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Okkami – Revolutionary Travel App or Just Another Disappointment?

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Are you planning a vacation, short getaway or business trip, and you would like to know whether apps like Okkami are worth your time and attention? You have come to the right place. Indeed, sometimes, the discrepancies between what apps promise and what they actually deliver are considerable, but we will reveal them all and enable you to make an informed decision.

About Okkami and its developer

Okkami is a travel app first developed by the startup Fingi. Okkami then purchased it, rebranded it, and improved it. The company has its headquarters in New York and has operations and branch offices in Canada, Thailand, Japan, and Singapore as well.

The official website focuses exclusively on the app and does not provide any presentation of the company or the team that maintains the app. However, AppBrain, a website offering app promotion and monetization services, gives some more details.

According to it, in January 2018, the company Okkami had only 1 app available in stores – the Okkami Travel App. This app had exceeded 1,000 installs in December 2017. The company itself became active in 2016, so the fact that they have only one software/ app product available should not come as a surprise.

A controversial detail is that the original app developed by Fingi is still available in the Google Play store. Its logo and brand name have nothing in common with Okkami, though, so there is no risk of confusions.

Fingi remains focused on its primary functions, of working as a universal remote control (TV, air conditioning, lighting) and personal concierge for travelers staying in hotel rooms. Its relative, on the other hand, comes with a more complex and impressive offer that we will detail in the following lines.

How Okkami works and what it has to offer

The under discussion has two distinct sets of functionalities. On one hand, it is a free app for tourists to install on their smartphone in order to use and take advantage of the following functions:

  • Activities
  • Flights
  • Hotels

These functions allow tourists to discover places to visit and various activities to enjoy wherever they go. Once they have identified a place they want to visit, they can use the app to book flights and hotel rooms.

The enterprise version of the app is for corporate customers, especially hotels. They can configure the app to allow guests control over various services and conveniences, in order to enjoy excellent comfort and peace of mind during their stay. The functions of the enterprise

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