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Best Tips How to Learn Faster and Still Remember Everything

Aura S
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Learning new things can be a bit problematic for many of us. When you are stressed out before some difficult exam or when you have more tests coming up soon you become anxious and you might consider that you do not have the necessary time to do it.

Most people do not start learning long before the exams sessions. This is why they feel that time is not enough. This is the main reason why they are searching for ways of learning fast and well.

They must remember the next day what they have studied in the previous one. Also kids might need a bit of help. The way they will be accustomed to do it when they are young, the same way, they will do it when they are older.

In the following rows of this article, I will reveal to you a few tips that will help you learn faster and more efficiently than usual. If you are interested, then you should continue your reading.

Someone else might need your help

If you do not know what I mean when I am saying that, you should know that teaching others is a great method to study yourself, even if you do not do it for real. When you try to make other people understand what you are learning, the information is stuck into your brain faster and for long periods of time. When you teach others, you could also receive question from those people that you must explain as well.

It will be easier for you to find the logic of the studying material faster than if you struggle on your own. I mentioned earlier that you could pretend that you are doing it. It is just like when a teacher is preparing its material for its students. Practicing like an actor to explain the lessons to others so you can make yourself understood by them will help you remember all the things you learn.

Write it down

Even if the technology today is quite evolved and it is in a continuous evolution this does not mean that you should forget how to write on paper. In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to learn faster your lessons. I personally believe that when students are trying to copy at some exam and to accomplish that they write on small papers fragments of those lessons, all those fragments gets stuck in their minds.

This means that in fact they are actually learning without even planning it. Isn’t that great? I believe it is even if I do not personally support students who try to copy instead of learning. Therefore, instead of making small copies so you can cheat at your exams you could just learn by writing down the information.

Take a break

This means that instead of studying all day long and in the end you realize that half of what you learn is already forgotten you should give your brain a brake. This is the reason why you should not study with just one day before the exam. You should allow your brain to process the information you give it.

This is how you it will stay inside your head. Breaks are good. Also studying at more than just one  subject in the same day or in the same hour could create a great confusion. The information could be mixed and you might end up failing your exams. As I said earlier you should take a break so you could make sure that you really learned something.

Do not stay too long

There were many studies made that showed that one student who gives himself a short period of time to learn a lesson got better results than if he stays all day long to study the same amount of information. You force your brain to learn faster. The simple idea that you have enough time will make you lazy.

You will think that you have all day long at your disposal to learn a few pages and your brain will be set on this idea instead of helping you to memorize the information you offer it. By giving yourself a short period to learn something will not only help you learn faster and in a more efficient manner but it will also help you obtain more spare time to relax.


Everyone knows that if you are tired you are incapable to memorize anything. You cannot concentrate at all, no matter how hard you tried. A person who learn for a few hours and enjoyed a proper sleep before the exam will be more focused than a person who studied all night and barely slept even if that person maybe studies much more than the first one and read much more as well.

This is not something that you will like to happen. A great idea will be to sleep between lessons. This means that you study at a certain subject, you take a 45 minutes nap so you can fix the information better and after that, you can start studying for the next subject. If you believe that you will not feel like sleeping each time you finish learning something you can go for a walk to clear up your brain and relax before you start again.

Do it in different ways

As I said earlier, one of the easiest ways to memorize something is by writing it down. It is not the only way. You can record the lesson and listen to it or you can just read it. There are more types of memories such as the photographic memory, the hearing memory, the smelling memory or the tactile memory.

When it comes about learning, the photographic memory and the hearing memory are the ones you need. You can use them both. As I said, you could write the information on paper and when you are revising the lessons, you could read them at loud or record them and just listen. This very both types of memories will be working in your favor.

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Best Tips How to Learn Faster and Still Remember Everything
Learning new things can be a bit problematic for many of us. When you are stressed out before some difficult exam or when you have more tests coming up soon you become anxious and you might consider that you do not have the necessary time to do it.
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