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Nimb Ring Reviews

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nimb ring review

What is the smart ring?

The Nimb Ring is a device extremely useful for emergency situations. It keeps you safe and secure by contacting your emergency contacts in a situation when help is needed, without drawing the attention.

The features of the Nimb Ring include, apart from the discrete using, the option of calling 911, sharing your location and long lasting battery.
The Nimb Ring keeps you safe with the help of the mobile app, buy using just a simple touch to alert your friends, family, or emergency services. If you find yourself in a trouble, the use of the Nimb Ring is the best option of getting help without being noticed.

How does the Nimb Ring work ?

The advantages of The Nimb Ring are that it sends alerts to your selected contacts in case of an emergency situation, thanks to the Nimb application that can be easily installed on your mobile device. Nimb not only sends emergency messages, but also allows you to be connected even when you don’t have other communication methods available.

You can easily choose who you want to alert in case of a danger, and the biggest advantage is that it can be used by kids, so that parents can always know if they children need help.
Also, the Nimb Ring is a very useful device for the travel addicts, it works everywhere around the word for your own safety.
Nimb Ring is perfect for seniors, it is easy to use and it can save their lives, being very efficient and reliable in case of emergencies. It sends signals easily through the application.

The Nimb application sends to your selected contacts your location, photo and name, and in a dangerous situation, it makes them know exactly where you are and what trouble you are facing. It also offers a chat feature and getting notification about other people being in danger.

Nimb Ring price

The price of the Nimb Ring is about 130 dollars, but it helps you feel safe in any situation, being in reality a panic button in disguise.
The list of the advantages of the Nimb Ring can continue with rechargeable long lasting batteries, the Bluetooth technology that can be paired with your mobile device, the hidden little button that can send the emergency signal by just being pressed for only 3 seconds and the alerting nearby people system. Also, the Nimb Ring takes only 30 seconds to make a call to the emergency number, 911, comparing to a mobile phone, which means a lot in the crucial moments.

Nimb Ring reviews

People that have tried Nimb Ring have given the best reviews for this device. It is easy to use, small, and hard to lose, it has a GPS incorporated that can send the precise location to your selected contacts, emergency services or just people around you. The price is correct for what the Nimb Ring has to offers: it gives you the feeling of being secure and the possibility of getting quick help in a dangerous situation.


Nimb Ring device could mean the future of the meaning of “panic button”, thanks to its discrete and quick way of sending emergency signals without needing to reach out for your phone. The real time tracking is a very useful feature that will reach to your pre-selected contacts and let them know you are in danger, with just a simple touch of the button.
It is expected in the near future that every people will use this smart device to feel safe, even if we talk about the seniors, the children, the workers, the people who make travels, and so on.

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