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Parents: How to Help a Shy Kid

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A shy kid needs his parents' help to overcome this psychological barrier. In a small number of children, one out of seven, a faster than normal heartbeat remains for longer and the kid shows signs that it is stressed. The kid can sweat or can seem uncomfortable. This high level of sensitivity when the kid is confronting with new experiences seems to be innate, not acquired, and it can last a lifetime. Psychologists who study sensitive children believes that, at first, the parents have to help their kids to overcome shyness, so specialists are trying to teach the parents on how to help a shy kid.

First, the thing that helps children the most is knowing that their parents are accepting them in the way they. You can help your shy kid spending more time teaching him playing with him or whatever, but also by supporting him in any decision.

How do you know you have a shy kid?

Shyness is normal in some intensity. Not every kid feels the need to be sociable. A kid who slowly gets used to new experiences and new friends will usually be able to overcome its initial tendency to stay retired.

Once he overcame that, joins in other groups of children by himself.

A really shy kid, on the other hand, completely avoids many situations and lacks a normal social life. A really intense shyness could eventually prevent a kid to go to school, to attend to birthdays parties, or to play in the park, so a wise parent will need to take the necessary time to help his kid to feel comfortable, at first.

Shyness becomes a problem when it inhibits a child's ability to develop, and to create relationships with people outside the family, such as colleagues, teachers, or other adults.

Shy kid's behavior

Here are a few shy kid's behavior characteristics that should worry you.

  • The baby clings to your leg when strangers are around you and him. After a few minutes, if the child is alright and normal he will be able to start moving around or play.
  • In the park, your child sits alone for a long time, while the other children play together.
  • The child does not want to go to school or kindergarten. You have to stay a few minutes until he becomes comfortable with the idea and gets interested.

Biology of the shyness

Scientists discovered how the brain differences result in differences in how the child responds to the exterior world.

The tendency to be a shy kid appears in the part of the brain that controls how new things or unfamiliar experiences are treated by the kid's mind.

Children are gifted with a danger alarm that rings whenever a new uncomfortable experiences produce fear in the kids. Therefore, this fear of new experiences is what makes a child to keep himself safe. As the kid grows and learns more and more about the exterior world and about other people, this fear vanishes. In the shy kids' cases, the fear is still present and this is what stops them from being normal and sociable.

In normal kids, the heart starts to beat faster when the kids are confronting new uncomfortable experiences, but as they get used to the situations, the heartbeat regulates.

For a shy kid, the faster heartbeat remains present for a longer period of time and the kid is showing signs of stress and discomfort. A shy kid can sweat, stir, or seem uncomfortable.

Parents: How to help a shy kid

There are all sorts of things you can do to help your shy kid to cooperate with his sensitivity to new things and experiences.

Refer to your child as a quiet kid and never label him as shy, since that term has a negative connotation in our society.

Do not rush him to get into new situations that might be uncomfortable for your shy kid. It is normal for shy people to study a situation for a long time, before getting involved in any unfamiliar activity.

Give your shy kid plenty of opportunities to mingle with his fellows. Let him invite his friends and could be a good idea to enroll him in a group game, sports activity or whatever is making him be surrounded by children of his age.

Do not jump into his help if you see he's hesitant or is afraid of something. Give your full support, but let him solve the situations by himself.

As the baby grows, talk with him and give him advice on how to react when new situations or experiences occur.

These tips on how to help a shy kid may work, but if your kid's shyness is more intense than usual, or simply your want to get professional help for your kid, a visit to a psychologist is the best method to help your shy kid overcome shyness.

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Parents: How to Help a Shy Kid
A shy kid needs his parents' help to overcome this psychological barrier. In a small number of children, one out of seven, a faster than normal heartbeat remains for longer and the kid shows signs that it is stressed. The kid can sweat or can seem uncomfortable.
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