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Pollution in Beijing

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As you can imagine, when the humidity level of the atmosphere increases, namely in spring and in summer, the pollution level is felt more powerfully by the locals. The pollution level affects the population when it comes about their health but this is not the only thing affected.

The dense smog level also affects the airlines companies that must cancel many flights during the year and sometimes even the road are closed due to the same thing. The big cities are the most affected and I am talking mostly about Beijing.

One study shows that the population from Beijing has a shorter lifespan than the population from the countryside of China where the air is much more breathable even if the economy level is much lower.

As you can imagine, the most common diseases are the lungs diseases and anxiety, due to the air the population must breathe every day. Not only is the adult population affected. Children are also affected and also new born babies suffer from this reason.

What are the solutions?

As you can imagine, the entire world was alarmed by this thing. The polluting factors might be trapped over China but they are not completely trapped.

There are many countries which developed business relationships with China and there are millions of exports of various products from this part of the world spread worldwide.

Not only humans are affected by the pollution but also the fauna and flora of this country is just as affected. This is one of the reason and maybe the main reason why the entire world is watching China and imposed certain changes regarding the environmental laws.

Also, the Chinese people are just as worried about the climate changes and are quite aware of the damage they caused to themselves. The main thing that they did is change the laws and become more drastic when it came about environment protection.

The factories with a high range of polluting emissions should be closed in case they do not want to change the way they function, the diesel vehicles should be replaced with electric vehicles, which have no polluting emissions at all.

The measures are quite drastic when it comes about construction sites as well. When you visit Beijing you can be overwhelmed when you see those incredible tall buildings and the modern architecture.

The main issue is that there are no green spaces. Everything is brick and stone and the heat and charged atmosphere will make you sweat instantly. The crowded streets will give you the nastiest feeling. It is like someone closed you inside a box filled with people.

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Pollution in Beijing
China, as we all know, is one of the most developed countries in this entire world. Its economy level, discipline and innovation are recognized worldwide.
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