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Love and marriage

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How wedding affects a relationship?

Every couple when they are really in love with each other they dream about the big day. Not only women love this idea. Sometimes even men are eager to start a steady lifestyle next to their loved one. Once they decide to pop up the question and make their lovers happy, something starts to change. In the following rows of this article, we will talk about how a wedding can affect a relationship and how you can preserve a happy life during marriage so it can last forever. ‘Love and Marriage’ ‘These two words inspired Frank Sinatra to write a very funny and appreciated song, in which many couples reflect themselves every day.

I have seen all kinds of weddings and marriages. My conclusion is that a wedding reflects the fact that a marriage will not be an easy thing but if you do it right it can be a very beautiful thing. The wedding prepares gives the bride and groom many headaches. You may have seen the TV show ”Bridezilla”. Sometimes it really is like that. The brides may freak out for very small and unimportant things. They also freak out, because they have the feeling that the groom is not as involved in this process as she is.

My conclusion about weddings is that they are not for the bride and groom but for all the other guests. Marriage is about them, not the wedding. The groom might even be surprised to see another face of his future bride. It may be even worse than PMS syndrome, with which he is so used to, every month. However, seen her like that, it may be a good thing for their relationship. This way, they will know that if their marriage is in trouble they will survive after all. A life together will not be just honey and sugar. There will be all kinds of ups and downs. If they cannot go through a wedding, how they will go through a life together?

After this hectic period from their lives will be finally finished and they see each other as man and wife, then another stage of their lives will start. You will be surprised to see how different it will be. These days it is highly recommended for couples to live together at least one year until they decide that they are suited for each other. Like that they will know if they can accept their flaws and learn how to love those flaws as much as they love all the other things.

Even so, a married woman just as a married man can change in attitude. Most people consider that once they made the big step they are on safe ground. This is maybe the biggest mistake. No man or woman belongs to someone. One misconception is that only the woman needs attention and respect from a man. Both parties have the same needs. All of us are humans. We have pride and feelings. Because pride was mentioned, you should know that it will be better to forget about it and about personal egos when it comes to true love.

At the beginning things will be nice and beautiful but when the honeymoon is over and you must go back to your daily jobs, pay the bills and put food on the table, things can become a bit different. It will be nice to have someone to share all these things with. The problem is when the routine appears, when you are no longer so sexual appealing, in your pajamas, with a smelly mouth and a messy hair. Not only woman must remember to stay feminine but also men. Some people may consider that it is quite disturbing to not be able to be yourself even when you are married.

This is not yourself. You took care of your appearance before marriage. To not do the same, after the event, it may seem that during the relationship, you have just played an act. You were not who you really are. Yes, you can be seen in your pajamas, but not all they long, during the weekend. For men, one thing that can be disturbing is to see you getting well dressed and wearing makeup just when you go at work or to some party. If this is how you prepare yourself for others, this is what you should do for him as well.

I personally admired women who find time to do their hair, their makeup and wear casual and sexy clothes even when they don’t go out anywhere.

One thing women might not understand is that they don’t have to do this for them. Any woman feels better when she looks better. In one word, you do this for yourself. But enough with that. Not only the physical appearance is important in a relationship.

Love stages

I read somewhere that love has 7 stages. The first one is when you and your lover exchange flowers and candies, it is the period when butterflies and sun rays are everywhere even if it is a stormy weather. I personally called it the hormonal stage of love.

The second stage is the, that may appear after one or two years of relationship, is the saturation stage. In this period, you see things more clearly. You can see the flaws of your partner, but you are accustomed with them, so you learn to live with them. He will see yours as well, and he will not be bothered. This is the reason why you gain more freedom in the relationship so you can be more as yourself.

The next stage is the rejection stage. Even if you may think that this will never happen in your relationship, you are very wrong. Everyone passes through this. It is the fighting period. It is the time when his or hers not so disturbing habits begin to bother you very much. During those fights things can be said, gestures can be made that may turn your life upside down.

Some people can’t get over this stage of love. This is when divorces appear and various accusations may hurt your relationship. You must remember that during those fights and disagreements, both of you said things you don’t really believe. Both sides are just as guilty. The best thing is to discuss all these things with calm and not searching for a bed reconciliation. It can be the worse idea.

The fourth stage is also called the patience stage of love. If you as a couple overcome the previous love scenes, by communicating with your partner you gain more stability and you can say that both of you became wiser. Nobody says that you won’t disagree with your partner anymore, but you know that with patience and calm you can reach a neutral ground.

The respect stage is maybe the most important stage of love. This is the real first step to love someone. It is the moment when your partner thinks about you more than about himself, just as you will do. This is when selfishness is no longer an issue in your relationship.

The friendship stage is something that you must have reached considering that all this time passed by you two. Who knows you better than your partner? Who shared with you good and bad situations? Who do you trust more? These three questions have just one answer and you know it just as I do.

The last stage of love is true love itself. You will be able to look back and see how many things happened in the past and how many difficulties you have faced together. All these bad things helped you grow, stronger and happier. Every failure overcome together became a success for your relationship. It is a very long road to reach this last stage of love but if you really want to know what love is, you must prepare yourself for the journey. It will make you feel more alive than anything will. People are meant to love. They can’t live without this feeling.

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Love and marriage
Every couple when they are really in love with each other they dream about the big day. Not only women love this idea. Sometimes even men are eager to start a steady lifestyle next to their loved one. Once they decide to pop up the question and make their lovers happy, something starts to change.
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