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Tips for Long Car Journeys with Kids

Aura S
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When you travel with children, things could become a bit complicated. It is difficult to raise children no matter what but when you must take long journeys with them in the same vehicle things can become quite stressful for both adults and children. It might not be the most pleasant experience. Not every kid is the same as no adult is similar with the other.

In the following rows of this article, I will try to give you a few tips that will make things easier for you and for them as well. When you have children, you have responsibilities so things should be prepared with some time before the journey will take place. If you will follow a few rules things will not seem as difficult anymore. You might want to take them along with you more often.

Prepare your bags for holiday

When you used to be single, you might not care too much about the size or the weight of your bags. When you have children, you automatically must bring along much more stuffs. Therefore, you should go for soft bags. These types of bags are easier to squeeze inside your vehicle. You should also have along with you handbags such as backpacks or other types of bags that could be handy to you all the time.

Backpacks are also easier to carry because when you have kids you might need free hands so you can carry them as well. These backpacks will be great for kids as well. They could carry their own stuff so you will ease a bit your burden. You should not load them with heavy things, but their games, they travel books and a pack of tissues will be great. This way they will have their stuff handy and you will make your luggage easier to carry. Besides that, they will consider themselves responsible of something, which will make them feel great.

Cleaning wipes

A kid will not remain clean too long. No matter if, he eats or drinks he will get dirty and he might make a mess around him as well. This means that you must have something with you to clean him and all the space around him as well. You will be amazed when you will see how fast these wipes will vanish. This is one of the reasons why you can’t have enough of these.

Reading material

When you have bigger kids, you should bring along their favorite books. You can still find these days kids who like reading. This way they will keep themselves busy and you will be able to drive your car in peace. If they are not into reading, you can bring along their CD players or their favorites games so they can keep their minds off the road. They will not become bored and you will be able to enjoy the ride.  You should also provide for the entire trip crew. If you plan to do that, you must make sure that everyone agrees with your musical choices.

You have heard everywhere that it is not healthy to allow your children to stay in front of their iPads or tablets. When you are planning a long journey, you can make an exception. These days, children are drawn on technology more than adults are so they will be happy to know that they are allowed to play on their devices longer than you usually allow them to.


You don’t have to rely only on gadgets and other devices to entertain them. It can be entertaining for adults as well to play old types of games together. Children no matter how drawn might be of technology and all those devices, nothing will make them happier than to play along with the entire family. You can find many types of logic games to play with them such as twenty questions. Keeping the score and allowing them to defeat you will make them happy indeed.


Never forget about food. You need to bring snacks along with you. If as an adult, you might not feel hungry during the trip or you could restrain your hunger, children need to be fed. Therefore, you should have close to you their favorite snacks along with rubbish bags. Make sure however that you don’t choose snacks that will destroy your car upholstery. You will not be too happy about that.

It will take longer

You must consider from the beginning that such trips will take longer than usual. You must make frequent stops. Children need to move a bit and you will see that you need it too. You should pick a route on which you could make such stops.

How to buy them

Kids might get bored no matter what you. Too long trips might be too much for them. In such situations, you might need a bribe. I know it does not sound pretty but for them it is. You must promise them something that they want and that you can give. You should always keep your promises because you do not want to lose their trust. Otherwise, the trick will not function the next time when you plan a long trip with them.

Mediate their disputes

When you have more than just one kid inside your car, the chance to have a peaceful trip until the end is quite small. No matter how well they might get along staying so much time close to each other they might become a dispute. You need to mediate them properly. This means that you should keep your calm. If you are the only adult in the car, you should pull over, deal with the situation and start driving again when things cooled down. You need to pay attention to the road.

Give them space

No matter how entertaining you might be, you could become annoying for them as well. They can read you quite fast so if you try too hard you might not gain their sympathy. You know that you have your moments when you want peace and quiet even if you are a social person. They need the same thing. My advice will be to enjoy those peaceful moments that they will offer you with no problems.

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Tips for Long Car Journeys with Kids
When you travel with children, things could become a bit complicated. It is difficult to raise children no matter what but when you must take long journeys with them in the same vehicle things can become quite stressful for both adults and children.
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