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Perfect Water Purifier Reviews

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For people who want to eliminate the harmful components found in water, Clearly Filtered, have created the Perfect Water Purifier. According to the manufacturer, this product is designed especially to solve one of the biggest concerns of people everywhere, namely the poor quality of the drinking water.

Not only that we are all looking for ways to live healthy and avoid processed foods that filled with additives and chemicals, but we also want to save money as much as possible. By using a high quality water pitcher, we can save money without compromising the quality of the water we drink daily.

The importance of using a water filter pitcher

There are so many new products launched onto the market that it is difficult for buyers to know which one they need the most and how to make the best choices. The truth is that not all the products we see so attractively promoted in different commercials represent a must in every household. However, some of these products can make our life  easier. We can say the same thing about water filter pitchers. Depending on the type of pitcher you choose, it can remove numerous contaminants from the drinking water and even make the water more alkaline, which is important for supporting overall health.

Also called “pour –through filters”, water filter pitchers are small pitchers made of plastic that can be used in a refrigerator and filter water with a replaceable charcoal filter. Because most of these filter have activated carbon granules, they absorb the impurities and contaminants, leaving the water pure and perfect for drinking. Since EPA regulates the presence of more than 80 different potential water contaminants that could affect our health, it is a necessity to find effective and safe ways to eliminate them. Unfortunately, among these contaminants there are substances that pose a serious health risks, such as different bacteria and microbes, pesticides and even radioactive elements that can produce serious imbalances in the body, even leading to cancer.

Using a high quality water filter pitcher help us eliminate contaminants such as zinc, chlorine, asbestos, hydrogen sulfide, mercury, copper, cadmium, turbidity, lead and cysts. These contaminants are present in our drinking water because the water we use mostly comes from local rivers, lakes and underground aquifers. Until it reaches our homes, the water is filtered several times to remove dirt, sand, and harmful bacteria.

In order to eliminate bacteria and microbes, they add small amounts of chlorine and other substances, which may affect the taste and smell of the water. Through a final filtering with a water filter pitcher, we make sure that there is no unwanted substance in our drinking water.

About Perfect Water Purifier

Perfect Water Purifier, also called Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, is a water pitcher that uses high-quality cutting-edge filters, excellent in eliminating all the contaminant found in our drinking water. As the manufacturer claims, each Perfect Water Purifier contains dual-action gravity filters with activated carbon. This is the most important element of the product, because has the role of absorbing up to 71 harmful chemicals, such as heavy metals, bacteria, microbes and fluoride.

An important advantage of using Perfect Water Purifier is that it keeps all the important minerals in our water, while it eliminates only the harmful components. So, after filtering our drinking water with this filter pitcher, we’ll be able to keep in calcium, zinc, magnesium and other essential minerals. Once the filtration is done, the water remains in a high-quality pitcher, 100% BPA-free that is completely safe to use.

The manufacturer claims that the effectiveness of their pitcher is proved through their laboratory studies. Each filter lasts for filtering 200 gallons of water or for 2-3 months, depending on the amount of water you consume daily.

How it works

The Perfect Water Purifier has an interesting way of working. It uses gravity to drag the water through an activated carbon filter that contains contaminant-catching microspores”. Due to the fact that the activated carbon is ionically charged with holes that have a size of 2.0 microns, it is effective in absorbing all the contaminants we want to eliminate from our drinking water. Therefore, when contaminants go through the activated carbon, its natural electrical charge attracts them and incorporate them to the filter, removing them from our drinking water.

The carbon from the Perfect Water Purifier not only that it attracts contaminants like a magnet, but also it absorbs odors, which is perfect for water filled with chlorine that has a bad odor and is difficult to drink. What makes it special is the existence of the second organic filter known as NatClean, placed underneath the main carbon filter.

This second filter contains dozens of layers with thousands of natural “micro-channels” that are also extremely effective in absorbing heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine and other water contaminants. Each Perfect Water Purifier is made of four of activated carbon and NatClean filters which have the role to increase its effectiveness, without affecting the water quality and eliminating important minerals.

In order to completely understand how Perfect Water Purifier works, it helps to know what exactly the activated carbon that it contains is. Therefore, it is a specially processed carbon that have small pores, with reduced volume, which increases the surface area that remains for absorption. The use of activated carbon is versatile, as we find it used for air purification, groundwater remediation, capturing volatile organic compounds and other areas.

Why should you buy it?

We find nowadays different similar products that are claimed to offer excellent water filtering properties. So, what makes Perfect Water Purifier so special? If we take into consideration only the way it works, it seems to be similar to other water pitcher that have the same function. We find similar products offered by different manufacturers such as Britia and Pur. What makes it truly special is the fact that its filters are made of organic activated coconut carbon, which is a big plus. The difference between coconut activated carbon and the conventional ones lies in being environment friendly. Also, it contains uniform hole sizes that make possible the absorption of an increased amounts of contaminants.

