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Birth control after 40


The best method of contraception for women of over 40 years of age can be influenced by many factors, such as sexual intercourse frequency, decreased fertility, sterility, menstrual disorders, or general health. As women get older, the fertility is starting to fade out. Although, women need to use birth control after 40, too, if they do not want to become …

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Kids’ Nightmares and Night Terrors

Why they happen and what to do It happened to all of us to wake up in the middle of the sleep, frightened that we were kidnapped by an alien, our teeth fell out or we just fell down from the tallest building. Nightmares are extremely common, we have them at least once a year and scare the hell out …

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Keep your baby away from a deadly kiss

Our health is something we all should care about. The more important thing beside our health is the health of our new borne. A newborn baby is very fragile and even if he is declared healthy at his birth, sudden changes related to his health status can happen all the time. Sometimes these changes can be fatal. In the following …

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What we should know about pregnancy tests

Most women at different stages of their lives may worry if they are pregnant or not. No matter if you are trying to conceive or you just not want to be pregnant for the moment, there were moments when you wondered if you are pregnant or not. These days you should not worry that you must wait too much to …

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EverydayFamily.com – Features and Rating

Description: EverydayFamily.com is an online community dedicated to experts in parenting as well as parents or parents-to-be in need of guidance and information about the various aspects parenthood involves. Being a parent is undoubtedly life’s most challenging and rewarding experience. We could dedicate entire pages to the joy parenthood brings into one’s life and the way a baby simply enhances …

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How to Add Wine and Chocolate to Your Diet?

How to add wine and chocolate to your diet

When it comes to change your foods plan and to get involved into a diet, most people think that a diet will involve restrictions from all kind of important foods and drinks. They want to lose weight (because let’s face it: what exactly is a diet about other than body reshaping?), massive weight, if it’s possible, but without any sacrifice. …

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Muscular Dystrophy and Being a Mom with Muscular Dystrophy


A muscular dystrophy is a group of rare inherited disorders characterized by the progressive damage of all the muscles in the body, engaging muscles weakness, and disability. Muscular dystrophy is translated by progressive weakening of the muscles, especially skeletal muscles, which are voluntarily controlled by the brain. Being a mom with muscular dystrophy is hard and you must be aware …

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Where You Live Can Affect The Age You Have Babies


Pictures of grey-haired mothers holding their babies by their chests became a phenomenon on a global scale. Increasingly more families decide to have children at an advanced age, and that’s because the families budgets were reduced due to the crisis, parental spending increases by the day, and parents want to have financial comfort material before giving birth to a child. …

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How to Start Exercising Again After Pregnancy


Returning to the silhouette you had before pregnancy is on top of every young mother’s ‘To-Do List‘ but some women, being overwhelmed by the new responsibilities of being a mother, find it very difficult to lose weight after pregnancy. This article will show you when and how to start exercising again after pregnancy in order to lose weight fast and …

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Homeopathic Teething Remedies Deemed a Danger to Infants


The appearance of teeth in babies is a cause of stress for both the mother and, especially, the babies who are suffering from pain. In pharmacies, you can easily find different gels, tablets, and ointments that have the purpose to relief from pain caused by dentition but these methods should be avoided since homeopathic teething remedies deemed a danger to …

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