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What you need to know about the Female Orgasm

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Women seem to be a mystery for man no matter how much they try to discover more about them.  Men cannot live without them that it is for sure. The entire humanity will not be able to survive without women. When it comes about how to please a woman, things can become even more complicated. No matter if it is the beginning of the relationship or not, men wants to be appreciated for their performances in bed.

Everyone knows that many women have the talent to fake orgasms very well. This is the reason why men are never sure if they pleased their partners or not. In the following rows of this article, I will try to reveal to you a few tips regarding on what men should do, so their sex partners will crave for them again.

Try to relax

Because men are so focused on pleasing the woman and they try so hard to last as long as possible they might lose the fight faster than they can imagine. Some of them are so stressed about this aspect that they overdo it and in the end either he and his partner will not end the party with an orgasm. To have a successful sex party both partners must be relaxed and they must go with the flow. Otherwise, things can become too tiring for both of them and the maximum pleasure will never come.

The prelude is a very important part of sex but if you exaggerate and if you allocate too much of your time the fire might fade. I know that you might have read certain studies who told you that a woman should have orgasm in almost 45 minutes. Each woman is different. Not all of them can reach this pleasure in the same time. if you create a relaxing and exciting atmosphere for both of you, the chances to have next to you an interested and relaxed partner will increase.

Take good care of you

I am talking about your physical aspect, and I do not mean your weight. Of course, most women are attracted by well-shaped men but this does not mean that less shaped ones have fewer chances to have a partner. They also have other talents. I am talking about your hygiene. You might think that it is very manly to stink or to be less careful with your nails or excessive body hair. This is not like that at all. It just shows that you live in another era. It does not mean that your body must be hairless. It means that you should keep yourself clean, cut your nails and shave in various parts of your body that might not look too good when they are hairy.

Be yourself

A woman can be turned on by men who do not feel like they have to act in some theatre play to be liked. If you are natural and you also poses a good sense of humor you must use these weapons. Women love to laugh and a man who does that has many chances to win her interest. You might think that the sense of humor has nothing to do with your sexuality. In a woman’ head it does, so you should not restrain yourself, but only if your jokes are good.

Nudity inhibits

When you are at the beginning of a relationship and it may be the first time when you see your partner naked you should not remain silent. A naked woman becomes more aware of her flaws. You must eliminate that. You must show your admiration and make her feel comfortable with herself.  This way she will feel comfortable with you as well and her attention will be in the right direction.

Pay attention to everything

We all know that most men are very interested to get to work as fast as possible. the foreplay is very important. You must pay a lot of attention to all parts of the body. Even if the down side is your main goal, the top side is just as important to make a woman react in a positive manner. Her entire body works to achieve an orgasm and not just the down side of it. Even if you might have heard that some ladies like it rough, the first intercourse must be gentle and tender unless she is clearly expressing her wish for something else.

Learn what turns her on

It is very easy to discover those points that makes her feel good. To be able to do that you must listen to her breath and what noises she makes. If she will not allow you to insist on different areas then you should not insist. Do not be too direct until you are not sure that she wants you too. Make her crave for your touch. Once she will lose the tension she will show you exactly what she wants and this way your job will be much easier.

Be inventive

Even if it is your first experience with your sex partner, you should not preserve a single position till the end. That position might not even be the one she enjoys most. By paying attention to her reactions, you will be able to notice if she reacts differently in various positions. You should feel free to experiment everything that goes through your head, but do not exaggerate. This way you will not seem as a boring partner.

Check if she is into oral sex or not

Most women like oral sex when it is done to them. This is not an easy task either. If you just jump directly to do it, she might not even like it. Make her want it. Be tender with that area because otherwise she will completely dislike it. Some women do not agree with this type of sexual approach. Some might believe that this is a perversity and others might feel obligated to offer you the same pleasure even if they do not really like it.

There are women that offer you oral sex just to make sure that you will do the same for them. You need to check how she reacts to such approach so you know that you are not doing something wrong.

The moment when you should not change anything

Some men make a mistake. They are not paying attention when the woman is close to her orgasm and exactly then they change the position. This is when her body reacts in a negative manner. She might be turned off in matter of seconds just by making this mistake. A man must consider all the signs a woman releases during an intercourse.

Another thing that you should make sure that you do is to allow her to finish first. Otherwise, you might not even reach your purpose because you are not able to.

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