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Pokemon Go Danger Tips to Keep Kids Safe

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We want our children to have a childhood as beautiful as possible, but sometimes you have to take into account certain limitations, to keep them safe. Kid’s safety is more important than anything else. Since online games have grown in popularity so much, we must be more careful than ever, especially if these games involve augmented reality, as it happens with Pokemon Go Danger.

This game drew the attention of adults and is on everyone’s lips lately. Therefore, it will be almost impossible to stop the children from trying it. If we cannot stop them, we can make sure that they will be safe. Safety tips on using Pokemon Go Danger are available for adults, too, not only for children, especially as there were unfortunate cases of people who put their lives in danger while playing the game. First of all, we should know exactly what Pokemon Go Danger is.

Pokemon Go Danger – an augmented reality game

Pokemon Go Danger was developed by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo for iOS and Android devices. This augmented reality game was released in July 2016 in United States, New Zealand and Australia. In the same month appeared in European countries and Japan. Starting with the first days of August, the game appeared in Central and South America. Soon after its release, millions of people started downloading it. Its popularity was so high that had appeared even jokes with Pokemon Go.

The fascinating fact about Pokemon Go is that it introduces Pokemon in the real world. The Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform uses real locations to determine us to discover Pokemon. Also called Pocket Monsters, Pokemon are small creatures that Pokemon Trainers can capture with the help of a small spherical device, named Poke Ball. Players of the game have the mission to capture as many Pokemon as they can and to win many “gyms”, in order to become a Pokemon Master. Pokemon Gyms are buildings situated in different places all over the world where Pokemon Trainers can train and compete.

Unlike other games that fasten children in front of the computer, Pokemon Go get us out of the house to discover new places and enjoy interesting experiences. Setting rules that both children and adults respect is the best way to prevent accidents.

The advantages of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go certainly deserves the popularity it enjoys. It is quite a breakthrough for the gaming world. The main advantage of this game is the fact that make people be more active. It actually makes people get out of their homes and walk., which is great for preventing sedentary and obesity, very common in children these days. Children won’t realize they are exercising. Therefore, Pokemon Go is an excellent way to combine science with exercise. It is good for adults, too, because not all of us enjoy spending time outdoors.

Playing Pokemon Go can be the funniest experience, regardless of age. As a player, you will have to get to different places you have never been before. You will get out of the house more, visit interesting places and interact with other people that have the same goal in common – to catch as many Pokemon as they can. It will be difficult to get bored of this game.

The disadvantages of Pokemon Go

Unfortunately, Pokemon Go is not free of disadvantages. People’s lack of attention when searching for Pokemon caused injuries, which led to safety concerns. Since people weren’t paying attention to where they were walking, it is normal to bump into a tree or into a car. Inattention can lead to the most unwanted accidents, so it is better to watch where you are going.

Some Poke Stops, which are the places where people can find Pokemon, are not suitable for children. Some of Poke Stops are businesses, which is a real plus for the increasing number of customers. Imagine what could happen if a Poke Stop is a strip club. It is not appropriate for a child, but without supervision, he can easily get in such places, in its search of Pokemon.

Parents teach their children how to stay away from strangers from an early age. It is very easy for a child to be fooled by an ill-intentioned stranger when he promises so help him find a Pokemon. Therefore, “stranger danger” is a big disadvantage of Pokemon Go, especially because it involves children. Another advantage has to do with the phone’s battery. If the phone’s battery consumes very quickly, you can imagine that it is not a good thing, especially when a teenager is looking for Pokemon in the desert.

Better safe than sorry

As a parent is difficult to keep your children safe and happy at the same time. When a game, such as Pokemon Go is available, kids are the among the most excited. It is therefore hard to prevent them playing it. If you think it is better to allow them to try this game, it is good to know that there are steps you can take to keep them safe. The kids will be happy that they can go in search of Pokemon, and you’ll be happy to know them safe and smiling.

Search Pokemon together with your child

Stranger Danger” is the major concern that worries people everywhere and it is rightly normal to be so. Millions of people spend time searching for Pokemon and meet in Poke Stops and Gyms. It is true that people spend less time in Poke Stops, but in gyms they stay longer, while they battle Pokemon. Sometimes it happens that a group of people go in the same direction searching for a Pokemon. It is good to teach the kids to stay away from strangers, regardless of what they are saying.

It is best to teach your children not to talk to strangers and never to follow strangers, even if they promise to take them to a place where they can find more Pokemon. It will be much easier to keep your children safe if you go with them in search of Pokemon or if you are sure they are together with a family member. Whether your kid hunts a Pokemon while walking with you, or you are both hunting on different devices, you have nothing to worry about. Hunting each on your own devices can create a friendly competition you’ll both enjoy.

