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Motivo Tour Walker Reviews

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Finding the perfect walker can be a rather difficult task. Most walkers available in the market today are either uncomfortable, not practical or lacking in design and aesthetics.

Traditional walkers or rolling walkers can cause back and neck strain because users are often hunching over the walkers or having to constantly reach over to have access to surfaces and objects.

Motivo created a mobility device or walker that aims towards offering not only the utmost comfort but also an aesthetically pleasing, innovative design that incorporates everything users might need.

The Motivo Tour walker is not only stylish but it allows users to stand inside the walker, upright and tall, reducing back and neck strain and facilitating reach. The walker was designed to provide users with independence, and its ergonomic features prove to do so.

The Motivo Tour walker offers features such as a folded padded seat and stow-away tray, private storage, parking break, compact folding, adjustable height and much more. If you’re thinking about purchasing the Motivo Tour walker, we’ll give you all the information you need in this review.

About Motivo

Motivo is an American company based in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Their inspiration came from their own family and sparked a desire to create a walker that would fulfill users needs in a way that was not only functional, but also beautiful in its design.

Inspired by the needs of our own family members, Motivo was founded on the premise that products should be designed for people’s lives, not just their conditions”.

The company was founded by Jeremy Knopow and Jennifer Harris is 2012.

What is the Motivo Tour Walker?

It is a mobility device designed beautifully and efficiently to provide users with comfort, accessibility and independence.

It’s a redesigned walker that offers support while being aesthetically pleasing. Instead of users being hunched over as in traditional walkers, Motivo Tour was ergonomically developed in order to allow users to stand inside it.

Along with benefits to user’s posture, its mobility is increased making the walker very easy to maneuver in small spaces.

Motivo Tour walker offers the independence of not needing assistance when carrying items because it offers a folded tray table and the ability to reach surfaces easily.

How is Motivo different than traditional or rolling walkers?

The Motivo Tour walker was carefully designed and made of automotive-grade durable materials that offer high quality performance. The main difference is that the Motivo Tour walker allows users to stand inside the walker and walk in an upright position.

Traditional walkers have to be lifted with every single step and rolling walkers with fixed seats cause users to be constantly hunching their backs.

With Motivo Tour, users will walk naturally since the 3-frame device stands around the person rather than in front of them. By allowing an upright posture, Motivo Tour helps to reduce back and neck strain, it also decreases risks of falling and improves stability and balance.

The Motivo Tour walker was created in order to give users independence to go about their daily lives. With features such as the folded tray table and private storage, it allows users to be more independent and navigate their daily lives more freely.

Another factor that differentiates Motivo Tour from other walkers is it’s design. Founders notice that many people avoid using their walkers out of embarrassment, and thus, they wanted to create a stylish walker that comes in different colors and finishes in order for users to want to use its features and proudly show it around.

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