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Too Much Sitting Linked to Women’s Cancer Risk

Diane Luke
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We all know that we should all do exercises and follow a proper diet to keep us healthy. However, we rarely do these things. We prefer sedentary lifestyle because it does not force us to do too much. It is more enjoyable to spend time in front of the TV or computer and, as if it is not enough, we crash and serve snacks, which are not healthy at all. Sitting too much is known to cause obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases, but recent studies discovered that too much sitting may increase cancer risk in women.

What is a sedentary lifestyle?

A sedentary lifestyle is a way of life in which a person does not engage in sufficient physical activity that would be part of a healthy lifestyle. It is characterized by prolonged periods of rest, whether it’s about watching shows, TV, computer, or anything else.

Besides, working in an office and sitting all day long in a chair is prolonging the sedentary lifestyle.

People who have a sedentary lifestyle do not give much importance to physical activity. According to a recent study, sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous for health than smoking.

How can a sedentary lifestyle affect your whole life?

Over time, more research has been completed on a person’s sedentary lifestyle.

The conclusions of these researches would be the following:

  • Obesity – is the main effect of a sedentary lifestyle. Because many calories are ingested, they are stored in the body as excess fat. And this is just the beginning of the problems.
  • Increased heart disease risk – your heart needs to be adequately irrigated by the blood in order for it to function normally. A sedentary lifestyle slows down blood circulation and blood vessels become stiff and blocked. In severe cases, this leads to atherosclerosis and cardiac arrest. According to a study, lack of physical activity in middle age increases the risk of cardiovascular disease death by 52% in males and 28% in females.
  • Increased risk of diabetes – regular exercise helps regulate blood glucose levels. According to a research, intensive exercise can significantly improve the body’s ability to control the amount of sugar in the blood. Lack of physical activity leads to an increase in glucose volume, the pancreas (insulin secretion) function being overstretched. These things increase the chances of installing type 2 diabetes.
  • Increased risk of cancer – the lack of physical activity increases the risk of developing certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and other malignant tumors. The risk of cancer death is 45% in men and 28% in women, in cases of sedentary lifestyle.
  • Increased risk of osteoporosis – a prolonged inactivity may lead to decreased bone density. Members will have difficulty in supporting and holding the body structure. Arthritis and osteoporosis, characterized by the fragility of the bones, are favored by a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Lower muscle tone – your muscles are like car batteries. They need regular action to function normally. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, your muscles will not be too developed. Weight will have a negative effect on your posture and spine. The sitting body stiffens and weakens the muscles that support the spine and has negative effects on the hips and knees.
  • Sleep disorders – a sedentary lifestyle does not in any way strain the body, and it will not feel the need for rest too often. This will cause insomnia, in severe cases.
  • Headaches – the researchers found that people who did not exercise are prone to up to 14% in developing headaches, such as migraine headaches, than those who exercise constantly.
  • Speeding up the aging process – the telomere are repeated DNA sequences located at the ends of the chromosomes, which are designed to protect them from degradation. As we get older, the telomere are shorter and their damage is associated with physical signs that occur in middle or late age. In the sedentary people, the telomere shortens faster than in active people, in conclusion, the aging process is accelerating and the mortality rate rises. Researchers have found that stress influences the length of the telomere. Physical activity reduces the stress.

Too Much Sitting May Increase Cancer Risk in Women

An important study conducted in the United States of America in recent years revealed a close link between women’s inactivity and cancer cell development.

Researchers believe that over 90,000 cases of colon and breast cancer are attributed to lack of physical activity.

This conclusion should stimulate physical activity and going to the gym.

In fact, for an hour of inactivity, you need to move for at least 2-3 minutes.

So, if you have a sedentary job, which demands you to be present in the front of your computer all day, it’s advisable to take a little break every hour and walk a little. You can do some stretching exercises, too.

Among menopausal women, daily walks in the park reduce the risk of cancer. The physical activities also reduce some indicators that can lead to cancer. These include hormone levels, insulin resistance, inflammation in the body, and the body fat.

Thus, to prevent cancer, researchers recommend a walk of at least 30 minutes a day. Researchers also highlight the fact that even the people who have some physical activity, but not enough, are prone to cancer if they have longer periods of inactivity.

Researchers believe that physical activity breaks of just one minute can do wonders for health, and can prevent complications.

Thus, the longer we spend on the chair, the higher the risk of cancer. This phenomenon is not related to body weight or how much physical activity you are doing.

The study in the United States have shown that most of the interviewees spent very little time outdoors or at the gym.

Researchers draw attention to the sedentary lifestyle and revealed that we have many opportunities every day to move and so to reduce the cancer risk.

How to make more physical activities?

When you’re at work, try to make a brief break every hour. Walk a little in the hallway and do some easy stretching of the arms and legs.

At work, you can also use some small weight to do exercises when reading a mail, talking on the phone, or when you do not have your hands occupied.

During phone calls, try to stand and walk through the room.

You can also drop the elevator. Go back to the stairs. Climbing the stairs is a very good exercise that puts many muscles in motion.

Also, house clean-up can be of great help. Besides cleaning the house, you can burn some important calories and you will put your entire muscles into motion.

Dance is another way that you can put your entire body into operation. Give loud music and dance at home, either alone, or with your partner. Enjoy music, feel good, and relax.

Dance will bountiful you, burn calories, and keep cancer away.

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