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LocTote Security Bag Review

Alex C
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locTote security bag review

One of the biggest problems today is that thieves are everywhere. Surely you were the victim of a theft, if you were not, I say it is not at all pleasant.

We often lose very important goods and not necessarily because we have not been careful, but because some have been stealing for a long time and have already learned how to do so that you do not have time to react, you suddenly wake up with your phone / wallet or any other goods stolen.

About LocTote Security Bag

LocTote manufacturers have created one of the most ingenious backpacks, they have worked hard to make it work the right way. In August 2014, they began to work on this project, managing to advance a lot, eventually in April 2016, they launched one of the most useful and revolutionary bags.

Their company is small and simple and it’s located in the heartland of America, their purpose is to help the Americans keep their things safe every time they leave the house. All bags are made by hand, they say they do not compromise anything when it comes to quality and authenticity, all they want is to sell these handmade bags at a fair and reasonable price.

This bag is available in two colors, steel gray and sunsplash orange and the color of the rope can be chosen by yourself, which is a bit more diverse, namely: Monkey Wrench, Firehouse, Shockwave, Rasta, Black and Orange.

Whether you believe it or not, LocTote bags are so strong that even Kevlar can not beat it. The material used is twice as durable as the world’s most resistant material, the texture has been originally developed to be so durable that it can be used in high-end body armor.
Today, there is no other material as durable as the one used on LocTote bags, the thieves have no chance of stealing what’s inside the bags because they can not cut this material, which is a very good thing for those who want to relax on a trip and do not want their personal belongings to be stolen.

Many times it has occurred to me to be outside and to start raining or snowing so powerfully that the items in my bag have been filled with water, a very unpleasant thing if you have papers or electronic devices inside. From now on, you no longer have to be afraid that they will deteriorate. LocTote backpack is waterproof, this backpack is perfect if you want to totally protect your stuff from inside the bag.

LocTote price and features

I searched the internet for the price of a bag like this, but I found out that there are 3 types of bags, more exactly:

Fly Sack II – This is “The World’s Toughest Theft”, it’s a Resistant Drawstring Backpack. This lockable bag was designed to accommodate the lifestyle of people on the go who need their essentials with them, but they can not be constantly looking after them. Shortly, this bag protects your belongings. The price of this backpack is $ 149 on their official website and is available in 4 different colors: Heather Gray, Stealth Black, Black and Coalition Camo.

Fly Sack Sport – “The Lightweight Theft”, it’s a Resistant Drawstring Backpack. This backpack is perfect for athletes and those who have an active life, is the most resistant bag, and at the same time is waterproof. This bag’s price is $ 99 on their official website and comes in 4 colors: Vintage Gray, Sport Gray, Denim Blue and Khaki.

Antitheft Sack 3L – “The Packaging Portable Travel Safe”, it will protect your belonging while you can not keep an eye on them. This bag is priced at $ 59 and is available in three colors: Vintage Gray, Khaki and Denim Blue.

The time has come to find answers to my biggest questions, more exactly: Is it worth the money? Will it really protect my goods? Is it as strong as those who fabricated this bag claim? Apparently, positive online reviews have shown me that this bag even keeps the thieves at  distance. In proportion of 99%, all the comments are positive, everyone is very happy with these bags, they feel safe because no one can steal their goods.


In conclusion, this bag really deserves the money, I would feel safe to leave my phone and the papers in my bag and leave it unguarded. I could enjoy more of the vacation knowing that all my goods are safe. The price of this bag is very affordable, it is not overly exaggerated and the deliveries are made in time.

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