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Married versus Single

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Married versus single has always been a very debated subject, regular people and even psychologist trying to understand why there are differences between married people and single people. It looks like the answers have been given and married versus single behavioral changes depend on genre and mentality.

Married versus single – Women

Single women and married women live in different worlds. There appears to be an eternal hidden struggle between married and single women.

Often the married women see in single women, even in girlfriends, a possible enemy and slowly removes them from their couple life, at least until single women will find partners, and so, accessing the world of married women.

Single women

The number of women who refuse to start a family, preferring to remain independent, has doubled in the last 30 years.

Single women have more time for themselves, for taking more care of themselves. Have more time to do what they like without being interrupted by the partner who wants to talk.

Can take classes or exhibitions to enrich their general knowledge, they can allow more time for relationships with friends, thus reducing stress. Single women control their own lives and this gives them confidence and increases their self-esteem.

Married women

After marriage, women have more confidence in their partners and no longer ashamed to ask exactly what they want. One of the secrets to happy and lasting marriage is the age at which it occurs.

Sexologists concluded that varied sexual experiences before marriage lead to confidence and satisfaction in the bedroom after marriage.

Married women take their sex life more seriously and tend not to “gossip” about it, as they did before marriage.

Many women are rushing to marry because they think that this would save them from the loneliness and from the financial responsibilities, or their family. For many of them, marriage signifies the ‘materialization’ of the relationship, formalized. Marriage is often seen by the married woman as an announcement to the society that they are now women with responsibilities.

Married women go out with other married women. They discuss problems and couple’s domestic problems.

Married versus single – Men

A bachelor man is an unmarried man, single, free as a bird. In other words, a bachelor is a man who is not engaged in any relationship or sentimental affair. I mean a man who feels good in his skin, without having the responsibility of a family.

Single man

A bachelor is a man who prepares his own sandwiches and irons his own shirts.

Being single is synonymous with being independent. Eat whenever you want, sleep whenever you want, masturbate whenever you want, have sex whenever you want, go out with friends whenever you want.

This brings independence and maturity while perhaps responsibility could be achieved by marriage.

A veritable bachelor knows well what expectations to have from a woman and knows what risks are implied by a relationship and, most often, knows what a woman needs and perfectly adapts, as long as it satisfies the requirements of the woman.

Married man

A married man is much more responsible than a bachelor. The experienced married man knows perfectly how to understand his woman and how to make her happy.

He is careful with his wife and it’s a good father for his children.

Some married men don’t change their habits and are still acting like a bachelor, meeting with friends, drinking beer, and so forth, while others give more attention to their families and are capable of reducing the amount of time spent doing other activities.

Don’t get it wrong, a married man is not meant to be held on a short leash, otherwise, he will get away. A married man needs some time alone or in the company of friends.

Communication inside the couple should be the key to solving everything.

Of course, there are exceptions, but usually, a married man is much more attractive to single women and more attentive with women, in general, and we’re not talking about cheating here, but single women see a married man as a  guy who understands them and who is really responsible.

To conclude, there are some nice experiences that may be lived by single people, and it’s OK to think ‘outside the box’, but other fabulous experiences are given by marriage, such as sharing your happiness and worries with someone else, someone you love and you know for sure that loves you back.

Marriage is also associated with kids, with the idea of family, and yes, that’s what marriage is all about: building a family.

Therefore, married versus single is just a ‘game’ of putting in balance advantages and disadvantages of each one of the situations, but the idea is that each situation in part offers some great experiences and, by the way, we all start as singles and many of us end up married, so maybe this is how the life is meant to be lived. Just think about it!

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