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Meatless Foods High in Proteins

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When you think of a vegetarian or a vegan, deep down you are a little bit jealous of their “healthy eating habits”. Meatless meals are something that only a few of us manage to accomplish on the long run, but no one said that you shouldn’t have at least one vegetarian day in a week. You don’t have to cross the line to eat a little more healthier than you already do, and it you’re worried about you might not get the enough amount of proteins that exist in the meat, we have news for you – there are several other meatless foods that are rich in proteins, and in this article, we’ll introduce you to them!

Proteins give your body the strength and power that it needs to function properly day by day, but you don’t necessarily have to eat meat in order to get them. Here are the foods you should try if you decided to go vegan or vegetarian at least one day in the week and also if you’ve decided to give it a try to the vegetarian diet and lifestyle!

First, there are the eggs, obviously. The eggs are literally protein packs and serving them at breakfast or brunch will kick start your energy levels and maintain them high during the entire day. Scrambled eggs, omelets, quick quiche goodies, poached eggs, hardboiled eggs, sunny-side-up eggs, these are all breakfast ideas that give you enough proteins to last in your vegetarian day of the week.

Cottage cheese is an excellent snack, for many reasons: the price is affordable, you can choose it from a lot of reduced fat versions, and cottage cheese contains a lot of calcium for your bones to get stronger and healthy. You can serve cottage cheese with fresh veggies, or fruits and cinnamon if you feel like eating something sweet.

Quinoa is a wonder grain, no doubt, mostly because it is very high on proteins and very low in cholesterol, being also a nutritious source of fiber and iron. Are you looking for any healthy proteins despite the fact that you are a vegetarian or not? Quinoa is perfect for everyone. You can serve it in salads or as rice if you want to eat whole grains that are high in proteins for lunch or dinner. Quinoa with yogurt is yummy for breakfast.

Pumpkin seeds are also known as pepitas and they make a perfect topping for soups or salads. You can make pumpkin seeds also a grab and go snack in your way for work. You should include pumpkin seeds in your dietary plans despite the fact that they can contain too much calories and fats, because if you’re mindful of how much you serve of them, you can end up having a really healthy dose of protein without having to eat meat.

Have you tried dried beans? It doesn’t matter if they are kidney beans, chickpeas, dried black beans, lentils, pinto beans and so on, because these are all healthy choices if you want to eat a little more low in fats and full in fibers and proteins. Eating dried beans means that you are in full control of your sodium and additives that you eat.

Soy milk is another source of protein, especially if you consider it for smoothies. The good news is that if comes in many options, with extra calcium, chocolate flavor, vanilla, and so on. You only have to be mindful of the added sugar numbers when you buy it.

Greek yogurt is a must for every person, vegetarian or not, because it has a double amount of proteins than the regular yogurt. Let’s count its benefits: it is filling, it is thick, it is less sweet than other yogurts, it is low in calories, you can eat it on its own or you can prepare delicious breakfasts with fruits, you can top it with low sugar granola or fresh berries and get the perfect grab and go breakfast ever.

Peanut butter spread on toast is a great reminder of the childhood times, but you can go back to those memories in any moment. Peanut butter is excellent for smoothies or baked goodies, not to mention the protein dose it serves you. You can choose other nut butters that also have a high amount of proteins in their composition, such as walnut butter, pecan butter or almond butter.

Seitan is wheat-meat in fact, and it is adored by the vegetarians for having a substantial texture and for being rich in protein. It mocks the texture of a chicken, which makes seitan a perfect choice for substituting the meat.

Almonds are monounsaturated fats that were proven to reduce the risk of a heart disease in lots of people. You can sprinkle sliced almonds on top of salads or eat them according to your own healthy recipes.

Other healthy sources of proteins are tofu, tempeh and lentils, and as you can see, you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding meatless high protein foods!

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Meatless foods that are high in proteins
When you think of a vegetarian or a vegan, deep down you are a little bit jealous of their “healthy eating habits”. Meatless meals are something that only a few of us manage to accomplish on the long run, but no one said that you shouldn’t have at least one vegetarian day in a week.
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