Set boundaries

Even though it is ideal to hunt for Pokemon with your children, not all of them will want to search the little creatures with their mothers. If you find yourself in this situation, you need to set some boundaries. Establish specific boundaries in your neighborhood where you allow your kid to play. It also helps if he goes out with a group of trusted friends, but it is important that your kids understand the places they are allowed to go. This way you make sure they will go only on safe streets.

Research the area of Poke Stops and Gyms

It is true that Poke Stops and Gyms are located in public areas, but is not a bad idea to make some research first. Not all the public areas are safe, but by doing a quick Google search, we can avoid unsafe places. This is helpful if you play Pokemon Go when traveling. Most of the Poke Stops are restaurants, businesses, libraries and other public areas.

Teach your children to be aware of their surroundings and to pay attention to where they are in the real world. It is so easy to get lost or to bump into a tree. Most of the accidents happen because people focus to much on finding Pokemon and they lose their sense of reality.

The lure increase the risk of stranger danger

Users of Pokemon Go can put a “lure” on a specific area to determine Pokemon to appear in that place. This draw the attention of more gamers who appear in that area. One woman, who was aware of the children’ risks of playing Pokemon without adult supervision, put a lure to see how many people will appear. Surprisingly, she saw several children and most of them without parents.

Lure technique can create many problems if used improperly. Unfortunately, there are less well-intentioned people who can take advantage of this technique and lure victims in remote areas or to break homes. If your child plays Pokemon only under your supervision and understand exactly what is allowed and not allowed to do, then any remaining risk is eliminated.

Until the present day, there have been recorded cases of accidents, which had as victims both adults and children, and most of them were caused by inattention. There were some cases in which teens have lured players in remote areas to rob them. Although the purpose of the game was completely different, there are people who find less honorable use.

Dress your children appropriately

You can seriously reduce accidents by dressing your children with reflective and visible clothing. It is easier for drivers and bikers to see your children and to easily avoid any possible accident.

Never give your children the permission to play at night

Although Pokemon Go is an impressive game with advantages we cannot neglect, it can be insecure whether we play it during day or night, as, long as we aren’t aware of our surroundings. Playing it during night is less safe, especially for children. So, you would better make sure that your children are going on hunting Pokemon only during daylight hours.

The dangers of playing Pokemon Go at night include theft, encounters with strangers which also hunt in the evening and low visibility, which leads to unwanted accidents. It is true that it is better to hunt some creatures of the game at night, but there are rare Nighttime Pokemon you can hunt during daylight.

Change game settings

Some simple changes in game settings can help a lot. One of this change consists in selecting vibrating or Buzzing options when a Pokemon is nearby. Using this simple setting allow your children to pay more attention to their surroundings and walk safely. Some users may not be as excited about this setting, but it is much safer to have your phone vibrate when a Pokemon is near, than to sit staring at the phone and not pay attention to where you are going. After all, fast bind, fast find.

Don’t allow your children to bike or skateboard and play

If the lack of attention is responsible for most of the accident occurred when playing Pokemon, it is better to avoid any activity that would reduce even the slightest touch of attention. Never allow your children to chase creatures while they are already in motion. Whether your child is biking, skateboarding or rollerskating, hunting for Pokemon will only make them less attentive to the road and more prone to accidents. This happens to adults who catch Pokemon while driving. Even if you go with a low speed, there is an increased risk of accidents.

Don’t forget to have fun

Pokemon is meant to be fun, and is the perfect game for those who want to spend time with their children, especially because it offers the opportunity to spend time outdoors. So, be sure to enjoy the most beautiful moments when you go out with your children, chasing for Pokemon. If you will be careful and take precautions, your children will be safe, even when they hunt these creatures that have revolutionized the gaming world. Augmented reality gives gaming a new meaning and makes games funnier and more interesting.

It is a shame to deprive our children of such an opportunity to have fun. Don’t forget that we can have fun with them, too. So, hunting for Pokemon can be a fun family activity. Most importantly, it can be completely safe, just by following some simple steps that will keep both adults and children away from any danger.

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Pokemon Go Danger Tips to Keep Kids Safe
We want our children to have a childhood as beautiful as possible, but sometimes you have to take into account certain limitations, to keep them safe. Kid's safety is more important than anything else. Since online games have grown in popularity so much, we must be more careful than ever, especially if these games involve augmented reality, as it happens with Pokemon Go Danger.
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