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Best Diet Tips for Maintaining Prostate Health

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Facts about prostate

Prostate cancer is the darkest nightmare males. It is not surprising that men interested in their health are always on the lookout for diet tips that boost prostate health.

That is why the most frequently asked question of specialists is “what men should eat to reduce prostate cancer risks?” Thus, every man hopes to learn which is the most effective diet to help them fulfill their goal – maintaining prostate health.

Unfortunately, no doctor will guarantee that a certain food will protect everyone against prostate diseases, but it’s worth trying.

There are some foods that can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer and other prostate diseases. But instead of focusing on the consumption of a particular food, the best recommendation is to adopt an active lifestyle and several diet tips at once.

Healthy eating is much easier than you think. All you have to do is adopt certain general principles.

Eat fruits and vegetables every day

There are so many fruits and vegetables in the world so that choosing the right ones for your needs might be challenging. In general, healthy diets are based on vegetables and fruits, no matter what fruits and vegetables we’re talking about.

But for this case, select the ones that have a livelier color.

Choose bread from whole wheat flour

The truth is that a product is healthier the less it is processed. And the white flour goes through several phases until it gets that way. It works the same way when you want to eat pasta or cereal.

The healthiest products for prostate are made with whole wheat flour.

Avoid red meat

Men like eating red meat, but to avoid prostate diseases, its consumption must be limited. Pork, lamb, goat, beef, as well as sausages or processed meat, are tasty but not healthy.

Fish, beans, and eggs are much better sources of protein.

Consume healthy fats

Opt for olive, almond, hazelnut, and avocado oil. Limit the consumption of saturated fats and animal products as much as you can.

Also, avoid trans fats that are present in most fast food products.

Avoid sweetened beverages

Carbonated or fruit-flavored drinks are extremely harmful to prostate health. It is also recommended to eat sweets as rarely as possible.

If you feel the need for sweets, you’d better eat fruits.

Reduce salt intake

Select foods with a low sodium level, read the labels carefully and compare the products. Also, the less you eat processed or frozen foods, the easier is to maintain prostate health.

Reduce portion size

Be careful about how much food you eat at one meal. Also, remember that portion control is very important, so take care how you eat.

For prostate health, eat slowly, chew the food a lot, and never overeat.

Top foods for a healthy prostate

Now, that we’ve showed your some general tips on how to maintain prostate health, let’s get into more details on some specific foods that protect your prostate against diseases.

Brazilian nuts

Brazilian nuts come from South America and represent a considerable source of selenium, an essential mineral for prostate health. Studies show that adequate intake of selenium can reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Brazilian nuts also contain a lot of zinc, which also helps the prostate to function properly. Due to the high content of saturated fats, however, it is advisable to consume them in moderate quantities.


Broccoli contains large amounts of phytonutrients, such as sulforaphane, with anticancer properties. Studies show that minerals in broccoli inhibits prostate cancer development and reduces prostate-specific antigen production.

At the same time, weekly consumption of broccoli decreases the risk of type 3 and 4 cancer by 40%.

However, if the broccoli is cooked more than five minutes, its anticancer properties decrease, so it is advisable to cut the broccoli into small bouquets, which you set aside for five minutes before cooking. To enhance the nutritional effect of broccoli, you can add extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic and red pepper.

Green tea

Green tea contains antioxidant compounds, which destroy certain viruses and bacteria, strengthen immunity, and fight against cancer.

Studies also show that green tea polyphenols can greatly reduce the levels of prostate cancer biomarkers. At the same time, men who consume three cups of green tea per day maintain prostate health more than those who do not drink green tea.


Pomegranates are rich in antioxidants and contain a phytonutrient called elagitanin, which helps a lot in maintaining prostate health. Studies show that pomegranate extract slows down the production of cancer cells in the prostate and help these cells self-destruct.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds prevent prostate disorders, especially in the case of benign hypertrophy. Pumpkin seed oil helps prevent the proliferation of cancer cells on a hormonal basis.

Another beneficial element of this kind of seeds is zinc, which helps maintain prostate health, preventing cancer.


Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps maintain prostate health. Studies show that these acids slow down the growth of tumors and help in the cancer remission in men suffering from prostate cancer.


Tomatoes are a source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, which has properties to maintain prostate health. The antioxidant benefits of tomatoes increase when processed.

Therefore pasta, soup, tomato sauce, or juice offers more antioxidant protection than when the tomatoes are fresh. Studies show that processed tomato products improve prostate health.


In order to maintain prostate health, just follow the tips presented above in this article. While no doctor can guarantee that diet can indeed help men maintain prostate health, eating healthy foods improves the overall health.

In conclusion, base your diet on healthy fats, fruits and vegetable and avoid processed foods, and you could increase prostate health and reduce prostate cancer risks.

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Best Diet Tips for Maintaining Prostate Health
Prostate cancer is the darkest nightmare males. It is not surprising that men interested in their health are always on the lookout for diet tips that boost prostate health.
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