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Magnesium Supplements May Help to Lower Blood Pressure

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About Blood Pressure

One of the most common and frequently encountered diseases is the hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. As frequent as it is, this disease is also serious and needs serious medical care and treatment. Your health is not something you can just ignore, so if you know that you’re having problems with the blood pressure, you should be aware that uncontrolled hypertension can lead to a heart disease or can easily facilitate you having a stroke.

But the main reason for why this disease is so serious is the fact that sometimes, it doesn’t show off any warning symptoms or particular signs. Your hypertension is characterized by the levels of the blood pressure, which have to be somewhere between 120/80 and 140/80. Any other levels above the 140/80 are also hypertension. The good news is that 85% of these people can normalize the levels of their blood pressure if they’re following some simple rules: adjust their lifestyle and make modifications where necessary, and making sure they consume enough magnesium. That’s right, magnesium supplements it’s the best start you can take if you’re willing to take care of your blood pressure problems.

Magnesium Role in the Human Body

Research and new findings have discovered that magnesium has an important role in keeping the blood pressure normal or sometimes even reducing it. Hypertension can be reduced if you’re taking more magnesium supplements, calcium or potassium. On a short story, vitamin and mineral supplements are essential for your entire health, especially if it’s about something that serious as blood pressure problems. In this case, the magnesium is the ruling king.

A set of 34 studies on over 2,000 patients that were given placebo instead of magnesium, without the participants’ knowledge on who was taking magnesium supplements and who didn’t, revealed that 368 mg from a magnesium supplement taken on a daily basis and for a period of three months can reduce people’s systolic blood pressure with 2 millimeters of mercury and also reduce the diastolic blood pressure with 1,8 mm mercury.

After a deeper investigation and analysis, the researches believed that if one takes 300 mg of magnesium supplements on a daily basis and for an entire month, this could result in lower levels of blood pressure and higher levels of the magnesium mineral in the blood. This provides evidence that the magnesium supplements may prevent the high blood pressure or the hypertension in people. In essence, the mineral can prevent the constriction of the blood vessels, which is responsible for the increasing of the blood pressure, and improves the blood flow, overall.

Also, one important thing that the researchers insisted on is the fact that the magnesium supplements may have a sure effect just if the person in case doesn’t get enough magnesium from the diet he or she is following. Basically, on people that have magnesium deficiency, this mineral may help with the prevention or the treatment of the hypertension. These studies are also a support for the importance of consuming healthy foods, which are rich in magnesium, because this mineral can be an efficient strategy that can help you control your blood pressure.

How Magnesium Works

If you’re curious to know how does magnesium work and do its magic on our blood pressure and heart function, then you should read this article!

Magnesium is one of the minerals that play an important role in our overall health, being the fourth and most abundant mineral that exists in our bodies. From magnesium depends the well-functioning of over 350 enzymes that are in our bodies and not only! Here are some other facts about magnesium’s role in our bodies:

  • It leads to the creation of the adenosine triphosphate, which are basically the energy molecules from our bodies
  • It has a saying in the activity of our heart muscles
  • It can lead to a proper formation of the bones in our bodies, teeth included
  • It helps our blood vessels relax
  • It promotes the proper function of the bowel
  • It regulates the sugar levels from our bodies

Keep in mind that if you want to start on magnesium supplements, you should take them along with calcium, because using both of them, you gain twice as much benefits for the health. They’re partners in crime, if you like to think so.

When it comes to the action of the magnesium over the heart, clinical studies revealed that this mineral can reduce the odds of a patient getting a heart attack. The benefits of the magnesium supplements for the heart are the following:

  • It can dilate the blood vessels, allowing the blood to properly transport itself through our body and thus reaching the heart more rapidly
  • It can prevent the spasms of the heart muscles or the ones from the blood vessel walls
  • It acts like a shield against calcium, which has the potential of increasing the spasms
  • It can dissolve the blood clots
  • It can lessen the injuries and prevent the arrhythmia
  • It acts like an antioxidant against the free radicals that can form at the site of an injury

There are simple ways to acknowledge the loss of magnesium from your body. Look at the following symptoms: your loss of appetite, which you should have noticed it right away; feeling nausea and vomiting; feeling fatigue and weakness.

If your magnesium deficiency keeps going on, you could also experience some of these symptoms: tingling and numbness; seizures, changes in personality, muscle cramps or contractions, abnormal heart rhythms, coronary spasms.

Vegetables Rich in Magnesium

If you’re looking for organic ways to consume magnesium, then you should eat more leafy and green vegetables or avocados, almonds and beans or peas, and even whole grains. But the best solution is to adhere to magnesium supplements, because they are not only easier to take, but they can also lower your blood pressure and prevent you from experiencing hypertension. As regarding the side effects of taking too much magnesium supplements, they are rather rare, because the body excretes the magnesium in the urine. But, if it’s the case, then people that experience the side effects of magnesium supplements should expect to nausea, abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

Insulin and Blood Pressure

If you’re wondering why you have problems with your high blood pressure, then here is the answer: the most important cause of hypertension is the fact that your body produces too much insulin. In other words, as the insulin levels rise, the blood pressure levels increase. If this is the problem, then if you manage to normalize the blood sugar levels from your body, you will also be able to lower the blood pressure levels and bring them into a healthy range. And you will manage that by taking magnesium supplements. To cut the long story short, by taking magnesium supplements, you get a say into the contribution of lowering the blood pressure, without any unnecessary complications, treatments and pills.

Also, if you’re interested in finding out new ways that help you keep the blood pressure on a normal level and in a more natural way, along magnesium supplements, you should follow these tips:

  1. Do regular exercises that consist of sprint-burst, aerobics, core and strength exercises, because they are all good for they can help you reduce the insulin levels and also reduce your blood pressure levels.
  2. Eat according to your nutritional type. It is easier to find out what type of metabolism do you have, either A, B or C, and plan your diet according to what foods should you eat and what foods you should avoid.
  3. Avoid foods that can raise your insulin levels. These are the ones rich in sugar and grains, such as breads, rice, pasta, cereal, potatoes. It is believed that raw garlic can help you reduce the blood pressure.
  4. If you’re too stressed out, try some stress management techniques, because even the slightly stress you have can have an impact on your blood pressure high levels.
  5. Increase your vitamin D consumption. Keeping the vitamin D levels at a normal rate also helps you normalize the blood pressure.

As you can see, there’s no need for you to follow any drugs treatments or taking some magic working pills, it all can be solved with some natural remedies and a little extra help from some magnesium supplements. That is, if you find out just in time that you might be prone to hypertension or if you notice that your blood pressure isn’t right. Don’t forget that if you take magnesium supplements, you can keep your blood pressure in control, which means you don’t have to worry about exposing to the risk of a stroke or some brain damages you get during a stroke, which sometimes can be irreversible and permanent. Magnesium supplements are your best chance into keeping your blood pressure levels at a normal rate!

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