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Lower Blood Pressure with Magnesium Supplements

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High blood pressure (hypertension) is a very common disorder and it can lead to heart activity issues, heart attacks, vascular strokes, or brain strokes, but it can be contained because magnesium supplements may help to lower blood pressure.

Hypertension can also be kept under control naturally, introducing in your daily diet specific vegetables and herbs that have proven effects in lowering the blood pressure and reducing stress, depression, and anxiety.

Sources of magnesium

Magnesium can be found naturally in some foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds, beans, salmon, or broccoli.

Another way to get the necessary daily dose of magnesium is using magnesium supplements, which actually may be the most effective way to lower blood pressure.

Magnesium supplements are easy to find in any pharmacy and are sold without a prescription, so anyone suffering from hypertension can get them.

A diet with an intake of magnesium supplements may help to lower blood pressure and reduce triglyceride levels at the same time, within a week of consumption.

Studies on magnesium supplements and hypertension

Magnesium is known to be directly responsible for producing of hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body, being particularly important to maintain normal muscle and nerve functions, normal heart rate, a healthy immune system, and also to be good for bones structure.

A clinical trial conducted by the Indiana University School of Medicine was concluded with positive results, proving that a daily intake of magnesium supplements may help to lower blood pressure in a short time, for real.

Statistics, including all the data collected from over 30 clinical trials covering a total number of over 2000 participants, uncovered that an average of 300 mg of magnesium consumed on daily basis lowers the blood pressure.

The adequate intake of magnesium can be achieved through a healthy diet, but magnesium supplements are handier than eating food that you may not like.

Other minerals that help to lower blood pressure


Various clinical studies have proven that calcium is not only helping to prevent blood pressure to increase but is also helping to lower blood pressure for elders affected by hypertension.

Calcium can be naturally found, especially in dairy products, green leafy vegetables or in supplements.


Potassium is an extremely important mineral in maintaining blood pressure. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that to the patients suffering from hypertension was given a diet rich in potassium, and within a year patients were able to keep blood pressure at the normal levels.

Excellent natural sources of potassium are fruits (oranges, bananas, apricots, and strawberries), some vegetables (cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, or cauliflower), but also whole grains and fish.

Overall, introducing these aliments into your daily diet in order to intake necessary daily dose of potassium is more than enough, but potassium supplements can be also used.

Calcium and potassium, alongside with magnesium may help to lower blood pressure and maintain your health.

Natural methods to keep a low blood pressure

Herbs are beneficial in treating hypertension condition. Many people have managed to lower blood pressure naturally without drugs, using these amazing plants:

  • garlic
  • cayenne pepper
  • mistletoe
  • ginseng
  • nutmeg
  • hawthorn
  • ginger
  • cardamon

An excellent example that has helped many people to keep hypertension under control is garlic, which contains various health beneficial compounds. It helps to reduce the body fat, preventing the formation of cholesterol in the arteries and stimulating the blood circulation. Garlic helps the body fighting and preventing infections.

Some herbs can lower the blood pressure by inducing a calmness mood at the nervous system level, thus preventing stress, depression, and anxiety, which have been shown to be the major causes of triggering the hypertension condition.

Moreover, most vegetables and herbs are few excellent sources of calcium and magnesium that, as we have proven above, help maintain a healthy heart activity and healthy blood vessels.

Lowering blood pressure can also be achieved by reducing salt intake. One of the negative effects of salt is water retention in the tissues and that being one of the causes of increased blood pressure.

Although changing your lifestyle and adopting a healthy diet plays an important role in reducing blood pressure, medications or magnesium supplements cures should not be discontinued without the doctor’s acknowledgment.

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