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Lily Camera Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

It is very easy to take pictures and selfies with your mobile phone or digital camera and have beautiful memories from where you go. But what would you say if you’d find out that a drone might be your personal paparazzo? Selfie sticks are already fading in front of the Lily Camera drone, which impresses more and more drone and photography fans.

What is Lily Camera useful for and how it works?

This gadget flies around you and watches you in order to take the best shots of you.

Lily is controlled with the help of a small tracker that you need to always have it with you.

Lily is following its user even in the most exciting situations such as when skiing, when on a rafting tour, or even when your climb on the mountain.

When you want Lily Camera to stop, press only one button and Lily knows it’s time to take a break.

Unlike other drones capable of taking pictures, it has a built-in camera so you do not have to use another device.

Theoretically, the product is very interesting!

Lily Camera specifications

The drone weighs 45 Oz, is water resistant and can capture the important moments in your life regardless of the outside climate.

It is capable of flying at a maximum altitude of 15 meters and a minimum of 1.75 meters.

Lily Camera can also reach the speed of around 30 miles per hour, giving you the chance to have the most beautiful photos, especially if you practice extreme sports.

Lily Camera drone comes in two versions.

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