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One Hour Loan Reviews

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Description: OneHourLoan.com claims to help people interested in borrowing money access installment loans of up to $10,000 no matter their financial status.

Few of us can afford to buy new electronics, not to mention a house, without getting a loan. OneHourLoan.com claims to help those in need of borrowing money get the loans they need even if they have low credit scores by putting them in contact with private lenders. What makes it possible for you to get the money you need regardless of your financial circumstances is the fact that the lenders pay attention to your current income rather than to credit rating. Still, there is no guarantee that all applications get approved. Is the company a reliable one? How does it work? Let’s find out more in today’s post.

OneHourLoan.com – What You Need To Know?

One of the first things to do when intending to buy a product or service is to find out as much as possible about the company behind it. With OneHourLoan.com, such research won’t get you too much information, though. The only details about the website you can find online link it to a company named Sovereign Internet Marketing, based in Arizona.

The only contact address available can also be found on another loan matching website, though. One explanation could be that, taking into account the similarities between OneHourLoan.com and the other loan website, the company owns several such websites. Still, unlike the other loan matching website using the same contact address, OneHourLoan.com helps its users access installment loans and not payday loans as the other one does.

The way the website works is simple. Based on an online application, the website connects potential borrowers with private lenders for installment loans. Each lender comes with a policy and a series of legal requirements that need to be followed. There are no details about the terms of the loans on the website, just a few general loan approval conditions. The people interested in getting a loan should be US residents, employed, with an income of at least $2,000 a month and a checking account.

Although the requirements regarding the income might seem more restrictive than the ones on other websites of this type, OneHourLoan.com highlights the fact that most lenders don’t consider credit scores. They pay the greatest attention to the current income of the person interested in getting the loan, this being the decisive factor in offering the loan or not since it’s the one that helps the lender make sure the money will be repaid.

The difference between payday loans and installment loans is that the first are generally repaid in a few weeks covering only small amounts whereas the second category of loans includes loans that need to be repaid in a few months and cover large amounts of money.

The installment loans you can get using OneHourLoan.com can be repaid in at least 60 days and cover amounts of up to $10,000 according to the information available on the website. OneHourLoan.com also mentions that the sum most applicants qualify for is usually of up to $1,000, which takes us to a first issue regarding the website. Such small amounts can be accessed through payday loans. Such loans have high annual percentage rates of charge in order for the lender to have a decent profit but that’s justifiable after all since the payday loans are usually repaid in a few weeks.

Therefore, a high annual rate percentage is not an issue when talking about payday loans. The high APR becomes a problem when it comes to loans that are repaid over long periods of time and OneHourLoan.com mentions that the APR rates of the loans you can get through their network or lenders vary from 260% to 1825%. Again, such high rates wouldn’t be an issue with payday loans but we’re talking about installments loans here.

And to understand what that means, here’s an example of the impact a high APR rate will have on your wallet. If you go for a loan of $500 to be repaid in 60 days with an APR of 1825%, you will pay over $1,800. Reading the information available online and doing the math, you can easily and rapidly reach the conclusion that an installment loan which is to be repaid in more than 60 days and such high APR rates will ruin you.

Thankfully, though, it seems that the information the website displays is not entirely accurate as, according to customers who tried it, the highest rates apply only to short term loans. The lenders’ openness to offer loans that fall into the payday category could explain it despite the company’s claim that only installment loans are offered.

How Does OneHourLoan.com Work?

If you decide to apply for a loan, the steps you’ll need to take are simple. You won’t need to register since the application itself will require you to provide them with private information like your home address, social security number, banking information, driver license number, employer’s contact address, and other such details. Once you complete and submit your application, it will be sent to lenders in their network so you can receive matches.

You won’t be contacted by lenders. Instead, you will receive a list of links that will get you to potential lenders. You will thus have the possibility to choose the lender you think is the best for you. Even if you receive this list, it doesn’t mean or guarantee you that you will actually get the loan. The matches mean that you might qualify to receive a loan from these lenders.

It’s up to the lender to decide if you qualify for the loan. They will re-evaluate your application once you contact them and will announce you if you qualify. In case your application is approved and you agree on the loan and to the terms of service and privacy policy, you can receive the money in a matter of hours or the next business day.

Many companies’ privacy policy highlights that your information will be shared with associates, third parties and affiliates. This means that you might be contacted by such companies for offers of their services via email or phone. However, you can unsubscribe from such private information sharing options.

OneHourLoan.com Pros and Cons

Now, based on the information and online reviews, the following pro and con list results.


OneHourLoan.com does connect users with legitimate lenders that follow legal requirements. We haven’t found any complaints regarding the lenders or people representing them. Still, there is a great number of complaints regarding suspicious phone calls coming from people falsely using the name of OneHourLoan.com and asking for money in advance in order for the users to gain access to their loan. OneHourLoan.com makes it clear that none of the lenders they work with asks for money in advance. Therefore, if you get such a phone call, be sure it is a scam and not a real lender working with OneHourLoan.com.


If you do some research about OneHourLoan.com, you will run into complaints coming from unsatisfied users. Most of these complaints come from people who didn’t receive the desired amount or any matches at all. Yet, don’t forget that not all applicants qualify for loans or for the amounts they would like to receive.

Besides that, the only drawback left is the sensitive personal information you will need to share with the company. Part of such information should not even be needed when looking for potential lenders. This sort of information is required only when finalizing a contract. This means the company is asking for such details just to collect them and that might be an issue. You must be careful with information about your bank account, social security number and other such details.

All in all, you should keep two things in mind. Firstly, the company does not guarantee that all applicants are offered a loan. Secondly, you’ll be asked to share sensitive personal information. This means you might not receive the money you need even if you share your information. Make sure you understand the privacy risk before applying for a loan.

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