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Lemon water can really help

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We all heard about lemon water. It is maybe the most common drink when you want to start a diet. You might have heard that most catwalk models use it and you may also want to look as they do. But what this lemon water does more exactly? What its benefits are more exactly? Does this water has down points regarding your health? You should drink it only if you want to lose weight, or it can be useful for other purposes as well? All these things will be revealed in the following rows of this article.

Besides the things enumerated above you might find out other interesting things about this type of drink and its properties. If you are interested you should continue your reading.

Which the good points of lemon water are?

If you make a brief research online, you will see that most all nutritionists agree that starting your day with a glass of lemon water must be your daily habit. Before drinking your coffee or have your breakfast you must force yourself to drink this glass of water. Maybe at the beginning you will feel a bit forced to do so, but in time, it will become a habit just as your morning coffee. Also, if you will begin to see its effects you will be more happy to do so.

One of its main properties is that it can detoxify your entire organism. It is able to clean your digestive system of all the noxious substances and toxins gathered during the night inside of your intestine. How this process goes? The lemon water has a diuretic effect. You know that through urine and sweat your body is able to clean itself of all these toxins. A good detoxifying process will also help you gain a better skin.

If you did not know, by now, to be able to absorb minerals better, you must have a wider quantity of acids in your body. Lemon water has an alkalizing effect. Like that, your body’ burning properties will increase considerably.

Lemon can be of a real help for your digestion process. It can really help your stomach’ functions to work properly during the day. It does not have just a diuretic effect. It can also save you from constipation. Your colon will be more relieved each day and you will feel more energized.

We all know how important vitamin C for our immunity system is. You also know that lemon has this vitamin in great quantities. This means that a glass with water lemon can help you increase your immunity system level quite much.

This type of drink is not recommended only in hot summer days. It can help you quite much in the cold season as well. Your brain will be more stimulated thanks to the potassium contained by lemons and also your blood pressure will be under control. This means that your heart will function better than it usually does just by drinking a glass of sour water.

As it was already mentioned at the beginning of this article, lemon water is known for its slimming effects. Thanks to its alkalizing effect, your body will be able to lose weight faster. Besides that and besides the diuretic effect, this type of water can help you feel less hungry.

What can go wrong?

As many other great things in this life, lemon water has its down points as well. Until now, you have read only about its benefits, and because of that, you may think to start drinking it right from tomorrow morning. You should not be in so much hurry. Not until you read the side effects as well.

The first thing you may observe is stomach burns. Of course, not everyone has them. However, if you have a more sensitive stomach, you may end up with allot of pain. Some people who may suffer from stomach disorders such as ulcer, gastro esophageal reflux or gastritis know exactly what I am talking about. The only way you can avoid bad situations like these, if you have such illnesses, is to avoid acid aliments. Lemon is such an ailment. This means that lemon water may not be for you in this specific case.

As I already said, lemon water has a diuretic effect. This is a good thing but not all the time. Sometimes this effect can be so powerful that you may become dehydrated. This can happen especially if you exaggerate with this type of drink. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to exaggerate with many things. When it comes about losing weight some of them becomes so anxious that they don’t consider the side effects of their actions. This is far from being a good idea if you want to keep your health status intact.


No matter which your problems are and which your reasons to choose to drink lemon water may be, you should not neglect a medical opinion. Even if you know or do not know about an eventual illness, before starting any type of diet, you should check with your physician and request his opinion about it. Your health status may forbid you to try things like lemon water. It really has great effects on your body but it can also cause more harm than good in some situations. As it was mentioned before, a good and serious research is a must so you can enjoy all the benefits a healthy nutrition might bring.

Another important thing is that the water in which you pour the lemon juice must not be cold water or hot water. You must use warm water. The ideal temperature is your body temperature so your organism will not suffer some kind of shock.

You also must be aware that lemon is an acid aliment that can harm your teeth structure. If you do not consume wide quantities of lemon water per day, you will not have problems, but if you consume this liquid all day long, you should protect your teeth by using a straw.

Don’t forget to use only fresh squeezed lemons so they will not lose their properties on the way.

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Lemon water can really help
We all heard about lemon water. It is maybe the most common drink when you want to start a diet. You might have heard that most catwalk models use it and you may also want to look as they do. But what this lemon water does more exactly? What its benefits are more exactly? Does this water has down points regarding your health?
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