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Living Green SupremeFood Reviews

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If you’re looking for a way to boost your health, Living Green SupremeFood might be the right choice for you. Living Green SupremeFood is a phytonutrient powder manufactured by Divine Health and Dr. Colbert in order to help detoxify the body.

What is Living Green SupremeFood?

In addition, this green drink strengthens the immune system, aids in digestion, helps with antioxidant defense, maintains a healthy pH level and even gives a boost of energy. All of this is achieved through a blend of 100% organic ingredients that include fruits, vegetables, grasses, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Different from most dietary supplements, Living Green SupremeFood does not target weight loss, it simply targets optimal health. By supplementing your organism with the right amounts of nutrients, you inevitably boost your immune system.

If you’re not sure about Living Green SupremeFood, in this review we’ll take a closer look at all its aspects and if you should look out for any red flags.

About Dr. Colbert and Divine Health

Living Green SupremeFood products have been created by Dr. Don Colbert and are manufactured by Divine Health. They’re set in Longwood, Florida with the Divine Health Wellness Center where patients can consult with Dr. Colbert.

It is unclear whether the doctor created the supplement himself, but Divine Health is said to be the manufacturer so it’s a strong possibility. Either way, Dr. Colbert seems to believe in this product enough to add it to the ‘shop’ section on his website.

Don Colbert is a board certified doctor in Family Practice and is specialized in anti-aging medicine. He graduated in 1984 from Oral Roberts University’s Medical School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Shortly after, he moved to Florida and has been practicing medicine there for over 20 years.

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