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Lumos Bike Helmet Review

Alex C
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lumos helmet review

Have you ever rode your bike at night? If so, then you know how dangerous it can be. Most of the time you are noticed more hardly by the other traffic participants because they can drive with a higher speed and they can’t notice you in time, in the worst case being hit by them, all due to inattention and because they couldn’t see you in time.

About Lumos Helmet

Lumos bike helmet builders are now here to help, they created a helmet bike that will surely help you. Specially designed for bike addicts who love cycling, especially for the late night rides, the Lumos bike helmet makes you more visible on the road.

The Lumos Bike Helmet creators came up with amazing innovation, created this high-tech that can save many lives. Bicycle accidents are very common, many of them are kicked in the back and are thrown off the bike. Many people are hitting their heads because they don’t have a safety helmet or their protective helmet is too weak and it could break, their lives being in danger.

Lumos Bike Helmet creators had thought about it all and came to help with this high-tech bike helmet. The best thing about this high-tech is that it incorporates a MIPS Brain Protection System. What is the MIPS Brain Protection System? This protection system is fascinating and revolutionary, prevents slipping and head twisting in case of an accident. Simple and extremely useful, you have to be safe all the time, your brain can be in jeopardy with a regular helmet but with the Lumos bike helmet is totally safe!

Now that you know the Lumos Bike helmet is a high-tech you might wonder how safe it is to wear it in rain or snow. Well, the creators of this helmet have thought about it before you, it’s safe, it does not matter what kind of weather it is, even if it’s raining or snowing, the helmet will not be affected, so you can wear it regardless of the weather outside.

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