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Lose Weight With Lemonade

Adina B
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Lose Weight With Lemonade
Lose Weight With Lemonade

Deciding to lose weight is not an easy thing to do- in fact, such decision changes your life forever! First of all, it is not only about the kilograms you must lose, but also you must identify what is causing you the weight gain, which most of the times happens due to genetics or due to a chaotic lifestyle!

By chaotic lifestyle I refer at an unbalanced program, unbalanced diet program, lots of stress, smoking, alcohol, perhaps drugs, less hours of sleep, junk food, sodas beverages etc. Not to mention emotional problems which can make you gain or lose weight, depending on your metabolism!

How to make lifestyle changes

All these put in a balance result a chaotic lifestyle and in the end will lead to all kind of health problems. That is why is so important to identify what is causing the gain of your weight and to fight it! You can have a drastic diet or a light one, you can opt for changing your diet entirely or simply eliminate some foods from your alimentation, you can have weight loss supplements and in the same time you can go at the gym to reshape your body and to transform fat into muscle mass; or just have a glass of lemonade in the morning and just lose weight! The reasons to consume lemons or lemonade are plenty!

You can even replace your coffee cup in the morning with a nice natural juice of lemons or with a nice glass of lemonade! During summer time a lemonade will be the best refresher you have ever met! Today its notoriety might have decreased, but the truth is that no cocktail compares with a nice glass of lemonade, made of lemons, limes slices, honey or sugar, ice cubes and water! You can even complement the classic recipe with ginger or oranges or strawberries or lavender or pomegranate etc.

The benefits offered by the consumption of the lemons are plenty! The high rate of vitamin C which improves the functionality of your immune system; the vitamin C is more than amazing against colds and it can protect you against colds and diseases on the long term! Also the presence of Potassium is important because it brings benefits on your brain by improving its activity, it controls the blood pressure and takes care of your nerves!

Facts about lemons and lemonade

Your body’s PH will be in a balance if you drink everyday a glass of lemonade. This dosage will reduce acidity, because the lemons are one of the most alkaline aliments, so once they are metabolized they will not create acidity in your body! It is already known that a glass of plain water with some lemon slices is a huge help in all kind of weight loss diets! It is even recommended to have a glass of plain water with squeezed lemon juice or with some lemon slices, to eliminate toxins found inside your colon!

Due to the huge amount of pectin fibers that the lemons have, hunger is stopped, so you will no longer feel like you want to eat something or like you are hungry at all! You might think that the lemon, being a citric fruit it will cause even more acidity inside your body and this will lead to digestive problems! Actually the lemons will help your digestion out! The lemon juice will clean up your entire digestive system, it will help the liver to produce more gall acid which is so important for the entire digestion!

A healthy digestion means less stomach burn and less constipation feeling! Eliminating toxins is extremely important; the lemons will help you out with that by provoking more urine and by having a more frequent urination you will eliminate toxins more and more!

The lemons have so many benefits that they even clean up your breath, they treat teeth pain and diseases like gingivitis. And speaking of breathing, the lemons can treat coughing and lungs infections; they are more than amazing for those people who suffer of asthma or who has allergies. Like it was said before, the lemons are full of vitamin C, which is lost first when you are under deep stress conditions!

Buy consuming lemonade you will be able to face stress easier, simply because by consuming vitamin C your mood will be improved and your ability to focus and to face tiredness will grow!

Most people who made a habit of consuming daily a lemonade have noticed that the taste for coffee has decreased! So, they no longer need their daily coffee! The lemons were used in facial treatments from the oldest times too. Their acid juice will clean up your skin deeply, it will make your skin glow and it will treat acne.

The recipe based on the lemon juice is more than recommended to fatty skin types. As a healthy summer drink, the lemonade is more than recommended. 50 years ago, an important doctor has started to recommend the diet based on drinking lemonade. Between its properties, it is worth to mention that the lemonade detoxifies your body (most of all if you do not exercise and if you eat fatty and unhealthy aliments), it treats depression, rejuvenates the skin and re-energizes the body!

