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Miss Belt – Legit or Not

Aura S
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Keeping yourself fit and shaped seems to be a very difficult task. Some people do not have to do too many efforts to accomplish this thing. In fact, they do not do anything. You cannot defeat the genetics. Most of us however have this problem. Especially when you are a woman, you want to look beautiful and slim.

You hate seeing your belly falling over your belt. I am talking more about women because they crave more for the perfect silhouette than men do, but men are not excluded from this equation. In the following rows of this article, I will not talk about how to get in shape or about diets.

This is about a certain product that promises many things for its users. This product’ name is Miss Belt. You might have heard about it and you might have being tempted to buy it. You are about to discover everything there is to know related to this product and in the end you will decide if you will purchase it or not.

What is Miss Belt?

Miss Belt is not a miracle pill. It is just what its name suggest, namely a belt. Some suppliers present it as a slimming belt. It is not completely true. It will not help you lose weight overnight. It is only helping you obtaining an hourglass figure while you are wearing it. You know since the oldest time women wanted to obtain such type of figures.

They use to wear those corsets tightened around their waist until they were not able to breathe properly just to look pretty. This is what Miss Belt is doing for you. It gives you the opportunity to get a flat belly in matter of seconds. You will be able to wear those tight clothes and look amazing in them.

Besides giving you this possibility, the Miss Belt product also promises to help you maintain a proper posture of your back and this way, you could say good-bye to your back pains. It is not useful just for women.

In addition, men, when they lift weights could protect themselves by wearing this belt. Beside your belly and your back, it also gives a good sustaining to your thighs. It could be worn during workouts, when you go to your office and in every moment of the day.

The owners of the websites from which you can purchase this belt are offering a return policy in case you are not satisfied with their product. The key is that they have another policy with which you must agree before placing your order that includes the fact that no matter what injury or health issue might occur because of their product, they are completely absolved of guilt.

This is the moment when you head should be filled with question marks. Why do they need such policy? Why on these suppliers’ websites you do not read anything about the side effects of wearing this product?

Warning information

If you do not have any idea about how our bodes function you might not even realize that you could cause it more harm than good just to look pretty. When you strangle a part of your body, the main thing that happens is to decrease the blood flow in that area.

This means that you stop the oxygen to reach the vital organs properly. The effects can be seen at the outside as well. When you strangle your blood vessels you might get some nasty bruises because these vessels breaks. This is just a small reaction.

Due to the fact that your organs are not fully oxygenated, you might also experience some fainting episodes and also decrease your metabolism. This means that you could get fatter even if for a few hours you might look thinner.

Earlier, in the product’ description I have said that you could wear this belt during workouts. This is not such a good idea after all. Your skin will not be able to breathe under the belt fabric. This means that all that sweat could lead to skin irritations and even acne.

Not only have the blood vessels suffered but also your bowels. Not everyone can wear such belts. You might cause damage to your entire digestive system due to this strangulation of your internal organs.

Some people say that after you get birth for example you should wear a belt or something similar with that so you can help your muscles regain their shape. In fact, the effect is completely the opposite. It is like wearing a pushup bra two size smaller than you really wear. Your muscles will lose their elasticity and their firmness. You do not want that to happen.

Customers’ reviews

Some people were pleased with the product and others were not. This is not an uncommon thing. You might think that you cannot satisfy everyone’ wishes and expectations.

This is true but I also believe that there is no smoke without fire. The most frequent complains where to the fact that the product was of a poor quality or that it does not strangle your belly enough so it will not be seen. The most common type of complain is that you can see it under your clothes.

The main purpose why people buy this product is to wear it under tight clothes. If you cannot, then what is the use of it? Others hoped that the slimming effect would last even after the belt will be taken off. It will not.

You will turn back to your previous shape after you take it off. There were customers who bought the product especially for holding their back. It seems that it was not as great as they believed it would be.

I have read a positive review written by someone who tried Miss Belt during workouts and praised that she lost weight thanks to it. I want to underline that she lost weight because she worked out her body and not because she worn the belt.

Other things that customers noticed were the skin irritations and the bruises. This could be a real issue.

You should not think that there were not good reviews at all. Some people declare themselves completely satisfied with the product. They say that the product’ quality is exactly what they expected from the beginning and that the price is not that big after all.

The main problem most customers underlined is that such belts are sold on various sites. They are never sure if they buy the genuine product or not. This could be a problem for them, but I wonder if the manufacturers of this Miss Belt use this issue in their favor when they read complains about these products.

Namely, they might claim that the buyers bought the product from unreliable sources so they could have been tricked. This is just a guess of mine and not something verified or confirmed.


If you decide to try these products, you should check with your regular physician if it is safe for you to do so. Besides that, you should not have too many expectations. You should make this purchase from reliable sites where there is a return/refund policy so you could at least get some of the money paid back.

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