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Massive Heatwave Hit The US – How it Affects Your Mind and Body

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massive heatwave hit us

Cardiovascular issues

The heatwave causes dehydration, and, under these conditions, the kidneys tend to retain more toxins such as urea and ammonium, which are usually eliminated through the urine. Therefore, it is very important to hydrate properly, consuming at least 2 liters of water per day and a maximum 4 liters.

We know that we are properly hydrated if the urine is yellow and odorless. Because the blood vessels dilate, in an effort to remove heat, blood pressure drops.

For this reason, the heart beats faster in an attempt to restore proper body tension. Because the blood has poor circulation, serious heart problems can occur.

Thus, people who have problems with high blood pressure can suffer heart attacks or other cardiovascular diseases. When the outside temperature increases, the body is forced to work extra to maintain its own temperature within normal limits.

This process involves removing the extra heat from the skin through perspiration. Because of excessive sweating, skin rashes can occur on the surface of the body.

These rashes appear in the folds of the skin and on the areas of the body where the clothing is attached. The most exposed parts of the body are the upper chest, neck, groin area and armpit.

Heat can harm your eyes

The eyes suffer from excessive sun. Sunglasses are necessary for the protection of the eyes from bright light and especially from ultraviolet radiation that is increased during heatwaves.

According to specialists, it is advisable to buy sunglasses only from specialized medical stores to be sure that they will meet all the compliance criteria, the needed quality of the lens, the degree of UV protection, and the correct category of solar filter.


A massive heatwave hit the US, as well as Europe, Russia, Japan, Greenland, and other regions of the world. Heatwaves can affect our mind and body, as you read above, but we can address its effects if we protect ourselves against the phenomenon.

We must hydrate, protect our eyes, and never stay in the sun for too long.

Unfortunately, the scientists warn us that more and more climate changes such as the massive heatwave that hit the US this summer will happen in the future due to global warming.

What we can do is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to tackle climate change, hoping that, soon enough, we can turn around the harm we have done to our planet with the reckless CO2 emissions and resources consumption.

In order to achieve that and protect ourselves against a future massive heatwave that could affect our mind and body even more, we might also have to turn to green energy that is safe and is not affecting the Earth and its climate.

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Massive Heatwave Hit The US - How it Affects Your Mind and Body
We’re living in a world affected by climate change and, its direct consequence, global warming. Heatwaves are not anymore a novelty around the world.
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