As the manufacturer states, other manufacturers use lower-quality carbon with pores of all sizes. With this type of carbon the filtering process is possible only when the water molecules move through the small holes. After this way of filtering, the water remains partially filtered, so it is not possible to remove all the contaminants. As a result, we continue to drink water that may pose a risk to our health.

Other interesting feature of Perfect Water Purifier is the existence of the second layer of NatClean filters, unlike others water filters that include a single activated carbon. Also, it is a plus that it uses a pitcher made of BPA-free plastics, but others manufacturers use similar materials, too. As a conclusion, it is worth buying it if we consider important the fact that is environmental-friendly and includes NatClean filters, which doubles the filter capacity.

The price of Perfect Water Pitcher

Buying the Perfect Water Pitcher costs more than what offers the competition, but if you want to get more advantages, it is natural that they come at a slightly higher price. Therefore, you need to pay $69.95 for filter, pitcher and free shipping. For families they recommend to replace the filters every two month, while couples are advised to replace it every 3 to 4 months and single persons could replace it only every 4-6 months. They offer three options to purchase the filters, as follows:

• Buying a single Clean Water Replacement Pitcher for $49.95. If you replace them every 2 months as recommended, you’ll pay $299.7 per year.

• Buying Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter – 3 Pack for $139.95. Choosing this option, you’ll pay only $46.65 per replacement filter and $279.9 per year, saving a total of $19.8 per year.

• Buying Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter – 6 Pack for $269.95. With this option you’ll pay $44.9 per replacement filter and save a total of $29.75 per year.

How to use it?

Before starting to use Perfect Clear Water you need to soak the filter in a bowl with tap water for 10-15 minutes. For best results, keep it under water over night. The next step is to flush the filter by holding the flushing adapter up to the faucet and turn the water on at reduced pressure for 3-5 minutes. The adapter it adjusts perfectly to any size of faucet. It is necessary to let pass 3-5 gallons of water through the filter in order to complete the flushing.

All it remains for you to do is to remove the flushing adapter and attach the filter to the pitcher reservoir. Now you are ready to enjoy a clean and healthy water, free of harmful contaminants.

Advantages of using Perfect Clear Water

Here are the main advantages of using the Perfect Clear Water:

• It is made with organic activated coconut carbon that is less harmful to the environment than the materials from other water pitcher filters. Since the high level of global pollution is worrying, it is good to try to replace the products that we use daily with options more environmental-friendly. Using a water filter that is made with organic materials is a good place to start.

• The high quality of the carbon it uses that has uniform hole size, unlike conventional water filters that have pores of all sizes. This makes impossible for a proper and complete water filtration.

• The existence of the second layer of NatClean, which makes the difference between Perfect Water Purifier and other pitchers.

• It is made of BPA-free medical-grade plastic, being perfect for keeping the water clean and fresh.

• Easy to use. After soaking the filter in a bowl of tap water, you are ready to start filtering your drinking water. Anyone can learn how to use it, with no help at all.

Disadvantages of using Perfect Water Purifier

Even though the Perfect Water Purifier seems to be a smart purchase, it may have some particularities not all of us consider useful. Here we show you two disadvantages of using this product:

• One of the particularities we can find lies in the slower filling time, as we can see in the demo videos. The existence of the second filter layer is responsible for the slower filling times. Although it is a big plus in terms of the water quality obtained by using this filter due to the existence of the two layers of filters, can affect the filtering time.

• Higher price, for both the pitcher and the filters. We can find water pitchers filters that are 50% cheaper. It depends on how much you want to invest in such a product. The higher price is somehow justified by the presence of organic filters with activated carbon of superior quality compared to other products of the competitors.

Looking at the quality-price ratio, purchasing this product can be considered a good investment. In terms of filters, although they seem more expensive, they have a longer use period, being advantageous especially for single persons who have lower water consumption. For them it is necessary to replace the filters every six months, which is extremely convenient.

Bottom line

Perfect Water Purifier is a good choice for people who are looking for an ecological solution to filter the drinking water. If you put a price on respecting the environment and drinking clean water, filled with minerals, but free of microbes, bacteria, fluoride, chlorine and other harmful contaminants, this product seem like the perfect choice. Also, if we take into account the positive reviews it received from its users, who claimed it is easy to use and it improves the taste of the drinking water, there seems to be no reason to stop us from buying it.

As a conclusion, Clearly Filtered offers us, through the Perfect Water Purifier, a useful product that is claimed to keep us from drinking unhealthy water, filed with harmful contaminants.

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