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Long Distance Relationships

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Out of sight, out of mind says an old idiom but is that really true when it comes to long distance relationships?

Nowadays, when the technology got so advanced long distance relationships became common but which are the secrets of having and keeping a long distance relationship?

Of course, other situations may occur, such as one partner is detached from work in another town, such as in the soldier’s cases.

No matter what’s the cause for the long distance relationship, the question still remains. How to keep a long distance relationship?

Online dating and long distance relationship

Psychotherapists say that the main factor that puts long distance relationships in danger is the need for physical presence of the faraway partner and the consequence may be the breakup of the couple’s connections that were formed during the period partners lived together, which will eventually lead to breaking up the relationship.

In the advanced technology era we all live, online dating won ground but can lead to disappointment. As an example, two people meet in the virtual space of the Internet and their relationship was intertwined there, the expectations of one for the other could be too high. Another fact regarding online dating is that the online long distance relationships are not stable and could end when one of the partners involved meets someone else in real life.

Of course, nowadays many happy real life relationships started as online long distance relationships but that’s not a universal law.

On the other hand, searching for a new partner in your virtual environment, if you’re already involved in a relationship means unhappiness in the existing couple, which amplifies the need to search for compensation and can be a guilt of starting a new long distance relationship, for the moment, more or less assumed.

In long distance relationships people tend to put themselves under a favorable light, hiding what they do not like about themselves, and, on the other hand, they tend to overbid the other’s qualities, refusing to see and to discover the entire real person they are talking with.

Often, an online relationship put you at the risk of living in a long distance relationship that is more imaginary than real. When eventually the two partners meet in real life and choose to live together, the real faces of the two are shown, and soon they’ll realize that there is a gap between the idealized images they’ve designed on each other.

The secrets of a long distance relationship

There are partners who opt for a certain distance in order to keep interest in the couple, as there are relationships in which, for various reasons, the two parties must stay away from each other.

It might sound odd, but there are people forming a couple, who love each other, but also feel the need for personal freedom and privacy, and for them, a long distance relationship works like a charm. They meet only once or twice a month but are not suitable for living together.

Yes, some couples need a long distance relationship to survive. It happens especially in the case of those married couples who, for various reasons, divorce is an unacceptable solution.

There are common, all around us, couples who have a long distance relationship for many years, under a reasonable pretext, such as working abroad. Partners keep in touch regularly, collaborates in raising their children, meet few times a year, more or less and keep up the appearances of being together. Their long distance relationship can last a lifetime, or until for some reasons, such as would be cheating or falling in love with someone else, they will be forced to break up or divorce.

How to maintain passion in a long-distance relationship can be achieved following next tips:

  • Make your partner go crazy wearing a sexy outfit next time you video call on your favorite social network.
  • One evening in which you know that your partner has no plan, order a pizza to be delivered to your partner’s address. You can dine together by video call.
  • When you have a hot date on the video call, rotate the webcam to show your whole body, instead of leaving it fixed one your face.
  • Propose to a movies marathon that you watch in the same time and talk on the phone while watching.
  • Instead of canceling your regular schedule when your partner comes to visit you, try to integrate your partner into your daily activities, such as jogging in the morning. Being part of your routine will help your partner to see you as you really are usually.
  • Ask your partner for a city tour when you go to visit your partner. Do the same when your partner comes in your town.
  • Choose a TV show that you both enjoy and follow it, remotely.
  • Create a bedtime ritual. Even if it consists of a few messages that you send to each other before bedtime or pics or videos you send by email or MMS, this will make both of you feel close to each other even though there are miles between you.
  • Pick a small project that you wanted to deal with in a while, such as painting a wall of your room, installing your new TV in the bedroom, or anything you like, and ask your long distance lover to help you by giving you some tips. Your partner will not refuse to help you and it will feel like you’ve done something together.

All these tips are meant to make you feel closer to each other like you would live together and to get to know each other better.

One big problem appears in that particular moment when the attraction is too powerful, and sexual desire occurs. You want to have sex, or make love, or however, you want to call it, but you’re miles away one from the other. If you’re open minded enough you could have some hot video call and it all depends on both of your imaginations how to make it feel like you’re one next to the other.

Long distance relationships are somehow getting more and more common, and such as regular relationships there are ups and downs. It depends on both of the partners involved in long distance relationships what are they able to do in order to keep the passion to a high level and maintain their long distance relationships, and hopefully, the tips presented here will be helpful.

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