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PocketGuardian App Reviews – Is it Scam or Legit?

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

PocketGuardian App is an iOS and Android application designed to translate the SMS content and social networks chats’ content on the smartphones it has been installed on. It is useful for parent who want to keep their kids safe from sexual harassers or bullying.

How does PocketGuardian App work?

The app uses advanced algorithms to read the content of the SMS and social networks posts and chats. When the app considers that there is a threat present, it sends notifications to parents, explaining the threat classification (e.g. sexual harassment) and the source where the threat appeared (e.g. SMS or Facebook).

PocketGuardian App’s designers say that their app is only giving parents the needed information on the possible threats their kids might face with. PocketGuardian App is designed to ease up the communication between parents and their kids, while is helping parent to keep their kids safe from sexting and cyberbullying.

How much PocketGuardian App costs?

PocketGuardian App is offering to versions:

  • Basic Plan – $9.99/month – Monitors iMessages, SMS, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Plus Plan – $12.99/month – Monitors all the apps as in the Basic Plan and additionally it monitors WhatsApp, ooVoo, Line, Kik, Jott, Snapchat, Calculator Pro, Viber, and Whispers apps.

Both plans are automatically renewing each month and they are not refundable.

Once you’ve signed up and payed for one of the monthly plans you’ll be able to download the Android app directly from the PocketGuardian App’s site. The app is not available on Play Store. The device should run Android 4.3 or higher for the app to work.

If your device runs iOS 5 or higher, then there is no need to download the app since it will work as a cloud service.

Who designed the PocketGuardian App?

Two fathers from Maryland, Jason France and James Ryan, developed the PocketGuardian App in order to help other parents to keep their kids’ online presence as safe as possible, but without directly violating their kids’ intimacy.

The app’s creators consider their app as a way to help parents open communication with their kids and increase awarness, and not an app which only have the purpose to control the kids’ activities on social media and SMS.

Jason France and James Ryan programmed the app with some really powerful algorithms that are not only reading specific keywords but are able to read the contexts on which those specific keywords appear, therefore being able to identify bullying and sexually explicit images, as well.

How the PocketGuardian App notifications work?

Any alert notification sent by PocketGuardian App is formed by four different pieces:

  1. The mobile phone which has triggered the alert notification
  2. The type of the alert
  3. The app’s name on which the alert has been registered
  4. A lot of facts regarding the alert, facts that you’ll need to know in order to begin a conversation with your kid

On the other hand, PocketGuardian App is not a background app, therefore it can be accessed, disabled, or uninstalled by the smartphone’s user. Even though your kid will disable the app or uninstall it, you’ll receive a notification about it, so you can take action to re-install the app on your kid’s phone or to enable it again.

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PocketGuardian App Reviews - Is it Scam or Legit?

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