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The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients

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It is said that wisdom comes with age. It would be great if wisdom is the only thing that aging would bring, but it’s not always like that. As we age, we see how our face begins to change and the first wrinkles appear.

Our skin loses its elasticity, it is no longer as firm as it used to be, and the fine lines and wrinkles become more and more stubborn and difficult to hide. Whether we are facing these kind of problems or we want to prevent them, it is important that there are accessible and efficient solutions we can use. Some of these solutions are natural ingredients that can make our skin look smoother and firmer, just by using them topically for a few weeks or months.

Age preventions starts in your twenties

 We are young and beautiful and we don’t think about aging, which seems to be so far away from us. Although it is true, it really matters how we take care for our skin at this stage, if we want to look sensationally good later on. Do you want to have a smooth, wrinkle-free and brilliant skin, then it’s good to take action starting from now. We can start with proper cleansing the skin and never going to sleep without removing your makeup.

When going to bed with the makeup on we only block the pores and maintain the oil caught inside the layers of our skin. If the pores of our skin are blocked, then the bacteria build up and eventually will begin to erupt, resulting the appearance of dark spots. It is both unaesthetic and unhealthy to live your skin filled with dark spots.

It helps to prevent them if we cleanse the skin properly, using effective ingredients, such as witch hazel extract that it’s a natural toner with antioxidant properties. You can also use willow herb extract due to its antibacterial properties.

A common mistake many women make in their twenties is not wearing SPF. When we leave our skin unprotected against sun damage it leads to the appearance of wrinkles later on. Without wearing SPF, you may notice sunspots, melasma, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. When used daily, SPF protection increases the chances to prevent aging signs, as well as skin cancer.

Another important thing you can do in your twenties to prevent aging is using a moisturizer with humectants that helps the skin to absorb and retain moisture. You can use different ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and avoid heavy formulas, especially in the warmer days. Keep in mind that your skin’s needs in the summer differ from the winter.

The importance of taking anti-aging actions in your thirties

Even though our skin looks great, it is crucial to take a different skin care approach if we are in our thirties. What can we do at this point in our life? For sure, we can start exfoliating the skin daily to boost cell renewal. It helps to use an exfoliating products made of alpha or beta hydroxy acids and you can also add a little oomph for better results. Don’t forget to use a qualitative eye cream, because the skin around the eye is prone to solar elastosis-breakdown of collagen and elasticity.

Starting from our thirties, skin begins to lose its elasticity and the collagen and elastin production decrease. The aging of our skin may be the biggest nightmare for both women and men alike. We’re going to see how your skin gets less-elastic, with bigger pores and less-toned.

Using powerful ingredients, such as peptides and antioxidants are your best allies for fighting wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Start taking a proper care of your skin and start defy aging with all its outcomes. To help you, we offer you a selection of the most powerful antiaging ingredients that keep your skin young, toned and firm.


In a world dominated by patterns of flawless beauty, peptides manage to distinguish themselves as the most effective anti-aging ingredients. These are short chains of amino-acids that have the role to signal the skin to produce collagen. As clinical research shows, when included in anti-aging products, peptides are able to stimulate collagen production.

There are different types of peptides, such as powerful collagen stimulating peptides, copper peptides that are also effective in reducing inflammation, as well as neuropeptides that can relax the facial muscles and reduce the appearance of wrinkles (just as Botox does). Due to their efficiency, we find them in different antiaging serums and creams.


In our fight against the harmful free radicals, we try to use as many antioxidants as possible, whether we include them in the diet, or add them to ou face creams. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant and stimulates the production of SIRT1, according to a study published in Science. SIRT1 is a serum that prevents diseases by increasing the cell’s energy production centers, called mitochondria.

By helping the skin to protect and fight aggressors, it makes it possible to get a young and beautiful skin without imperfections. The benefits of resveratrol don’t stop here. Along with rejuvenating the skin, it rejuvenates the entire body from the inside to the outside. Thanks to its excellent qualities, resveratrol is added to many nutritional supplements and beauty products. To benefit from its antiaging effects, it is recommended to be used topically.

Vitamin C

As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C is the perfect ally for a young and beautiful skin. As we expect from an anti-oxidant, it fights against free radicals’ damages and acts as an excellent skin protector. We can use it to protect us from UV rays, pollution, sun exposure, and to neutralize oxidative stress that is responsible for cell damage.

Another important benefit is its ability to boost collagen, essential for giving the skin its firmness. We need collagen to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and to improve loose skin. We can get all these important advantages that will make our skin naturally glow only by using vitamin C.

