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Is Peppa Pig Multi-Vits worth your money?

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peppa pig multi vits review

As a parent, you want your little one to grow into a healthy and balanced adult. There are many things you can do, like building a strong relationship with him and teach him how to maintain a strong and sane body.

Kid’s healthy nutrition

When it comes to eating the right foods, it’s really difficult sometimes to convince those little humans to do so.

However, as we’re living in a world that’s constantly developing, you can consider yourself to be quite the lucky parent. The pharmaceutical market is so abundant in a great variety of supplements, vitamins, and minerals.

It’s hard to choose the right product for your kid, but it’s not impossible!

As a responsible parent, you want the best for your child. Therefore you must do a thorough research before you decide to spend some money on any product. Vitabiotics, a popular brand on nutrition products, brings forward a product especially designed for strengthening your kid’s overall health, Peppa Pig Multi-Vits.

Who is Vitabiotics?

Vitabiotics started their vitamin and mineral supplements journey about 45 years ago. Their mission stands on the ground of the idea that people can improve their health through innovation in nutritional care.

They claim to offer a varied portfolio of trustworthy and efficient brands.

The founder of this brand, Dr. Kartar Lalvani, came with this brand’s idea back in 1971. He started by launching the first product for treating mouth ulcer, called Oralcer. Afterwards, he brought onto the market Omega- H3, considered to be a first true comprehensive multivitamin product.

The 80’s brought Vitabiotics a grand development, as they started launching throughout the world. This was how brands such as Pregnacare, Osteocare, and Menopace were born.

As time went by, several more brands appeared, like Diabetone, Wellman, Wellwoman, and many more. The “brains” behind these supplements’ pioneers were constantly doing research, as to improve as much as possible their products.

And it was a success because even back then, in the 90’s, Vitabiotics became known in over 65 countries worldwide.

With such a strong background, it was no surprise to see that this brand became more popular as time went by. Clients all over the world were and are still satisfied with Vitabiotics products.

In fact, in 2013, the brand was the first to receive the Queen of England’s Award for Innovation in vitamin research.

After this moment, the brand’s recognition started to basically cascade. The following years brought even more prizes. For instance, the brand’s Chairman himself, Dr Kartar Lalvani, got recognized with the honour of Professorship for ground breaking Perfectil skin research.

Even after all these years, Vitabiotics’ mission doesn’t end here. They are constantly trying to innovate and excel in their products’ making, in order to satisfy all categories of clients.

This is how they thought about Peppa Pig Multi-Vits, a product exclusively destined for children aged between 3 and 7 years.

What is Peppa Pig Multi-Vits?

As the name itself suggests, the product brings along a complex of vitamins meant to greatly help your child’s development. Any parent knows how difficult it can be to convince kids that they should eat certain foods in order to get their vitamin intake.

Well, for those parents struggling with such “battles”, Peppa Pig Multi-Vits comes in handy. These soft jellies are really easy to take and kids are bound to love the texture.

Some called them “vitamin candies” and it makes sense because they look and taste the same.

A product to meet your child’s essential needs

The product was carefully made around the idea that any kid aged between 3 and 7 years has certain needs that have to be met. At that stage of life, a human being needs lots and lots of vitamins and minerals in order to sustain the natural development of the body.

Peppa Pig brings forward a broad complex of vitamins that is meant to ensure a proper nutritional intake for your little soul. Moreover, the tasty strawberry flavor is something your kid will love.

So you don’t have to work too much on convincing them that it’s healthy for them.

The product contains a proper blend of vitamin A, C, and D, in accordance with what the UK Department of Health recommends. Until they get to the age of 5 years, any child needs to get a healthy intake of these vitamins.

And so, Peppa Pig Multi-Vits seems to be the perfect choice, as the vitamin supplement your little one should receive.

Your ally for rapid development and immune system

Each two Peppa Pig Multi-Vits soft jellies ensures a 10mcg vitamin D intake for your kid, exactly as the UK Department of Health recommends. The human body needs a proper amount of vitamin D. Children, especially, need it to sustain a healthy growth and development of bones.

In fact, the human skin, when exposed to direct sunlight, is capable of producing it, but in the preferred form of vitamin D3, as vegan Cholecalciferol.

As your kid gets a proper intake of it, his bones become stronger, which will greatly sustain his physical activity. And all parents know that movement is critical in the first years of life.

Either it is walking, running, dancing, or even playing tennis or football, your child should have a constant physical activity routine.

Moreover, if the little ones make a habit out of playing outdoors as much as possible, they will enjoy higher levels of vitamin D. besides the previously mentioned benefits, this vitamin is also an important support for a normal functioning immune system.

The taste of vitamins your kid will love

It’s a real challenge to guess and even to understand why kids have so specific tastes when it comes to their food. It is even more difficult to install vitamins into their eating habits.

Generally, such supplements don’t bother too much on providing a good taste, but Peppa Pig Multi-Vits is different.

Each jelly comes with a delicious strawberry flavor and your kid will absolutely love to take them, every time. Of course, you should pay attention on not allowing them to have more than the recommended dosage.

Apart from this asset, this vitamin supplement can perfectly be part of a vegan diet. This is possible thanks to the professional team of nutritionists that have worked hard on developing this product.

They worked on the highest standards of quality control, keeping in mind both kids’ and vegans’ nutritional needs.

The perks of eating healthy

There are many advantages that come along with a clean eating routine. As a parent, it is your main duty to make sure that your little one eats well. This is how you can ensure that his growth, which is really rapid within the first 12 years of life, happens the right way.

As your kid gets a healthy nutritional intake in his first years, his bones, muscles, blood, and brain will develop in a safe and normal manner. It is extremely important to help your child understand what great advantages come with a healthy eating routine. Never put too much pressure on him, though, because this is how you can easily lose the “battle”.

Be patient and try to not get too frustrated with him being a fussy eater. In the end, it’s a phase that will pass. Whether sooner or later, that is mainly up to you, as a parent.

So, in those years when your child simply refuses to indulge in certain tastes or textures, vitamin supplements, like Peppa Pig Multi-Vits, are a great relief.

It is all about taking the right, small actions that can really make a difference in terms of how smoothly a mealtime can run. Installing vitamin supplements’ intake in their eating routine is a must.

Fortunately, we are living these times when many options are at our disposal.

Improving children’s diets

There is no grand news about the fact that nowadays kids diets are most of the times poor in the necessary nutrients they actually need. There are numerous surveys that show how most diets almost completely lack of vitamin A and D.

Not to mention that the 5 recommended portions of fruits per day are just surreal for the vast majority of children.

There are many causes leading to this situation, such as the modern farming practices. Also, overcooking certain foods can seriously cause some nutrients to basically break down.

However, there is still hope! If you start early on installing a healthy eating routine, along with a proper vitamin supplement intake, your kid is bound to grow up into a happy and sane adult.


There is no food supplement that can replace a healthy and balanced diet, but it sure is a great aid in sustaining proper eating habits. This is exactly the ground on which Vitabiotics stands with its product, Peppa Pig Multi-Vits.

It is not meant to magically transform your kid into a healthier person over night. It is a supplement that must be used according to its directions, which you must read before usage.

The fact that it has such a delicious flavor makes it a good choice for properly sustaining your fussy eater’s growth.

If dealing with any medical condition or treatment, always ask for your doctor’s advice. Peppa Pig Multi-Vits can definitely help your child enjoy a healthy development, but only if it used the right way.

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