if they want it or not. You definitely need these kinds of people around!

The friend you can always talk you. You’re in trouble, you’re suffering from an illness or disease, your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up with you, you’re heartbroken, devastated, you got fired from your job, you had a bad mark on your exams, this kind of friend is always there for you to talk and confide in. You can tell him/her everything and the same goes for him/her. You call him/her best friend.

The friend you can hang out and flirt with dudes or chicks. He or she is funny, maybe even more good looking than you are, knows how to have fun and you hang out together in parties or clubs and party social events. Usually, you two can put up with the best scenarios in order to hook someone up.

What kind of people should we stay away from

On the opposite direction, there are the people that you will want to stay away from. From our personal experiences, we know that this is not always possible, but we can do our best into at least trying. These are the types of people you definitely don’t want them any near you!

The bossy type. Always so demanding and arrogant and smug, even if it’s a colleague from school or a colleague from work, he or she just thinks that he’s/she’s the king/queen of the world and everyone should obey him/her. Not a good vibe for your nerves.

The bragging type. He or she likes so badly to talk about themselves and brag about their successes and what they have been doing lately and it’s nearly impossible for you to say something before they step in and take charge of the discussion. Also, whatever you did, it seems that she or he did it too, and maybe even better than you did. Oh, they’re so annoying!

The energetic vampire type. They are always moody, sad, pessimistic and negativists. They only see the dark side of the matters and they won’t definitely do you any good if you keep them around. Not only that they are draining your energy with whining and complaints, but they also tend to influence your moods as well. Before you know it, you might turn into a pessimist yourself. So be careful with these kinds of people because they might contaminate your mood and not in a good way!

How do we feel in small groups of people

Some of us feel better in smaller groups of people, especially if they are all familiar, known or friends. We know them, who they are, how they are and we know how they treat us. We have respect for them, sympathy and even antipathy, but hey, they’re friends and we got used to them. We don’t want to change the group because here we feel secure and safe. If you’re one of these guys, then you probably don’t do very good when you’re in position to meeting new people, you’re shy or anxious and you don’t like to be in the center of the attention.

Usually, people call you antisocial, but little do they know of your trust issues or relationship skills. In your group, most of the time you’re in the shadow, noticing, observing, laughing at jokes, and making small comments here and there. It’s okay to feel good in small groups, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t do great when you’re forced to interact with strangers. At least try and then you tell us!

How do we feel in large groups of people

Some of us just feel and like to be in the center of the audience and their attention almost every minute. We like large groups of people and here we feel at home, mostly because we want the rest of the world to see how cool and great we are!

We’re not necessarily braggers, but we don’t mind sharing information about ourselves, making funny jokes that people laugh at and receiving compliments for how witty and clever and smart we are. We like to be complimented a lot and maybe this is the main reason for which we starve for attention. We don’t have a problem into socializing with strangers, we can make friends pretty much everywhere we go and people like us for real. We feel safe and good in large groups because we know how to talk and interact with people.

How do we choose people we want to be friends with – the good energy

Most of the time, choosing the people we like or dislike relies on the power of “how they make us feel”. This feeling issue comes as a priority when we’re making these kinds of choices, because we want to be surrounded with people that we can talk to, we can relate to and we can be friends with. It is about how their energy and aura best suits with ours, and this is the main criteria that we unite with other people and separate from others. It is part of our social health and it helps to keep us in balance and control of our lives and well being.

As we’ve seen, health is a lot to talk about and a subject of interest for a majority of people. Although our primary concerns focus on the physical health, we should not forget that the mental and the social health are equally important. Keeping them in balance is taking care of ourselves. Once broken, health cannot be brought back at the same level, not even with the best of drugs on the market. It is true what they say, that the only thing that money can’t actually buy is our health. This is why we should take a really good care of it, from the beginning and until the end.

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Learn everything about your health
There is this saying that we all hear ever since we are kids: the only thing that lots of money can’t buy is health. Not even the pills and drugs that we buy from drugs stores, either prescribed by the doctor or for our own choice can’t actually heal us from the diseases that once they’ve hit us, there are fat chances that they ever leave our bodies. So the story is the following: if we don’t take good care of our health from the beginning till the end, sooner or later we get sick and not even the doctors, hospitals and nor the drugs can help us recover and be the same from the beginning.
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