When used topically, vitamin C is more concentrated and, therefore, it is more effective for skin caring, for both preventing and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Because it makes such a great team with retinol, are considered “two gold standards for skin care”, according to Dr. Engelman. If vitamin C protects the skin and neutralizes harmful agents before they cause any damage to the skin. Retinols are excellent skin exfoliators and help to remove damaged cells, but also stimulate production.

Retinoids and Retinols

Retinoids and retinols are a special category of anti-aging product, due to their complex action and efficiency in reversing the signs of aging. Related to vitamin A, retinoids stimulate the production of collagen, kill old cells, support cell growth and improve melanin development, reducing down spots. We find retinoids in many different skin care products and are considered star ingredients in fighting aging.

Retinol is a natural form of vitamin used in many over-the-counter products that we buy. When we apply it on the skin, retinols turn into retinoic acid, which have important clinically-proven benefits, such as revitalizing the skin, reducing fine lines and improving discoloration issues. The only problem with using retinols is that it takes up to three months to turn into retinoic acid and notice results.

Green Tea

Green tea comes from the plant called Camelia sinensis and is a rich source of polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is the most powerful catechin found in Green tea, which is thought to be 200 times more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E. It offers skin protection, reduces skin damage and skin inflammation, but also helps reduce age spots.

As shows a study published in 2013 published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, when applied topically, green tea increases moisture and improves skin microrelief. Nevertheless, it prevents the breakdown of collagen and reduces skin’s UV damage.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is well-known for its multiple health benefits, but it is most appreciated for its skin care effects. It keeps the skin hydrated, it improves skin’s elasticity and fight the damage of free radicals. As an anti-aging ingredient, it can reduce wrinkles and fine spots, being one of the most potent antioxidants. Because it is an excellent skin cell protector, it takes care of what enter and goes out of the skin. When used together with Vitamin C, it offers protection against UV damage.

Hyaluronic Acid

It is basically impossible to mention anything about anti-aging ingredients and omit the hyaluronic acid. What makes it so precious is its ability to replenish moisture, revitalize the skin’s outer layers and provide a softer and smoother look. If we apply it on our face, it reduces fine lines and wrinkles, making our skin look smoother, but more toned and firmer, as well. It is true that research show it takes six weeks and more to improve skin’s appearance.

There are creams and serums with hyaluronic acid that can work more efficiently and deliver noticeable results in just 2-4 weeks. It is an excellent aid for both preventing and reducing aging signs. It works with people that already have aged skin that lacks in firmness and tone. Due to the excellent anti-aging qualities of hyaluronic acid, it is an indispensable ingredient in many creams and skin care serums. It will certainly remain the number one choice for many of us.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

Niacinamide or simply vitamin B3 raises new hopes in the hearts of those who want to fool aging. As studies show, it has important benefits for the skin, such as increasing protein synthesis and stimulating ceramide synthesis on an aging skin, reduces wrinkles and improves discoloration issues. Also, it improves skin’s lipid barrier and boosts collagen production, which leads to a smoother skin, with less wrinkles and fine lines.

Niacinamide is today a powerful ally for erasing fine lines and wrinkles, but also for supporting collagen and elastin production. That’s why you will find it in many beauty products from now on, making it very easy to include it in your everyday beauty routine.


How many of you have been expected to find Copper on the ingredient list of your anti-aging product? Surprisingly, Cooper is important for collagen production and, according to a study, it can even support the production of collagen. When used topically, it improves skin density and clarity, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and makes the skin looks firmer and more elastic.

Another important benefit of copper is the ability to promote the production of hyaluronic acid. The results of the studies encourage the use of copper as an ally of a beautiful and young skin, to keep the signs of aging as far away from us as possible.

If you want to add copper in your diet, consider eating beans, nuts, dark, leafy greens, potatoes, oysters and other shellfish. Nevertheless, use it topically, by applying skin care products that include copper in their composition, if you want to give your hyaluronic acid a boost.

Bottom line

The good thing is that we can choose from so many natural ingredients and compounds that can make our skin glow of beauty and health. Choosing the most effective ingredients for our skin, as well as using best quality products can make a difference in the way we look.

For a more effective approach, we can try to combine the perfect skin care products with eating healthy and drinking enough fluids every day to hydrate our body properly. A healthy lifestyle brings visible changes not only in the way we feel, but the way we look, as well.

The bad thing is that with so many effective anti-aging ingredients, it is hard to tell which one is best for your skin. Testing them gives you the chance to make the right choice in fighting aging and keeping your skin healthy and younger. Find your powerful ally of a smoother and firmer skin, which will complement your look and allows you to look amazing every day.

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The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients
It is said that wisdom comes with age. It would be great if wisdom is the only thing that aging would bring, but it's not always like that. As we age, we see how our face begins to change and the first wrinkles appear.
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