And during a heated summer day it cools your body down better than any drink! If you want to lose weight, the lemonade is more than an option! It can help you lose 9 kilos in 10 days- which is a lot and that’s why you must be careful what you eat after this diet; you cannot get back to your old habits; you should take everything step by step!

You cannot give your body such a shock with a drastic weight loss! You rather have a glass of lemonade during the morning (it can even replace the morning coffee), then if you get thirsty during the day opt for some more squeezed lemons with water and honey- they will cut your appetite and so you will lose weight!

So, the lemonade energizes you and re-energizes you, refreshes you and helps you to lose weight! IT is scientifically proved that this recipe is the most accurate and the easiest one to have, in order to lose weight! And results will be seen in no time! Who would think that a summer drink is the most amazing option for a weight loss diet!?

Lemonade diet benefits

Well, looks like it is and it offers results too! With each day that passes you will see that you do not have the same appetite that you used to have and that you feel good too, even if you are losing weight. And you can stop whenever you think that you got at the right shape! So, like said before it does a lot of good for our body and it can be mixed with a lot.

A complete detoxification of your liver can be made based on lemon juice, carrots, cucumber and beet. This recipe will detoxify your kidneys and your gall too. So, mix it the way you like it- one thing is for sure: you will feel great and you will cool down in a heated summer day!

Who would think that an ordinary summer drink has so many benefits and properties for your body? And the list does not end here! Used externally the lemon juice or the lemonade cleans up your skin by eliminating fat, bacteria which causes acne, and dead cells. Skin’s irritation is treated, all flu types and fever are treated, urinary infection, obesity and blood pressure is treated. As a healthy summer drink which is so easy to prepare, it offers a lot! During summer time our body gets more exhausted than it normally is after a day of work.

And all this happens thanks to the heat that covers all summer days! The summer is personalized by the heat and this heat is what causes so many noxious effects. That’s why you must be protected and you must do something to stay protected! The classic lemonade is so available everywhere and is so loved by everybody that it will always be in fashion on all beverage menus! Being exhausted by the heat, you must recover that share of elements that your body loses due to sweating. You lose vitamins, you lose minerals, you lose antioxidants, you lose oligo-elements which when they are on normal rates they make sure that your body works properly!

Lots of vitamin C is what keeps the colds away and is what provides energy- the lemonade and the lemon juice has plenty of it; the vitamin B complex is what takes care of your nerves and what makes you calm and treats depression- the lemonade has plenty of it; Magnesium is another thing which is in charge with providing more energy- you get that a lot from a glass of lemonade; and also think at the great fact that a glass of lemonade can replace a cup of coffee in the morning- reducing caffeine has never hurt nobody! All on the contrary, reducing caffeine has provided only benefits to our body. And why won’t you do that if you know for sure that you can get your energy dosage from a glass of lemonade?

Such amazing things to be given by only one fruit? We can even say that lemons or that the lemonade can support our immunity a lot! In fact, what does our body need? Immunity support, long lasting treatment and cure, something which keeps diseases away on the long term, something which treats the cause of a disease and prevents it from happening again.

The vitamin C, plenty found in a glass of lemonade! And what is even more fantastic is that you can create your own recipe based on the classic recipe of the lemonade! You can improve it with cucumber juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, berries, lavender etc. Any fruit or any vegetable that comes into your mind, which can be squeezed or blended and which can be mixed with the classic lemonade! You can even serve cocktails having the recipe of the classic lemonade as your foundation! So, do not imagine that now that you decided to lose weight you have to do that, and you no longer will enjoy stuff! You will! A lot! And you will lose weight too! One week is the probation term!

Try to see the results

In one week, results will be seen; you will start losing weight fast and easy and your appetite will be cut day after day, glass of lemonade after glass of lemonade! Your body will be feed with the most amazing ingredients: vitamins and minerals; your body will be reshaped and you can improve too- by going daily to the gym and in this way, you will transform fat into muscle mass!

The lemonade not only cools you down during the most heated summer days; it also reshapes your body! It helps you to eliminate toxins and noxious elements that block your body from feeling good!

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