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Why Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Give In to Food Cravings

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Craving for a particular food or taste is an undeniable feature of pregnancy. About 85% of women experience cravings for at least one ingredient during pregnancy. Most women experience cravings in the second part of the day or at night and very few of them come to crave something overnight. But what happens that during pregnancy, women who eat a lot of meat before can not even stand the smell of it? Why is a vegetarian woman craving for meat? Why pregnant women shouldn’t give in to food cravings?

Why do cravings appear during pregnancy?

Experts say that some of these cravings are related to hormonal changes that occur in the body of a pregnant woman. During pregnancy, a woman may have different appetites. The same as during the menopause when women may feel different cravings or aversions to certain foods.

There are some theories that say that cravings may be the way your body is telling you it needs to absorb certain substances.

Lusting for milk could mean that your body needs a greater amount of calcium, while fruit cravings may signal a lack of vitamin C.

In fact, fruits, milk, chocolate, salt, and dairy products are the most common cravings among all the pregnant women.

The body’s need for proteins triggers the cravings for meat, as eating peaches can compensate for the lack of beta-carotene.

Studies have shown that in the second and third trimester, women prefer sour taste more than before pregnancy or during the first trimester of it. As the appetite for sweets, affinity for sour foods helps women having a more varied diet.

Craving sour explains the classic pleasure of pregnant women to eat pickles. And since the fruits are a combination of sweet and sour, it explains why they are among the most craved foods during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, most women prefer to eat salty foods such as potato chips or pickles because, during pregnancy, the blood volume increases in the woman’s body, so this need could be translated into the need for more sodium in the body.

What to do?

What you need to do when you lust for something is to pay attention to out you’re craving for, and fulfill only those healthy cravings and find alternatives for those that are less healthy.

Is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, assuring the amount of energy needed for a full day.

Therefore, breakfast has a high importance and cravings can occur during pregnancy if women skip this meal. Women who skip breakfast have every chance to face fierce cravings.

Equally important are physical exercises and emotional support.

Why Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Give In to Food Cravings?

The pregnant women have different crazy cravings.

It is recommended that pregnant women shouldn’t give in to food cravings because the products they crave for could be harmful to the fetuses.

For example, the bitter taste cravings. Most bitter plants and fruits are poisonous. Usually, the pregnant women hate the bitter smell and foods, but cases in which pregnant women craved for bitterness have been recorded.

Normally, the organism signals the pregnant women to avoid bitter taste, thus, avoiding poisoning or use of products that are not indicated during pregnancy, such as alcohol.

 To avoid unhealthy cravings, set up a list of healthy snacks.

Most often the unhealthy food cravings occur when you want to eat something tasty, but you lack inspiration and immediately opt for chocolate bars, pastries, and fast food.

Well, you can prevent this if you create a custom list of tasty and healthy snacks to turn to in such moments. Choose a fruit salad, yogurt with fruits, graham crackers, and so forth, and so you’ll maintain your health and you will protect the baby you are carrying in the womb of the harmful effects of unhealthy foods.

Pregnant women shouldn’t give in to food cravings because many food cravings during pregnancy are not healthy and even though many of them are not very harmful to the baby in the womb, are harmful to mothers’ health state.

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