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Morning sickness – is this normal?

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Any pregnant lady knows how difficult is to go through the first semester of pregnancy. You hear everywhere that the pregnancy is the most wonderful thing. What about morning sickness? As you can figure it out on your own, you already know that this cannot be a wonderful feeling for any woman. Even if not everyone has it, a very wide percent of pregnant women experience this feeling during their pregnancies. In the following rows of this article, we will discuss a little bit more about morning sickness, if it is normal to have this, which its side effects may be and how you can keep these things under control. If you are interested on this specific topic, you should continue your reading. You can be sure that you may find some interesting aspects here.

Why morning sickness appears?

Every woman heard about morning sickness during pregnancy. Most women are also afraid of this situation because they have seen along the years many friends or family members crossing this difficult period and they do not want to feel as bad as they did. Unfortunately, for most women this cannot be avoided. It is perfectly natural to suffer of these morning sicknesses. Even if no one gave a specific explication for their appearance, it seems that the hormonal changes from your body cause these nasty morning sicknesses.

Some doctors assure their patience that everything is good this way because it means that the hormones are doing their job. There are also theories that claim that a pregnant woman who has morning sicknesses during her pregnancy has fewer chances to suffer a miscarriage than the ones who do not cross this difficult period of time. This is just a theory, and I personally know women who never felt sick during their pregnancies and now they have pretty and healthy babies.

Not only hormones are to blame for this unpleasant situation. If you know that you suffer of traveling sicknesses, if you have some gastro-intestinal infection, if you are too tired or hungry, or if you feel unpleasant smells you can start having these so-called morning sicknesses.

Do they emerge only in the first trimester? Can they cause problems?

These are two questions most pregnant women have in their minds and also the women who plan to have babies in the near future. The answer will not be too satisfying for any reader. There are pregnancies when these morning sicknesses last all day long and for the entire period of the pregnancy. You may wonder if this is normal and you may also wonder if such situation can harm the baby in any way.

The most common situation when this happen is when you have twins or even triplets. The hormonal activity then is doubled or tripled. It is not dangerous as long you can feed yourself properly. If these sicknesses will prevent you from eating or from hydrating yourself properly, then you should seek for help and permanent medical supervision. No matter how sick you may feel, the medical supervision is required for the entire period of the pregnancy. Your physician will be able to offer you proper treatment that will not affect your unborn baby so you can go through these unpleasant stages. Nothing should be taken without a medical advice.

When you are not able to feed yourself, you do not only deprive yourself of the needed nutrients but you also deprive your baby. This means that you put your pregnancy in a very high risk if you do not seek for help.

How long these morning sicknesses should last?

It was already mentioned that some ladies may have these morning sicknesses for the entire pregnancy period and some may not have them at all. These are the exceptions from the rule. Usually these morning sicknesses should not last more than 14 or 16 weeks. They do not start from the beginning of the pregnancy. A pregnant woman may have her first signs of sickness in the 6 week of the first trimester.

However, there are some things that you should know. If these morning sicknesses appear later than 6 weeks, let’s say after 9 weeks of pregnancy, and they are joined by powerful headaches and even fever, you should go to see your doctor because you may suffer of something else.

What can you do to feel better?

We talk about the normality of this situation and about how the pregnant women must endure it no matter what. It is time to talk about how you can improve the situation. There are many solutions besides the medication offered by your doctor. In the following rows, we will enumerate a few tricks that will help you defeat or at least decrease the morning sickness’ intensity.

One of these secrets is to have nearby your bed a few cereals, biscuits or toast. Like this, you will be able to take a portion of carbs before you get up from your bed. The role of these carbs is to decrease the intensity of your sicknesses. You should not forget to eat during the day. The hunger feeling can provoke these sicknesses. The best way to avoid that is to eat small portions of healthy food more often than you usually did.

Sudden moves can be a bad idea as well. This means that at least now when you are pregnant you should stop yourself from jumping of your chair to do something else. Slow down a bit your rhythm and everything will be ok.

Even if it may sound a bit odd, you should not wash your teeth immediately after each meal. I don’t really have an explanation for that but it seems it is better this way. You should consume wide quantities of water. You can drink juices as well but water is the only thing that will keep you well hydrated. Teas made from ginger and raspberry are quite efficient and they taste wonderful. They will be a pleasure for your taste buds.

As you may already know, alcohol, nicotine or caffeine should be avoided and even eliminated during your pregnancy. No matter if you suffer from morning sickness or not, you should not use these things at all if you want a healthy baby.


When you decide to be a mom, you know that your life will suffer drastic changes and you must be aware of these changes. Not everything is a bed of roses, but God gave us, women, the power of bringing life into this world. This is maybe the most important part of a woman’ life. Therefore, you should not be afraid of anything and you will see that the small baby that grows inside of you will give you the power to overcome any complication that you may have.

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Morning sickness - is this normal?
Any pregnant lady knows how difficult is to go through the first semester of pregnancy. You hear everywhere that the pregnancy is the most wonderful thing. What about morning sickness? As you can figure it out on your own, you already know that this cannot be a wonderful feeling for any woman.
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