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Pollution in Beijing

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pollution beijing

I do not even want to think about the claustrophobic people. In case you never had idea about how they felt in close spaces, it will be enough to spend a few days in Beijing and you will experience the symptoms on your own skin.

Due to the wide number of population, the buildings became taller day by day and the apartments smaller and smaller. If you feel trapped in a box while you might be in the middle of the street, wait until you arrive in an apartment.

However, the views from the top floors are amazing. In order to stop the pollution level evolution, many construction sites were closed and the China authorities developed projects to create more green spaces.

Unfortunately these laws do not scare too much the factories owners or the construction businesses owners, so they ignore these laws and continue their activities in order to raise wide amounts of money. The authorities sometimes do not inform the population about the real situation.

They declare smaller numbers when it comes about the level of pollution and they preserve this information far away from the rest of the world. They do not want to lose their business partners such as America.


I am not sure if the pollution problem will ever be solved in China. I continuously see people with masks on their faces because the air became less and less breathable.

The level of pollution increased so much in this part of the world that the solutions found by the Chinese authorities cannot defeat the phenomenon, especially when the laws are ignored in order to remain the most powerful economic power in the world. Who suffers? The Chinese population is the main victim of their own deeds.

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Pollution in Beijing
China, as we all know, is one of the most developed countries in this entire world. Its economy level, discipline and innovation are recognized worldwide.
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