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Pocket Desktop Reviews

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Very small in size, the Pocket Desktop PC is able to protect your private information against hackers attacks and also let’s you navigate on the world-wide-web without leaving traces.

About Pocket Desktop

The Pocket Desktop is an USB gadget about which its producers declares that is utilizes military technology to produce a protection in order to maintain your personal computer and your private info secure against hackers.

In addition, the Pocket Desktop also offers you the capability to browse the Internet without leaving traces of your Internet activity.

The manufacturers of Pocket Desktop, Encryptakey, Inc, are based in Stamford, CT, USA, declare that with this item private info is not being compromised and your online sessions can’t be tracked.

It will supposedly secure your private files, credit card details, financial institutions details, and emails.

How does the Pocket Desktop function?

You will only have to plug the Pocket Desktop into any USB port on your computer and reboot the system and enter to BIOS in order to select to boot it from the Pocket Desktop rather than booting from its native operating system.

Your personal computer or laptop will then use the Pocket Desktop’s very own Linux-based OS to run.

Due to the fact it is a read-only device, the Pocket Desktop is completely immune to the vast majority of malware and because it is primarily based on Linux, it is also immune to viruses written to attack the Windows OS and Mac OS.

Additionally to the storage device, which functions with the prior set up Drop Box  software on the USB, the Pocket Desktop contains much more than 40 nowadays’s most well-known applications.

It comes with its personal safe Linux-based OS.

The applications that Pocket Desktop comes with are totally free, such as like Skype, Open Office, and Firefox.

The 4GB model comes with 19 applications, while the larger versions come with an extra 21 applications.

The producers of Pocket Desktop declare that it’s extremely consumer- friendly, but in accordance to some customers, it does what it claims but, instead it is not as user-friendly as it is advertised.

The Pocket Desktop comes in different ROM memory sizes of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB.

Pocket Desktop prices, shipping and handling, and refunds

The 4GB version is sold for $19.95, plus $7.95 as shipping and handling fees, leading to a total of $27.90.

The 8GB version is sold for $39.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handlingfees, leading to a total of $47.90.

Finally, the 16GB model is sold for $59.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handlingfees, leading to a total of $67.90. Additionally, ordering the 16GB model will get offer you the possibility to choose express shipping for no additional prices.

The Pocket Desktop offers you a refund that you need to request within a 30-days period of the buying date. Even so, to be suitable for a refund you should return the faulty item. However, if you are not satisfied with the product, for any reason, you will not be refunded.

Keep in mind that Pocket Desktop producers promises that they check each and every device to make sure that you will not get a faulty product. If you have any concerns, you can get in touch with the item’s producers directly via their contact phone number, from Monday through Saturday, from 7am to 7pm or via email.

The Pros

  • Can be used with a personal computer or laptop with any operating system
  • It is a secured device, protecting your private info.
  • Convenient dimensions
  • Comes with its very own safe computer software

The Cons

  • Apparently not user-friendly, in accordance to customers reviews
  • Military technology usage claims are suspicious.
  • Producers offer refunds only upon faulty products and not due to dissatisfaction

The bottom line

The Pocket Desktop is mainly a device created in order to let you protect your private data against hackers, and additionally it will also allow you to browse on the Internet without being tracked or leaving any traces.

In fact, it is like an external hard-drive with its own Linux operating system installed on it by the manufacturers, that you can use for more safety.

From my opinion, it can be easily replaced by a competitive antivirus software such as Kaspersky Antivirus, ESET’s Nod32, or BitDefender. As for the no-traces Internet browsing, there are browsers that are already doing that, such as the Tor Browser, which allows you to simply navigate the world-wide-web without leaving any trace and without being tracked by the sites you’re navigating on.

On the other hand, it is a interesting device which stocks your personal data, and which you can hold in a bag or backpack in order to take it with you on your journeys or on work trips, as it can be connected to any laptop or personal computer, without sharing your information with the host system.

My conclusion on Pocket Desktop is that it can be a product that you might want to check out for yourself, at a not too high price for what it is, so, I recommend it for people who travels a lot since it is a small gadget who doesn’t occupy much space in your luggage.

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