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Norton Secure VPN Reviews – Features, Speed, Prices and More

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norton secure vpn review

Its name says it clearly – Norton Secure VPN. However, there is a reason why it’s better to call a privacy solution rather than a VPN solution.

About Norton Secure VPN

The new Norton Secure VPN service from the antivirus giant Symantec looks good, is easy to use, and the experience is pleasant as you would expect from such a product created by a renowned company.

But there are some disadvantages. For example, encryption is poor, so to speak.

AES 256 bit comes by default on all platforms along with the OpenVPN protocol, but an obvious problem is the presence of RSA-1024. Norton Secure VPN should have come RSA-2048 from a VPN of this caliber.

You can't find this information easily; all you see on the Norton Secure VPN website is a vague report about its encryption, which is not an ideal explanation of the most fundamental feature of a VPN.

Norton Secure VPN features and speed

In terms of strengths, Norton Secure VPN comes with premium features such as DNS leakage protection, automatic connection, and automatic disconnection. You also get about 60 servers in 28 countries, but you won't find Russia or China on the list, but exotic locations like Turkey and South Africa are available.

The server network gets an approved, especially for a new VPN, but users looking for P2P file exchange/torrent downloads will be disappointed as Symantec policy does not allow these activities via its VPN solution.

In terms of policy, Norton Wifi Privacy's attitude towards registrations is not to say that privacy is very conscious. It stores sensitive information, including your IP address.

The privacy policy is not unique to VPN but is the same for all Norton products, which raises many questions among users interested only in VPN.

There is also the issue of jurisdiction. Accordingly, users from the US and Latin American countries are subject to US law, while the rest is under UK jurisdiction.

This is not at all attractive to users seeking privacy, given the invasive laws and widespread vigilance of these countries.

In short, we can say that Norton Secure VPN has done good marketing, as can be seen in its name. It's fine for basic protection on unsafe networks, but it has a lot more to do if you want to be as secure and useful as most VPNs on the market, or even be competitive.

Norton Wifi Privacy has some connectivity issues, especially on mobile clients. The good news is that it has already taken steps to remedy it.

As for speed, you'll notice a decrease, but you'll still be able to watch a HD streaming without buffering or lag. However, there are faster VPN services on the market than Norton Secure VPN.

Norton Wifi Privacy has servers in 28 countries, with 2 locations available per country.

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