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How to Prevent Mobile Theft and Protect Your Data

How do you protect the data on your phone if you lose it, hand it over, or someone steals it? You hope it won’t happen to you, and you probably even have a password preventing unwanted access to your phone, but is that enough? When you lose your phone, you may still get it back, if an honest person finds …

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Where You Live Can Affect The Age You Have Babies


Pictures of grey-haired mothers holding their babies by their chests became a phenomenon on a global scale. Increasingly more families decide to have children at an advanced age, and that’s because the families budgets were reduced due to the crisis, parental spending increases by the day, and parents want to have financial comfort material before giving birth to a child. …

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Talk Therapy May Help Social Anxiety Better than Drugs

Social Anxiety Treated With Talk Therapy Social phobia or social anxiety is when a person always feels uncertain, anxious, tense, or even terrified in certain types of social situations (specific form of social anxiety) or in most social situations (generalized form). Social Phobia is a form of clinical anxiety that occurs in between 7 and 12% of people, being one …

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How to Manage Your Time Effectively

How to Manage Time with 10 Easy Tips Do you feel like no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t fit everything you have to do on your daily schedule? Would you like to gain more time for yourself, your loved ones, or other activities that matter to you? The key is to learn and manage your time better. …

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Too Much TV Is Really Bad for Your Brain

Watching too much TV negatively affects your brain Hundreds of millions of people are watching TV right now, when you’re reading this article. If at first it was thought to be a way to inform people about daily events and to entertain viewers with comedy shows, nowadays the TV is much more. From popular reality shows and talents shows, to …

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What To Eat On Christmas Eve?

One of the most loved and celebrated holidays all over the world, Christmas, is already on our planning lists. November is actually a month most of us dedicate to planning this special holiday. Besides the destination and the people we choose to spend Christmas with, one of the main things we focus on is the menu which can be a …

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Warm Places to Spend Christmas

Warm places to go over 2017 Christmas & New Years weeks If the thermometer shows temperatures below 0 and you’d like to hibernate until spring installs, you might think again. I do not like cold weather myself, so I chose to show you a selection of the most beautiful, interesting and accessible tourist destinations in the world where you can …

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More Infant Deaths Blamed on Crib Bumpers


Baby’s crib is one of the most important purchases that parents do for their baby. And this is not necessarily because of the price quite high compared to other children’s products, which varies significantly depending on the type of brand or quality but because the baby will spend a lot of time in bed, especially in the first months of …

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10 Healthful Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Feasting


Thanksgiving is one of the favorite celebrations for most of us, right? Riiiight! Either we are animated by the idea of spending great time with the family and the close relatives or friends, or we get really enthusiastic at the simple thought of eating so many delicacies and enjoy a tummy filled with goodies, all people are looking forward for …

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How to Avoid the Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

With the wave of new technological discoveries that emit electromagnetic radiation, we witness a very serious attack on the well-being of any living organism, especially on the health and integrity of the human being. This new state of the environment is called electromagnetic smog and causes diseases at all levels of our being: mentally emotionally physically The electromagnetic smog represents …

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