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Pain During Sex: Causes & Remedies

Diane Luke
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28% of women feel pain during sex, according to the latest statistics. Many of them never speak about this when visiting their doctor, while others seek to hide their suffering from their partner.

Pain experienced during sexual intercourse, called dysanuria, may have serious repercussions on the woman’s emotional state, but also on her couple relationship.

Women who suffer from this condition forget to relax, are not enjoying sexual intercourse, and will eventually avoid sex. Therefore, it is important to get to the doctor at the first pain experienced, because it can determine the cause and establish therapeutic behavior.

Pain During Sex: Causes

  • Insufficient lubrication – may be caused by low estrogen levels in postmenopausal, postpartum, or breast-feeding women. It can also appear as an adverse effect on certain medicines such as anti-hypertensive, contraceptive, or antidepressant drugs. Using lubricants and prolonged prelude can help women to relax more and may relief from the pain during sex. Also, local treatment with lotions with estrogen may be beneficial to women suffering from insufficient lubrication.
  • Tissue damage – episiotomy from birth
  • Vaginism – spasms of vaginal muscles
  • Vaginal infections and inflammation – any infection, vaginal or urinary, can cause pain during sexual intercourse
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Pathological ailments – pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, or uterine cervical problems. These cause deep and intense pain during sexual intercourse. Also, abdominal surgery can lead to adherence and change in the genitalia anatomy, and from here to dysanuria is only one step.

‘Emotional factors are also associated with any kind of pain during contact,’ says the sexologists.

If you suffer from pain during sex, the first step you need to do is contact the gynecologist.

In order to determine the cause, the doctor will make your detailed anamnesis (complete analysis report including your medical history).

This will include sexual, obstetrical, and surgical history, gynecological examination, and trans-vaginal ultrasound.

It is important to tell your doctor about your condition, especially if the pain during sex prolongs because it can hide serious illnesses about which you can find below.

Lichen sclerosis

People who have a severe form of this skin disease developed in the genital area experience great pain during intercourse, and their sexual life is often non-existent.

Disease can cause, aborted on vaginal lashes and therefore stimulation can cause bleeding, which makes sexual intercourse virtually impossible. Women usually lose interest in sexual relations, which has a significant effect on their emotional state.


It is the continuous, burning or itching pain that occurs either spontaneously or at the touch. Vulvodynia is a pain that persists for more than three months and is not caused by any dermatological or venereal disorder.

Local antibiotics and ointments, laser treatments, and genital surgeries can be considered causes of pain.

Vulvodynia can also be given by:

  • allergens in soap or tampons
  • urine-derived oxalates
  • pelvic nerve loss
  • muscle spasms

If you suffer from this disease you can take analgesics to relieve pain. It is good that those drugs to be recommended by a doctor and to take them with responsibility.

An alternative to drug treatment is represented by local ointments. You can use anesthetic or hormonal creams to relieve pain.


It is a sexual dysfunction also called the vaginal panic attack.

Vaginismus can be caused by abuses or sexual trauma, psychological factors, but sometimes the exact cause can not be determined.

The effects of this dysfunction are related to a difficult and painful penetration or the impossibility of penetration.

Because it is a psychological problem, there is no need for medication or surgery.

An effective treatment to resolve this dysfunction involves a combination of exercise, behavioral therapy, and counseling.

Exercise is aimed at contractions and relaxation of pelvic muscles, also called Kegel exercises. Treatment should also include training in couples in techniques that help reduce pelvic tension.

Exercises for vaginal dilation involve the use of a plastic dilator, so they will only be performed with the help of a sex therapist.


If pain persists after sex is a sign of endometriosis – a disease in which the uterine lining is lost during menstruation and is trapped outside the uterus, causing pain and sometimes infertility.

The most obvious sign is the very painful cramps. Sometimes it’s asymptomatic and this is why, even though millions of women in the world have endometriosis, many are not diagnosed for years.


It is unusual but not impossible for a young woman to have a malignant tumor. But although the likelihood of ovarian or cervical cancer is poor, you should ask your doctor about this if you experience pain during sex and irregular bleeding.

Pain During Sex: Remedies

Treatment depends on the cause of the pain.

When pain occurs due to insufficient lubrication, the use of lubricants and the prolongation of the prelude may be sufficient.

In women with various treatments, which have an adverse effect on inadequate lubrication, the medication can be changed with the doctor’s agreement. Also, in menopausal women, prescribing ovules treatments or estrogen treatment may be helpful.

When the cause of pain is a pathological condition, the physician will determine the therapeutic conduct, medication, or surgical intervention.

If dysanuria has no medical cause, sexual therapy is indicated.

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Pain During Sex: Causes & Remedies
28% of women feel pain during sex, according to the latest statistics. Many of them never speak about this when visiting their doctor, while others seek to hide their suffering from their partner.
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