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The Main Reasons of Heavy Sweat

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When you sweat, especially when you are in a public place you might feel a bit embarrassed. You do not want to see those stains under your rams or all over the body. Some people sweat heavier than others do. Even when you go at the gym, you can notice these differences between people. Not everyone is the same when it comes about sweating.

In the following rows of this article, I will not talk about how to get rid of sweat but about the reasons why this thing happens. You will also find out why it is so important to sweat. Among this information, you will discover other interesting things as well related to this topic, so you should continue your reading.

Why do we sweat?

Sweating is something perfectly normal if you consider the fact that average people have somewhere between 3 to 4 million sweat glands inside our skin. Usually women have more of these glands but they are not as active as they are at men. Due to this fact, you will notice that men and young boys as well sweat much more than women or young girls. This does not mean that people of the same gender sweat eliminates the same quantity of sweat. The number of glands differ from individual to individual. This means that a rule could be made.

When could you sweat more?

If you wonder, why your friend sweat more than you do when you practically do the same physical exercises there is another reason besides the number of sweat glands. He might submit his body to a more intense workout. Even when you do the same exercises, he might focus more, he might run faster or he might contract more muscles groups than you do. The power of your mind has many things to do with the level of intensity with which you practice your exercises.

Also when you might be in a hotter spot than others. The differences of temperature will influence the sweating process allot. Another reason why your body might become hotter than others is the level of fat. Fatter people sweat more because the body temperature rises so it can burn that fat and because of that, the organism becomes tired faster than if the person will be slim and fit.

You might have noticed that when you are emotional or when you find yourself in stressful situations you might sweat more. As I said earlier, your brain can influence the way your body reacts in different situations. It is like a defense process. You practically eliminate the pressure accumulated through those emotions.

There are people who might sweat a lot even if they do not do anything. They do not practice any physical exercises, they are far from being stressed and the temperature is rather cold than hot. What about these people? You can notice such problems especially on fat people. In fact they are not fat they might be close to obesity if not obese already. This is known as a disease called Hyperhidrosis. There are solutions to solve these issues by changing diets, turning your sedentary life into a more active one and also by starting to practice different types of sport activities.

Why it is so important to sweat?

There are a few important reasons why we should sweat. It one of the ways through which our body detoxifies itself. In fact, it is the most effective way to do it. Things like salt, alcohol or fats are eliminated from our bodies. Besides the things enumerated previously many chemicals accumulated in our bodies are eliminated through sweat.

If you did not know it is also a weapon against kidneys stones. This does not mean that if you have kidney stones you should do something to sweat more to get rid of them, but a proper amount of sweat can help you eliminate the risk of their appearance. Through sweating, your body is able to eliminate excessive salt from your organism but also the excessive amount of calcium. It creates a proper balance to be more specific. I have heard people who refuse to drink water so they will not sweat too much.

This is the worst idea that they can have. Dehydrating yourself and inhibiting the sweating process will disturb the body natural balance and will cause only bad things. Your body needs to detoxify itself in a way or in the other. If you do not eliminate that salt, chemicals and extra calcium through sweat, they will pass into your urine so they can be eliminated. Once they reached that area, you are more exposed to end up with kidney stones.

One of the most known reason for which people must sweat is to preserve a normal temperature for their bodies. Our organism has its own protection shield. When you are exposed to high temperatures, all your organs will be heated and they might work in an improper manner. The sweat is able to cool our bodies so we will not have problems. This is one of the reasons why we are so recommended to drink plenty of water during the hot summer days. This way your sweat glands will remain activated and while you hydrate, they will turn off the heat. This is how your organism is able to survive at those high temperatures.

When it comes about workouts, the sweating process is just as important. When you heavily work your body, your organs are pushed over their regular limits. This means that they become heated. Through sweat, you cool them down. If you sweat properly, you will be able to endure more. You will be able to work your body more than usual. Sweat will help you regain the needed energy.


Even if heavy sweat can be disturbing in some situations, when it comes about your health, it is very important to have it. Many people try to inhibit their sweat glands. You see deodorants’ commercials all over the place that promises you that sweat will no longer be a problem. Usually they are not as effective as they promise they will. This is not a bad thing. These deodorants are good to eliminate odors but when it comes about inhibiting the sweat glands, it is not a good idea at all. I have also seen on pharmacies a certain type of deodorant, which can really do it. I personally do not recommend anyone to us it. You will practically destroy your organism defense shield.

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The Main Reasons of Heavy Sweat
When you sweat, especially when you are in a public place you might feel a bit embarrassed. You do not want to see those stains under your rams or all over the body. Some people sweat heavier than others do. Even when you go at the gym, you can notice these differences between people. Not everyone is the same when it comes about sweating.
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