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The Metabolism of Skinny People – Myth Demolished

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The level of the metabolism increases when your muscle mass overcomes the fat deposits. The muscle mass burns more calories than fat does. This means that the metabolism will work slower when you have no build muscles but you own wide fat deposits instead.

I have seen and I am sure that you have seen as well, people who might not be fat but they can be included in the normal-weight obesity category just because they have no lean muscle mass but they do own visible fat deposits. Most people consider that only very fat persons could develop serious chronic diseases such as diabetes or pancreatitis.

This is not entirely true. I have seen people who seem to have a normal weight who also have diabetes. This happens because the fat deposits are still there and they overcome the lean muscles mass. They have too much fat comparing with their stature.

An empowered person to speak about this matter affirmed that even if you have a normal weight for your age and stature you still need to preserve a lean muscle mass in order to remain healthy. This is the main reason why slimming diets are always joined by physical exercises. You cannot lose weight easily just by practicing sports and we all know that without a diet you might not even achieve proper results, but physical exercises are a must.

The metabolism and sports

Another great reason why we should practice sports is because we need to activate our metabolism somehow. When you practice any type of sport such as jogging, tennis or the lifting weights you lose energy.

In order to preserve a proper level of energy to handle that physical effort your body will burn more and more calories. A similar effect happens when you find yourself in a cold environment. You know that when you are cold you start to shiver. In order to preserve your body at a normal level of temperature it needs to burn more and more calories.

Some people might say that if you are born with a slow metabolism, there is nothing that you can do. In this case they are right but this does not mean that we cannot try. You might not obtain similar effects as a person who does not carry such a genetic inheritance but still you can help it.

There is a good news, however, for that category of people who really hate to practice sports. You do not have to visit the gym three times per week. Your metabolism activates itself each time you move.

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The Metabolism of Skinny People – Myth Demolished
I have heard so many times the affirmation that a skinny person who never gains any weight no matter what she or he eats, has a better and faster metabolism.
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